Rollover In Eureka Sends at Least One to Hospital


Two vehicles collided at the intersection of Henderson Street and E Street in Eureka a little before 9 p.m. tonight. According to witnesses, one of the vehicles rolled over.

At least one person was taken to the hospital due to the collision,  and scanner traffic indicated there may have been a second victim. Henderson Street was closed between E and F Streets, but the intersection has just been reopened.

Update 10 p.m.: A Nissan Pathfinder and a black Toyota sedan were involved in the collision. Witnesses said the truck rolled over.

Update 11 p.m.: Multiple witnesses told us one of the vehicles ran a red light.





  • Lost Croat Outburst

    If true, I hope the red-light runner gets the max. Driving in Eureka gets more dangerous every day; we need some examples set. These people are killers.

  • Last year on Christmas day my daughter with her 2 year old was T-boned right at that corner by a guy that ran the red light–then he left the scene. No one was hurt physically but emotionally it’s been a tough go. I drive every day hoping I get from A to B without someone not paying attention.

  • There has always been a highly escalated amount of accidents in eureka between thanksgiving and Christmas ,avoid it as much as possible between those dates

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