Last Chance Grade Safe for Traveling Public, Says Caltrans

Detail from a photo posted on Del Norte County Scanner by

The slipout on Lost Chance Grade. [Detail from a photo posted on Del Norte and Curry County Scanner Feed by Samantha Diedrick.]

Overnight a slipout or sinkhole as it was called by some appeared on Hwy 101 at Last Chance Grade about 14 miles north of the Humboldt County line. Caltrans spokesperson Betsy Totten said that though many have expressed concern, this is “normal last Chance Grade movement.”

About 2 p.m. asphalt was placed in the hole and Totten said, “Everything is safe for the traveling public.” Nonetheless, the agency intends to be paying attention closely to the area. “We are taking things like this very seriously because of that location,” explained Totten. “But it is something that happens frequently on Last Chance Grade.”


Note: The writer’s husband, father and grandfather work or worked at Caltrans.




  • what do you expect from an agency that approves pressure treated lumber retaining walls?

  • Just how does Caltrans or ANYONE know what is happening underneath the ground. A sinkhole? Look at the sinkhole in Harbor OR that started with a few feet wide then 15-20 and was 40 ft deep. Who knows how wide and deep it is now. HA! “normal last Chance Grade movement?” Are they sure about that? What else can they say? Well, it’s not safe. I won’t be one to take the last Chance Grade anytime soon 🙁

  • We don’t fix things in this country until they break. We patch things. Having said that, how can anyone fix Last Chance Grade. Need a new road.

  • they will pay more attention to it when we loose another vehicle/family. It is sad it will come to this, it’s just when will it happen ????

  • Hey Eli @ CalTrans I found a pothole. Ha!

    • Aaaaaand it’s fixed!

      • There is a pothole just before the second Redcrest exit heading southbound on 101. Another just before the Weott exit also south bound on 101.
        It’s been raining each time I look for mile marker signs when I’ve been traveling. The third pothole I’ve noticed is at the top of the steep incline before Redcrest. Also traveling southbound. Others have mentioned the same area has water runoff issues in a previous post. I agree.
        Northbound 101 after you go over northern Rio Dell bridge. All of these are in the right hand lane.

        • Perfect! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll pass this along to Maintenance and mention that we’ve gotten some calls from the public about them.

          • Thanks Eli!

          • Two more potholes…
            One in front of Chapmans gem and mineral shop. In between the lanes on the dotted line.
            Next pothole is in right hand lane traveling southbound just after northern most rio dell bridge.

            Thanks again.

  • Its never fixed there is another one just before the call box at the spot called black beard. Mowing this it would be my luck o l would be driving over it and have it all fall from under my car .I guess I will find out tomorrow morning if it is fixed or not

  • Build a new road, blah blah blah. But be sure you don’t make anyone pay anymore taxes! . Blah blah blah.

  • Scenic Drive in Trinidad is covered in potholes, just waiting for that road to slide

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