Conditions in the Eureka Homeless Camp ‘Heart Breaking’

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A letter from Eureka resident Kathy Srabian to Kym Kemp details her view of the conditions in the homeless camp.
I need to break people’s hearts. I need to be able to share with them the cruel horror of the marsh. It is the coldest, windiest, wettest place around here and yet this is where our homeless are pushed into. Well, EPD [Eureka Police Department] does not tell them to go there exactly but they do say it is the one place they will not enforce the no camping laws. 8df4212c-fdcf-4558-868f-574687d3875a
I have walked through there offering to take people out to the shelter or the rescue mission. No takers. They will not leave behind their dogs. They will not be separated from their partners as the Rescue Mission requires. Some have had very bad experiences with shelters. One woman said she was raped,, even though it did not happen up here she protects herself by never entering another ‘shelter’. And so they stay in the marsh where trails have become rivers and grassy areas are lakes.
The…water does go down but tents are left damaged by the winds. Repaired tents usually do not stand up to the next storm.fe03d332-836b-4c19-9d7e-4abb69a601fa
Many are women. Many are older. Many are tired, broken in spirit by strings of bad luck and poor choices. Yes, there are drugs. Yes, there is mental illness presenting the chicken and the egg effect. Which came first? When the storms hits does it matter? Human beings cold and wet, cold and wetter, then colder, then getting sick, then sick and cold and wet because they are in the worst place, The Marsh.
Dry socks are brought down, blankets, tarps, warm jackets but as long as they stay there these offerings are just the smallest short term patch jobs.


In order to leave the homeless campground, residents often require rubber boots or even waders, according to homeless advocates.

Why don’t they leave? Why don’t they go somewhere else? Because there is no where else they can go to. Would you leave your dog behind? Would you risk the sum of the possessions you had to leave to a place you did not know? Would you in the cruelest of conditions leave your partner?
Eureka City Hall has been reluctant to declare a Shelter Emergency but it will be up for discussion at the next meeting. Discussion. Discussion does not keep one dry in a storm but it is a step in the right direction. Many neighbors and citizens are asking the City help these people, to provide them a safe a better place to be. We have parking lots more sheltered and better drained than the marsh.
Kym, I need to break their hearts because that what it is down there. It’s a heart breaking situation.



  • you said “I have walked through there offering to take people out to the shelter or the rescue mission. No takers. They will not leave behind their dogs. They will not be separated from their partners as the Rescue Mission requires.”

    I understand and believe these obstacles exist. Sadly, however, there are people (and I am acquainted with a few) that simply consider themselves as ‘outlaws’ and claim they would never live ‘inside.’

    Last week a guy with a sign that said ‘will work’ said “I’m not chopping and stacking wood for $5 an hour-I make more than that just standing here with my sign!” (his other sign was that cute one you’ve seen – “I need a beer”)

    OK by me! I give money and clothes to Betty Chinn. I hope that helps those who want and need it.

    • The term “Bus Therapy” comes to mind……

    • Working all day for $5 dollars an hour is a slave wage. Would you chop and stack wood for a pittance? Is your name Dickens per chance?

      • You know, I understand that physical work is not for everyone, but if I was down and out and had no income, I would think I would chop fire wood for $5 an hour. On the other hand, if I was used to holding out my hand and people giving my money, then I would probably not do it. But If I was involved with someone needing some wood chopped, maybe they might need something else done. Maybe they might offer me some food and water. Mabey they might know someone else that needs some help doing something they can’t do that I might be able to do. Mabey they knew someone that knew someone that needed someone to “work” for them and I had done such a good job and appeared respectful and honest that they introduced me to them. And what if I actually got a JOB that paid a living wage. Gee, do I stand here begging and hoping, or do I take a chance and try to help myself. Well to each his one. I would rather work up a set then stand in the rain with my hand out. Well I know what I would do. Merry Christmas.

      • The only thing you get from not working, is cold, hungry, and homeless. Five dollars an hour, is alot more then he’s paid for pounding 211’s and smoking meth.

