Uh…Don’t Show This Twitter Exchange to Little Ones….

What’s going to happen to Christmas? The Eureka Police Department arrested Santa Claus…


Captain Steve Watson sent out these shots of the arrest about 5 p.m. He followed up with video of the chase down a street.

For a moment, we thought Christmas would be ruined…

Captain Watson reassured us…sort of………………



  • I think that’s funny but I’m not sure. I did laugh.

  • Maybe he was rounding up his… Ho Ho hoes

  • I’m sure there was nothing better to do with all of the flooding and crime today. Even if this was shot earlier, this rides the line of poor taste and creepy. I’m all about police reaching out to the community in a comedic fashion, but this is a weird message. Prop 47? So Santa is a drug addict? Maybe he has stolen/received property or forged a check for under $950. Down with the war on Christmas!

  • Photos were taken Saturday morning during Santa’s visit for shop with a cop. ALL law enforcement personnel volunteered their own time. Just having some fun.

    Prop 36 implies drug addict. Prop 47 not necessarily. Many theft crimes formerly charged as felonies but now reduced to misdemeanors, yes. Many serial crooks being booked and released without even having to post bail, yes.

    • Wait a minute Cap’, it’s not a crime to leave presents. What’s your proof he drank the milk and ate the cookies? 😉

      • Strong forensic evidence has linked Santa the Clause to the crimes: DNA from his saliva. Fingerprints on the milk glasses. Fibers in the chimney from his suit. Reindeer droppings and tracks and hairs.

        We’ve got him cold…

        • That ain’t gonna cut it Cap’. I have it on good authority that Mr. Claus was invited by the children in those homes to drop in and the snacks were left for him. Thousands of letters attesting to this will be entered into evidence. You got the wrong guy. The Grinch done it.

  • Maybe next year go after the Grinch. He’s definately a repeat offender. Nice to hear the time was voluntary.

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  • Was he rippen off UPS packages. “This is my turf! BEHATCH!”

  • WAIT…He ‘ran’ and then was released 20 minutes later?? ummmm what was santa clause arrested for doing? not familiar with prop 47 but usually when you run from a cop I think that’s considered resisting arrest is it not?

  • Fake.

    EPD doesn’t take prisoners, they either have the bald guy machine gun them or just sit in the car typing on twitter.

    Everyone knows this.

  • I don’t get it. Is this supposed to be funny? What’s going on?

    • Cops acting like it’s funny to arrest Santa. Just Masonic humor, nothing to see here, just a waste of extracted wealth to feed union pension pyramid schemes that invest in offshore pay day loan scams.
      Peace would break out if lawyers, insurance agents, and cops moved to another planet far away. It’s worth funding NASA in hopes of this being achieved.

  • Every chance right-wingers in local law enforcement get, they blame incidents on Prop 47. Garbage.

    The purpose of Prop 47 was to sensibly reduce inmate populations for those of us who no longer want to support the so-called “prison industry” mentality.

    Get f-ing used to it EPD. And more to come.

    Happy holidays 🙂

  • So did the cops really arrest a guy in a Santa Claus suit , or is this a bad cop joke ? Nay prop 47 , or for prop 47 confused

  • I thought it was funny.

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