[UPDATE 8:24 p.m.] Road Closures: Humboldt County

Post on from Humboldt County Public Works Civic Alerts:

Humboldt CountyRoad Closures – Dec. 21

The following roads are closed in Humboldt County:

• Stagecoach closed indefinitely from city limits to the south and m.p. 2.2 on the north side due to damaged culvert
• Meridian between Port Kenyon and Centerville is closed – flooding
• Hookton and Eel River is now closed – flooding
• Glendale closed at m.p. 2.2 – flooding

UPDATE 8:24 p.m.: Old Arcata Road is flooding north of the Bayside cutoff, according to a resident. “. It’s flooding as bad as I’ve seen it in 14 years. It’s deep and wide. Avoid it if possible.”



  • Yes, Salmon Creek at Hookton Road and Eel River Drive was flowing over the bridges, and there was lots of mud. Avoid it.

  • Old Arcata Road always floods North of Bayside Cutoff as for Hookton Road that’s nothing new even with the new bridge built the creek still over flows its banks but we’ve gotten so much rain all at once

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