      • No I wouldn’t I’m homeless in a van, $350 a cord , at $5 an hour, that doesn’t add up

    • ‘outlaws’ r created by unjust laws. is it unlawful to be sick poor depressed unhappy unemployable with only ur dog to understand n love u… no matter what mistakes u make? if i lived in a swamp i would NEED to be on drugs n a beer to survive this holocaust against ‘untouchables’ n ‘undeserving poor’ did u know more than 60% r women…single mothers left by their deadbeat dads… who gave their life for kids n now have no where to go. have u heard of POVERTIZATION OF WOMEN concept. remember they make .75 for every $1.00 plus they 90% responsible for taking care of kids…our future…in our society…untouchables r the scapegoats for all thats wrong with the world. stop blaming the sick n poor for what our government is not doing…PROTECT the innocent. ease ur guilt or praise the lord or change the world. get over there with some dry socks n blankets n hand out some cash…let them buy drugs if thats how they make it thru the nite…how do u make it thru the long dark cold nite?

      • Andrew speaking for basic human decency

        You are correct! Thanks for speaking up for the most vulnerable in our society. People with nice warm homes are allowed to take medical and recreational drugs legally and without judgement. For those of us who are freezing, starving or suffering with the agony and poverty of phyisical or mental illness and disability without a big bank account, drugs are seen as proof of the mythology of certain people deserving to suffer and making a “choice” to live without adequate food or shelter. This myth is a convenient lie to ease the conscience of the heartless priviledged few who dont know need or illness. You are a hero for speaking up against the fascist thugs in our community who see poverty as an excuse fordehumanization and cruel jokes.

      • I am nobody special. How do I make it through the cold dark nights? By not being a drug addict. By not making poor choices every day. By recognizing that I might have to give up something short term to gain something long term.

        They are offered real shelter and real help. They are offered a decent choice, over and over. They make their choice to not avail themselves of help, because it doesn’t suit them. They choose poorly, ever day, to keep an animal that they cannot really afford to keep, to not do temporary separation and we’re now supposed to…do what? To enable them to continue making poor choices, but in a more comfortable setting?

        They say beggars cannot be choosers, but evidently they CAN be choosers. And these people cannot be bothered to choose to better themselves. They are living the consequences of a lifetime of poor choices. They turn down a warm bed at night and then complain about being cold? Really?

        The structure is in place for them to get real help, should they so choose. You cannot save them; they have to save themselves.

    • Andrew speaking for those of us who give a crap about our fellow humans

      Math test time: what is $5 an hour times eight hours a day, five days a week, four weeks a month? Alright, if you are the type of “person” who thinks $5 an hour is survivable, you are too ignorant to comprehend basic arithmetic. I will do the math for you: you are saying you could work all day doing hard physical labor in freezing weather for $40 a day . Lets assume you dont have any taxes withhled since your boss is breaking the minimum wage laws so probably not paying his taxes ether. There is no hotel or apartment or cabin or shack that will take you in at that price so forget sleeping indoors unless you are willing to trade your family memebers and your religious freedom for shelter. What if the rescue mission was a sharia mosque? Food? Maybe you can live on $40 a day but you wont be able to cook or be econmical with rice and beans so good luck surviving on $40 a day with no way to get first last and deposit, no way to access cooking facilities etc. Getting an apartment even with a partner with only $800 a month each is also impossible unless you have a time machine to go back to our parents era when you could buy a house on minium wage and most jobs were unionized with benefits. Welcome to the 21st century. We dont have zeppelins and telegraph offices anymore either.

      • Wow! You ask why would someone want to work, when only making $5 an hour. They make more by begging. Shit, $5 an hour is more than I make n I am disabled, on SSI. I worked from age 16 til I followed my soldier husband to Europe for 3 years. I then went back to work. Working mostly part time, as I was either in school, a single parent or had medical issues that made working full time impossible. At age 42, was diagnosed disabled n started on SSI. $5.00 an hour ?? Try my income. Let’s c how far you would go.

