Hwy 271 Closed Indefinitely

Caltrans posted that Hwy 271 is closed indefinitely. They write,

Highway 271 is closed in both directions at the McCoy Creek Viaduct in Mendocino County, around four miles south of the Humboldt County border. The closure is due to erosion of the structure’s foundation. There is no estimated time of reopening. Motorists should use Highway 101 as an alternate route.



  • If Trump was President it would be fixed tomorrow.
    Make America Great Again!

    • Careful, people shared that same kind of enthusiasm when they voted for Barry and look what they got. Trump is a life long corporate elitest, who has thrown 100 of millions of dallers into the pockets of corrupt politicians on both sides. I know you have to bribe them to do big busines but it still makes me worry. I would much rather see Cruz or Ran Paul get elected and that’s coming from a registered Democrat. Hillary and Burnie can kiss my ass, if either one becomes president you can kiss the USA good bye we’ll be swallowed up by a one world government and it won’t be like star trek, ever see that movie elysium..

      It sucks that our roads and other infrastructures are falling apart. It would have ben nice to have spent some of that two trillion in stimulus on that instead of bailing out bankers and big businessman like Donald Trump. All thought the bail outs for his and his fathers businesses came much earlier then that 1934 and 1990 If I remember correctly. Any way I would vote for him before Hillary I can’t believe she even has the gall to run after all the bull shit she’s been knee deep in.

    • I question your intelligence.

    • Ha ha ha…Trump would be schlonged by the problems faced by our country! #feelthebern

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