Smell of Popcorn Helps Officers Locate Suspect

Press release from Fortuna Police Department:

{C42913D8-3872-469F-8AC0-4A80E8E581DC}On December 23, 2015 at approximately 9:45 PM hours, officers with the Fortuna Police Department were dispatched to a business located in the 1300 block of Main Street for a suspicious report. Upon arrival, officers contacted an employee, who had entered the business and observed several items out of place.

Officers entered the business and immediately smelled the odor of freshly popped popcorn. Officers located a male adult, later identified as Tyrone Jones, just getting up off the couch and appeared to have just woken up. Jones was contacted and detained in handcuffs.

Next to Jones on the couch officers located a multi colored handbag, and plaid sweater. Inside the bag officers located computer equipment and electrical computer cords that had been removed from offices within the building. On the ground directly next to the couch where Jones was located, officers located another black bag which contained an HP laptop, 6 checkbooks bearing the name of employees, and more computer cords. In addition, there was an empty bag of microwave popcorn and empty soda can on the ground next to the couch.

Jones was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for PC 459, PC 496, and PC 1203.2.

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