Through Showers, Hail, and Snow: A Look at Roads and Weather


Hwy 199 as seen from Caltrans Traffic Cam this morning.

Baby, it’s cold outside. The weather outside is frightful. You don’t want to drive in a wonderland full of snow. But, off to Grandmother’s house you still might have to go. So let us tell you about the showers, the hail, and the snow.

You know it’s not the best weather
For a car ride together with you.

First, let’s look at what’s falling from the sky. If you look out your window you might already see some tangible effects. Hail’s been reported in Eureka. Many of the hills have snow. And, of course, rain is falling.

According to the National Weather Service, there is 100% chance of precipitation today from the Oregon border to the southern tip of Mendocino County. The weatherperson said, “The heaviest showers are expected today. Snow showers will diminish tonight and Friday. Snow levels will range from 1500 feet to 2000 feet across the area.”


Hwy 299 at Berry Summit as seen on two Caltrans’ Traffic cams.

Okay, but what about the roads? The National Weather Service reports, “Significant snow accumulations are expected over the higher passes on Hwy 199, 299, 3 and 36. Some light snow is possible at all elevations on Hwy 96. Hwy 101 may see up to an inch of snow over the higher passes.:”

For more information, check out Caltrans QuickMap and traffic cams. (Here’s the traffic cams for our area.)



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