        • Absolutely… I too worked for many years contributing to state and federal Taxes to only become disabled at 32, I am now 44 and SSI in Oklahoma isn’t enough to pay bills and eat most of the time. I have been homeless before, not do to drugs, or alcohol, sometimes a person is left with out a choice. Shelters, Missions, and other facilities offer a cot to aide our homeless population. however, that population is rapidly growing. unfortunately there are not enough beds or help for these unfortunate souls. Shelters are not always equipped with security to enforce rules or prevent crime from occurring. I believe this is just one reason as to why homeless groups tend to find places to camp or bunk out together. They feel somewhat safer in there click. As far as the ones that are pan handling to get drugs like meth or heroin even alcohol, lets try to remember this addiction is real, its not like a person can just quit just like that. Yes, pan handlers make more money than they would chopping wood for $5 dollars an hour, and I agree that working is better than asking people for money. But I also feel that $5hr is B.S., minimum wage is more than that, so why offer a person who is down on there luck less? ofcourse I have heard sign swingers say I will work for food or spear change, then turn around and refuse work. either way it sucks, we are all human. if you don’t want to hand a pan handler change then don’t. if there hungry feed them, if there cold give them the warmth of a blanket, jacket, even a cheap cup of coffee. One thing we shouldn’t do is classify all homeless drug addicts or lazy, some of these people you pass may have a higher education than you, they were just not fortunate enough to make it.
          Please, people remember these are someone else’s children, parent, sibling… just take a moment and add the face of someone you love to one of these unfortunates and ask your self if you could still be cruel towards them. Not all homeless are addicts and not all addicts are homeless.

    • ” poor choices. Yes, there are drugs. ” And crime to support those lifestyle choices.

  • “For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”
    ― Thomas More, Utopia

    • THKU for an educated comment. i will add: MERTONS THEORY OF CRIME. crime is created by people who have no means to meet their needs. EG. if u dont have food u will steal it! n so on… in addition MASLOV’S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS. to survive each human must have 1. food 2. shelter 3. be part of family/community 4. self esteem 5. a means to become ur potential. poor thomas moore…500 yrs ago he had his head chopped off for his ideas…hopefully humans will evolve eventually

  • Secular rescue missions and in patient drug treatment programs are needed. Its much more important than renovating the southern entrance to town or making parklets.

    • Secular rescue missions and inpatient drug treatment programs are different funding sources than funding for the southern entrance or making parklets.

      Also, rescue missions and inpatient drug treatment programs are not being 100% used by many who need the services. Services available cannot be forced upon the individuals, they need to step forward and accept what is being offered.

      If you want to change some of this, you need to begin with where the funding comes from to address the concerns your refer to. Private funding vs public funding. The private is looking within and outside of the area as a few organizations have done, but they are limited due to community support. Public funding is even more difficult to change, but it can be and will take community support in allowing greater government involvement in the area.

      Either way, individuals have to be willing to accept the assistance and follow the programs to get back on their feet!

      • NO! If you want to change this, import someone who has the ability to organize and facilitate a recovery home where there is no ‘gimme $100 and I’ll let you slip away for the day” or where the staff are dealing drugs! This county needs a well run organized program such as Hazeldon or some other TC, such as Phoenix House or even Behavioral Heath Services to open a clean, safe residence with certified staff running the place, instead of RA’s who have 6 or 8 weeks clean ‘teaching’ new residents the ins and outs of relapse prevention and other essential tenets of recovery.!

      • Charlie, I hate to break it to you, but the parkletts, bike paths, stupid round abouts, all come from the same page, the same funding source, the same strings attached to the unmentionable. There are over 300 grant writers all working for the same source, for the same goal.
        The NIH is a branch with its own branches, all tangled into the same source.

    • Agreed! Residential recovery programs for alcohol/drugs are at the bottom of the finance agenda, it seems. I’m glad Crandall is leaving, and hope his replacement will cast a more sensitive eye toward recovery instead of diverting funds from essential programs of recovery to whatever else he thought more important.

    • concerned neighbor

      It’s really sad, but a lot of these people choose to live this way. By saying these people don’t want to leave their animals sounds like an excuse…is it really best for the animals to live in these conditions with a person that cannot even care for thems elves let alone an animal. I’ve been homeless before and instead of dragging them down a miserable raid with me I choose to place them in new homes and my children with family…I got my life together on my own because I was determined not to live like that forever. If they want out bad enough they can do it, but also think there are some who have mental problems that in hibit them from being functioning members of society.

