[UPDATE Cleared] Limb Down on Broadway Blocking Northbound Lanes

A tree has fallen onto Broadway near Vigo street and is blocking the northbound lanes, according to Dispatch on the scanner. County roads reported the issue.

Avoid the area if possible. Traffic is going to be a mess.

UPDATE 9 a.m.: The “tree” apparently was vastly overstated. Reports from the scene on the scanner call it a “limb” and say it has been removed. Traffic is moving freely.



  • kym, thank you.
    this was a limb, but your heads-up info goes out to remind me to pay attention to the possibility of
    large branches,
    some still attached to bigger trunks,
    in the roads..
    .look for down wires…
    look for water on the roads…

    ESPECIALLY beware of those other drivers who are only aware of what’s running through their minds and not to what’s happening around them @ 25- 65mph.
    OH, and hydroplaning.
    and and and…

    shit,i scared myself kym!
    i’m staying the hell home and finish making this vest for my shivery dog.
    again kym, thank you.
    hagd and good fortune to all!

  • Happy Holidays.

  • Unfortunately it won’t be long before those trees give way & come down right there I watch them anytime I wall past them especially with the rain season being here

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