(Photo and Video) Toyota 4Runner Crashes Into Embankment



According to scanner traffic, a Toyota 4Runner crashed into an embankment on Highway 101 near Herrick Avenue before 7:30 p.m. One person was reportedly injured.

A reader sent us this photo and video from the scene.




  • Another Toyota “tappin out”
    Eh Barry?

    • Merry Christmas!

      Predict the story of the year to be two Toyotas running from cops (cylons) crash head on into each other while a person on the most wanted lists is standing there with a pitbull, stolen guns, 1to 3 lbs of weed on them, and while this goes on…..

      A third Toyota driven by a drunk high as a kite, crashes into the scene taking out several cylons.

      I’m putting this out there for 2016….

      Let’s see.

  • Before 11:30pm? I think you meant 8:30 maybe?

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