      • I gave some money (ten bucks) not long ago to a man who looked like he was in bad shape. He can spend it as he likes since I subscribe to Jon Carroll’s “Untied Way”. But his dog looked fine. Because the man had spent the money he had to take the dog to a vet. I see these people with their dogs and that’s all they have in this world that they can trust. I see the dogs and realize that sometimes they know they are the ones who have it together and be the one to take care of their human. No one should have to be faced with the choice of decent shelter or giving up their dog.

        Nice that you managed to get your life together on your own. But that has nothing to do with anyone else and has a lot of judgement implicit in saying it.

      • They could still be directed towards a more human friendly location. This is a sad reflection on the inhumanity of those in power in the city of Eureka. The marsh is not acceptible.
        I suggest the old truck stop area. Or perhaps for a county area, old Hansens at the highway 36 interchange. That building has a kitchen and bathrooms with showers and since it was destroyed as a business by the magnanamous CALTRANS they could refurbish it for the homeless. Out of the way yet accessible it seems ideal.

        • Um. None of those place are even remotely in the city of Eureka jurisdiction. Also, the city is broke.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          I have made harsh comments or hopeless comments about the status of the homeless. They were unable or unwilling to maintain steady employment for a lifetime and make better choices so as not to be homeless. The mental illness factor, to some degree, seems to be a major issue. Sometimes we have to make hard choices in order to achieve gainful employment. They did not or do not. If you have to give up your dog to a better home and yourself to the shelter, well, I’m sorry. I’ve had, at times, to take lousy jobs with bad bosses. The Shelter is not evil, the Mission is not evil. Betty Kwan Chin is a Christian who believes “The Poor you will always have with you,” as Jesus said. So, what to do? I don’t know. I’m split between compassion and frustration.

          • Nicely said. Who amongst any of us should throw the firsts the first stone. A stone that might as well be aimed at ourselves.

          • Andrew speaking for basic human decency

            If the rescue mission was a muslim mosque offering food and shelter but requiring conversion to islam, bowing to mecca, wearing the hijab and swearing alleigance to sharia law, would you still say beggars cant be choosers and they are good people and anyone who declnes their conditions of help is refusing to help themsleves?

            Jesus also said many things much more clear and less ambiguous than the controversial and ambiguous scripture you quote. For a few examples: “if you would follow me you must first sell all your posessions and give the money to to the poor”…. Or how about “that which you do unto the least of these, so you do unto me” and “it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven” Inconvenient scripture for sleeping well and calling yourself christian compared to the old “poor will always be with you” excuse to ignore all of Jesus many statements about helping the poor and the evil of those who refuse help or claim the name of Jesus but dont follw his way of helping the lowest in society first.

      • Pets who live in mansions are just as miserable as pets who live in tents, when their people are gone. One only has to know love in order to understand love.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          You’re kidding, right? The dogs have to live in shit and squalor because the brains of the outfit is mentally ill? No. Fail. I see squads of young folks in two’s and three’s wandering around with poor, miserable dogs and I pity the dogs. Sure, I knocked around for a while in my youth,many have, but I never begged and I never Subjected children or pets to my choices of irresponsibility. Will any of these young folks EVER become productive in time to avoid the fate of the marsh people? I wonder.

          OK, you can be lonely in a mansion or lonely in a cold, rainy swamp. Choose, now, quickly.

          • The swamp. At least in the swamp I can catch wild rabbits, rats, quail, and not starve. In a mansion I’d be stuck relying on the maid who hates my guts for shedding all over the expensive carpet & furniture. Heaven forbid if I should have to cough up a loogie.
            When the people are home—-
            With a mentally challenged person, I’m highly entertained. Always welcome.
            With a mansion person I’m bored to tears waiting for my person to get off the phone, computer, or paperwork.

      • Nobody chooses to live in poverty! That is an excuse of mental gymnasts.

