Yet Another Pedestrian Hit by a Vehicle in Eureka

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, a 30-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle near Marie Callendar’s on Broadway tonight. The accident happened around 7 p.m.

Initially, dispatchers were reporting that the woman walked away from the scene of the collision and didn’t need medical attention, but they later said that the victim was requesting an ambulance.

Medical crews have just arrived at the scene.



  • We are all endanger of manslaughter when the devils playground wanders the street, the highways , the biways never use the crosswalks twilight hours are the worsened times .LOOK OUT or YOU WILL GO TO JAIL FOR There SCREW UPS .BE DEFESEVE THEY MIGHT WANT TO END IT IN FRONT OF YOUR CAR > BE VERY CARFULL YOU HAVE EVERY THING TO LOSE AND THEY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE

    • Hey, u know…maybe you shouldn’t pop off at the mouth about my girlfriend who i love very much before you know what you’re talking about. She actually works long hours at Marie calendars so she can support her 10 year old daughter! She could have easily lost her life and all you’re concerned with is that you could go to jail if you don’t drive defensively! If watching out for someone crossing the street is too big of a load for you then maybe u shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

    • When the light turns green a mutant will run out.

      Eureka is the western mutant capital, with government workers handing them out cash to enable their crime wave.

      Government profits from crime and likes it. It’s a fact government trash won’t debate.

  • Doesn’t anybody know how to spell anymore?

  • It was my dad that hit this lady. She worked at marie calenders. She was jay walking in dark cloths, talking on her cell phone. He is really shook up over before you make a comment about learn the facts. Not everyone is from devil s playground

    • Ya I’ve never even stepped foot into devils playground, and yes o did walk away from the scene straight into my job where I was heading back to from my lunch break. I was not talking on my cell phone at the time and defiantly didn’t see a car coming until I was already hit. For my head to break this mans windshield and my tibia being fractured as well as well as my acl being torn, I did not

      • Ask for an ambulance my management called them and I refused the ride. My adrenalin I’m sure had a huge part in that decision, unfortunately this happens there all the time and something needs to be done. I have no insurance, but work my ass off and do have a little girl to support, so anyone who wants to open there mouth like they know me or anything about me should probably just slow there roll. Cuz all I have to do now for three to six months is recuperate and put you idiots in place.

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