Sunset Over Eureka’s Homeless Camp


Earlier today, we posted a letter to the editor about the conditions of the homeless camp in Eureka. A little while later, reader John Gaughan sent this photo to our Facebook page.

The photo wasn’t taken today, but Gaughan says he took the it near the dump and recycling center facing out toward the homeless camp.

Do you have any sunset photos you’d like to share?



  • Cant help but feel that this problem is at least in part due to our nation’s lax immigration policy. Leads to lack of affordable housing, available employment, and strain on social services. Maybe Donald Trump has some good ideas about building a fence at the border. Ban Muslims too, maybe? Maybe this is the time to make our Nation safe, sane, and secure. Nice photos, by the way.

    • Lmao what??? Tell me how many of our transients in humboldt alone are illegal or extremist Muslims??? I’d say the problem with our country is ppl like you and trump who try to blame the countries problems on minorities, not over privileged white men/women.

      • Take a breath, re-read my post. Nowhere did I blame minorities but rather just an over-saturation strain on housing, available employment, and social programs. How could I not notice the ethnic and cultural makeup of the Humboldt transient population. I would have indicated that in my post. You however seem to be racially biased against white men/women. Relax, take another puff and think about the next growing season. It’ll be okay.

        • I know what you wrote, and I understood it completely. I also do not smoke weed, whatsoever. I am a white woman.. And I am smart enough to know that our homeless problems anywhere in our country have nothing to do with our boarders or Muslims. It has to do with corporations and the 1% which include Trump. Taking money from social services to assist mentally ill and rehab programs…but spend millions on wars over oil and power, oh and the “war on drugs” please. You, you are the problem.

          • You’re a racists yourself. You call the upper one percent white, right? Well, what does the racial make up of the upper one percent have to do with anything? Or, are you implying that race does actually play a role in societies ill’s?
            I bet when you talk about the racial make-up of violent criminals you do not say “the black 12% ” , do you? You can’t have it both ways. And before you try to explain that whites are responsible for the majority of violent crimes, I’ll give you another example in the form of a question. What race is responsible for the vast majority of murders in this country? Now were clear, I bet you don’t say “the black 12%” do you?
            You only use race when it fit’s you and then I’m sure you’re of the same lot that denies it exists when it doesn’t.
            It could be also said that you and your dope smoking brethren and your votes are the reason this country is in the crapper as well.

      • Seriously, you sold go to a couple homeless camps around here and tell us all how many of them are minority’s. People seem to forget that the first slaves in this country were the Cornish and the Irish both white races. You must have never seen the movie Titanic, if you had you would relies a life boat will only hold so many people. This country is 18+ trillion in dept soon to be 34 trillion is Sanders gets his way. We also have a larger then reported jobless rate. We can not afford to open our boarders to every third world migrant.

  • 2013 Christmas time, overlooking river and Ferndale.

  • Glorifying a drug disease squatting camp?

  • Really don’t understand why this needs to be an article. Seems like a stretch as far as calling it news worthy.

    • Katarina, This is our section in which we show aspects of Humboldt. Mostly its lovely bits of nature–videos of animals and photos of sunsets sort of thing. Yesterday we published a letter to the editor on the conditions in the homeless encampment. A reader shared this photo with the beautiful Humboldt light beaming over the area. The encampment is part of Humboldt.

  • This would be a way Better view of that place

    • Even if you were there, from unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, like many are? Would YOU like to be blown up, just cuz other people don’t like to see the conditions you have to ENDURE??? Leave this issue please, you have no ideas to help, and THAT is all that is needed…

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