      • what if u have no family? lucky YOU turned ur life around…with help frm family. not all r lucky enuf to have a loving family. i’m reminded of JUST WORLD THEORY which states=bad things happen to bad peeople so if i have good things i must be good n those who have misery r bad n deserve it. God forbid the day you should ever be on the losing end again…have compassion for those who r not as fortunate as you

  • Winter In Humboldt

    That completely sucks. I hope they can better their situation. I must say, it doesn’t take much to put 2 and 2 together. This is Humboldt, it rains, especially this year and that is a marsh. What do they expect? I would be thinking about getting to Slab City or some place like that. Eureka isn’t the only place to be homeless. Please forgive me if I sound heartless. I’m just looking at reality. I’m just thinking about what I would do if I were in that situation.

    • Absolutely correct, it is my opinion that the ongoing drought lulled many campers into making the geographic choice of living in wetlands. The past 4 years or so of SoCal type winter weather would make anyone think our climate is homeless friendly. Now that a normal or El Niño winter is taking place, their “choice” or wetland location is functionioning just as it is supposed to. Of course they need waders to transit back and forth to and from Coastal wetlands.

      • What you fail to understand about homelessness, choices are made for them, they are not free. If you were homeless tonight, you would pitch your tent wherever could not wherever you wanted.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Well, yes, exactly. What can you expect in a marsh in Eureka in the winter? This is what regular winters are like here. It’s cold and wet. If you refuse to go to a tax and/or donor supported shelter where it is warm and dry and you will be fed all at other people’s expense; what the hell are the rest of us supposed to do? This is the mental illness part. Just throw your hands up and sit in the cold mud and rain because you can’t be separated from your partner or animals.

      I see ideas for tiny, efficient homes and it stirs compassion. Maybe that would work, but only if the criminally insane minority is prevented from destroying everything. The message for youth MUST be that this is not a good career goal in these United States.

  • Charlie, not all disabilites are visible. “They HAVE to accept… ” really? They have trauma, PTSD, many have been in or witnessed violence to the extent that they are fractured from it. So they HAVE to accept what is offered or what, live in a wind blown swamp on the edge of the freezing bay? They HAVE to leave their dogs? They HAVE to leave their partners? They are disabled Charlie and you want them to have two choices… Swamp or what the choice of the day service is offered…

    • This is a complex problem. I understand why someone wouldn’t want to part with a pet – that may be the only person they trust, and who loves them unconditionally. We need better solutions. This isn’t only a local problem. Homeless numbers rose during the recession and many haven’t been able to get back to being housed. Our system punishes the poor. How can anyone live on minimum wage? I make a decent living yet still struggle. We need to come together with better solutions. Surely we could at least put together a homeless parking lot, so people can stay in their cars? And some sanitary facilities. Yes, it costs, but so does extra policing for people in crisis that maybe could get it together with a little assistance.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Beggars can’t be choosers. Never heard that? Figures. But we have to meet all these standards or they will just sit in the cold and the rain until they and their dogs are dead. That IS crazy. What is the deal about separating couples at the mission? I assume men and women sleep separately to avoid fighting and rape that the author referred to. Can’t the couples be together all day? Please explain. If you’re young and in love, try getting a job and showing up EVERY work day and act like you give a shit. Combine your incomes, get zero or low cost family planning at Planned Parenthood and don’t have kids or dogs until you can afford it. Get your own pad and sleep together. See? Get schooling or apprenticeship, improve your pay. It’s called: responsible for your own damn ass. Steady job most of the week not sounding good? That’s what I thought.

  • concerned neighbor

    Poor choices bring bad luck

  • Where are the people who scream ‘We have to help our own’ before we accept refugees.

    • Where are “Take Back Our Town” ambassadors that are very giving at times like these, especially with the Holidays being here? They are very good at determining priorities and evaluating social maladies.

