[FOUND!] Lost Lady: Can You Help?


This dog was lost today in the Zenia area. Lady, a mostly white Jack Russell terrier with black on her face, is approximately 9 years old. She was last seen wearing a purple collar with her vaccine tag on it.

Lady fell/jumped out of the back of their truck today as her owners traveled to Watts Lake around 12 p.m. They believe it was in the Zenia area between Alderpoint and Watts Lake.

If you have any information, please contact Larissa at (707) 599-4858 or Crystal (707) 223-8882.

UPDATE 12/28: Lady has been found.



  • Isn’t there a law against letting your dog ride in the back without being properly secured?!?!
    I sure hope the poor doggy is found safe and sound, and then the owners need to be slapped with some sort of fine for endangering their animal…

    • The other terrible and possibly worse thing to do is tie them in back with a rope long enough to let them jump or bounce out. Do not ever do that! Roads are bouncy, curves are tight. Love your most loyal friend and take good care.

  • Seriously stupid! I was stupid enough to let my Jack Russell stand on the arm rest in the front seat with the window rolled down and he jumped out of the car 3 blocks from home because he saw another dog! That poor baby. I hope she is found and her owners learned their lesson. I sure did.

  • A lot of pets have sure been have a RUFF X-mas! Hope lady is safe and warm somewhere.

  • It’s cold out, hope Lady makes it home.

  • I’m impressed (surprised) somebody made it to Watts Lake in all this snow. Hope Lady makes it home OK!

  • It’s too cold for a dog to be riding in the back of a pickup. She probably jumped out hoping to find a way out of the cold. I hope she finds it.

  • I am afraid to ask… But how is she? Well, I hope.

  • Great news,sweet lady home!!

  • Thanks for always letting us know when lost animals are found Kym. Makes my day to know that a lost one has been reunited with it’s family. People should never have their dog ride in the bed of a pick up without a shell . When I was a child a dog fell/ jumped out of a truck bed just past my front yard. The car behind them hit the dog and killed it. The lady driving the car was the wife of the guy driving the truck so she killed her own dog and was devastated. Every time I see a dog in a truck bed I instantly remember that horrible day.

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