Woman on Trinity County’s Most Wanted Captured

1504579_499474420236613_2928179612431254308_n According to the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office, a woman on the County’s Most wanted list has been arrested. The department’s Facebook page reports that Sydney Marie Kirkman, age 22 of Hayfork, has been captured and is now in jail.

Kirkman was wanted for multiple charges including: Vandalism, Trespass on Private Property, Theft from Elder, Burglary (multiple counts), Forgery, Transport/Sell Controlled Substance, Possession Cont. Substance Armed w/ Firearm, Transportation/Sale of Marijuana, Possession for Sale.



  • Wow. She sounds like a very busy young woman.

  • Hopefully she sees this as a wake up call and gets her life turned around. Sad to see such young people being irresponsible.

  • She wouldn’t even make Santa’s naughty list in Humboldt. You have to kill somebody to be put in jail in Humboldt. Then it seems that there is someway they can even let murders out of jail, on some obscure rule. Where is Judge Roy Bean when you need him?

    I am ecstatic about what measure “Z” has done for SoHum fire departments, but it seems that we pissed the money away on the very disappointing Sheriffs department. We have a few good sheriff deputies and a sargent down here. The Lieutenant that was appointed for us seems to be persona non grata. (Not here in person) He was a heck of a good guy. He must be doing very well somewhere…

    Do I sound bitter? One year has passed since Measure “Z” went into effect. SoHum had better see some improvement damn quick before measure “Z” has to be re-upped in four years. If I were the firefighters I would be on the Sheriffs ass to do something positive about better law enforcement in SoHum before he kills the Goose That Laid Measure “Z”. Some of us are DAMN tired of waiting and hearing sad excuses.

    • Firefighters vs. Cops over who benefits more off the backs of property owners and the economy.

      Make money by having them brawl and Gamble on the gig.

      New low…

    • I so strongly agree. Glad i got coustody of my son from.eureka.hate law enforcement there

    • You know what? As far as I can tell they go real easy on women. I personally know of three who were brought before a judge with a verbal warning for serious crimes. One woman had kidnapping charges filed against her with child endangerment, another lady stabbed her kids father in the neck almost killing him, another ran her child’s father over with a big ford truck. Zero jail time. Zero anything. They throw guys in jail for being assaulted by their women as a default actual events don’t seem to be of relevance.

  • This girl dated the infamous Dennis (Dean) Hicks of Phillipsville for quite a while. Quite the pair! I believe she has a child. Horrible excuse for a parent. This isn’t the first time she has been in trouble so I doubt she will learn anything. She is all kinds of twacked out!

    • Yea but tc girls don’t look half as spun as Humboldt chicks.

    • Before you call someone a horrible excuse of a parent, know what the FUCK SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH! IF ONLY YOU KNEW WHAT THE FUCK SHE HAS TO DEAL WITH EVERYDAY OF LIFE. I know the real Sydney, unlike all you judging fuckers. SO QUIT JUDGING HER BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ANYONE WHO IS PERFECT. BEFORE YOU JUDGE HER MAKE SURE YOUR OWN SHIT DoN’T STINK FIRST!

      • First off she should know from right and wrong don’t you think? I don’t do drugs but i knew her from being around myers flat i felt sorry for her son i gave him food, she was passed the fuck out from doing drugs and didn’t show that she cared about that child, that child should have been takin away from her long time ago, and it shows that she has a pass of being this way, and judging we’ll if you keep doing shit like this then judging comes, and what every day life did she go threw? running from cops, running from being a parent, she has a drug problem and also likes to steal from people, she made that bed know one mad it for her, and if you no the real sydney why didn’t you help her or you must have and said enough was enough or you were with the same life style, there is ways to help someone its called tuff love

        • FoR one it’s her life if she wants to do it that is her choice. We all die anyway. And she has cancer. So before you actually wanna judge her get to fucking know her first. And before you start accusing someone else of having the same lifestyle has her, know what the fuck you are talking about. Because I dont. She is my fucking family so I know the real her so quit judging because nobody’s life is perfect and everyone makes mistakes

    • Mind your own business and don’t worry about what other people do especially about dean…he has nothing to do with her anymore…get over yourself..

    • She has 2 children and they are both being raised by their grandparents (father’s side) cuz her parents are just as worthless!

      • Wow thats fucked up what you just s ed my perents are on the steets and there doing better then eney other tweaker un like your perent al gowd out doing railes of wight in mc donalds bath room so you have no room to talk about people

  • Maybe an optical illusion, but it looks like there’s an IQ behind that glare….

  • I used to be friends with this girl. We went to school together and she lived with me for a while she has 2 kids and the fathers of both children took them so that’s fortunate. She really isn’t smart honestly the dumbest person I know. She is twacked out so far it’s out of control super sad but she will end up killing herself before she stops.

  • First Lady?

  • Whatever that bitch has kids and needs to get her shit together. all these petty crimes that she is doing may not seem like much to some. But, more importantly its hurting her children.

    wish she could see this!,”GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND GROW UP! “

  • I went to school with Sydney too. And I feel bad for her. She got put in a bad environment and surrounded by the wrong people. Her whole life people have been judging her and putting her down just like in these peoples comments. No wonde r she has made these decisions.

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