      • Right on. The take back “our” town fascist thugs may be too mentally undeveloped to understand it but they are much closer to the nazi brownshirts than they are to any kind of charity. Where are they when its literally freezing out? How do we know their costumed vigilante ranks arent crawling with child molestors, rapists, kkk racists and mass murderers? They dont submit to background checks or any kind of training for cpr, social work referrals, nonviolent communications (obvious from their tone deaf implicitly violent and bigoted fascist group name) or in any way training for handling potentially violent encounters safely. Its only a matter of time before they harm themselves or someone else while playing dress up wannabe cop. Disgusting pull up the drawbridge now that I got mine thinkers.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Most, if not all, of the refugees will gladly work in a society where they will not be tortured or killed because they are the wrong religion or ethnicity. Where they can work and have a better life. Some, if not many, are highly skilled technicians with much to offer and want to live in freedom and earn their better life and contribute to the strength of the USA. Such people energized and invigorated this nation from the beginning and will always do so. They make us great.

      The swamp people are not contributing anything but crap and garbage and suffering pets and are a drag on the City and County.

      See the difference?

    • I agree, EGuff. Seems strange to hear down with American homeless, let’s bring in foreign homeless.

  • They even have chickens!

  • Kathy Srabian, with my whole heart I thank you for these true and powerful words and Kym for sharing them!!! wud you consider calling this into KMUD? They have a prerecorded editorial feature at 707. 932.5276 its called All Sides Now. It will explain how it works on the message when u call. Its two mins to say whatever you want and it gets recorded as a msg that they play on air probably the next day or so. We need to call more people to the council meetings and alert each other of the times date and place. A shelter crisis called cud make options available while everyone “discusses” the future.

  • My daughter was living at devil’s playground until we rescued her a month she is now in rehab. My husband and I have taken warm clothes and food to the homeless but it’s not enough. It’s a shame that we of Humboldt County can’t do more. How about calling out supervisors to see what can be done. With the storms coming it’s only gonna get worse.

    • Best wishes for your daughter Xena. I am so glad to hear that she is out of there.

    • Congratulations. I hope it sticks. It’s nice to bring them warm clothes and food, but somehow I have a gut feeling most don’t deserve your kindness; they want to be there. They want to do drugs. They’ve hit rock bottom and they know it. The mentally ill need to be removed, evaluated, offered medical attention and housed. The druggies should be offered residential treatment and a bus ticket home after they complete the program.

  • The dogs are not just “pets” in the way that homed people consider pets. Instead, they are the heat in the tent, they are the carrier of goods, they are security and the guard service for people in marginal living situations. It is cruel that the shelters cannot find love in their hearts for the families and chattel of those in deepest need. When the bad weather ends, the dogs and their people will still have no homes. At that time, the people will need the heat, labor, security, and the unconditional love offered by their closest companions.

    How does it benefit us to take the people to shelter and let the dogs run loose?

    Why is it ok to rip people apart from their human and animal companions to demonstrate “compassion”?

    Up here no one even leaves their horses out in this muck, why is it ok to abandon people to the weather?

    Can we not find it within ourselves to abandon Puritanical rules and judgments?

    Can we not be accepting of people as they are?

    Can we not permit families and animals to stay together?

    Can we not ignore or at least set aside our prejudices and get every being into safe space or shelter in the bad weather?

    • I think I love you, Ellin. Well said.

    • Thank you for that Ellin. “Concerned Neighbor” needs to read your post about a hundred times so that perhaps it will sink in.

    • I’m not homeless, but would give my creature comforts of my dome and woodstove if I had to choose between it and any of my dogs. Not everybody is crazy…

    • Enough about how they need their freaking dogs. Really? Get real. You have a dog for companionship, or to protect your property, after you provide a home for yourself. A genuine service animal is the exception. None of these dogs are sercvice animals. Just pets, or companions. Makes no sense to keep a dog over housing oneself. I conisder a dog, even owned by a homeless person, to be a luxury. Even today, people with jobs and decent credit have trouble renting a house if they have a dog. Get rid of the dog. Make people the priorty.

    • I disagree with you. If there were shelters that allowed pets more homeless would go there. It’s sad for a human to be expected to get rid of their pet that maybe the only loving connection this person has. In some parts of Europe they create homeless camps by building tiny houses or by using old shipping containers why is it we don’t do this? Be human and have compassion for others. You never know you may walk in their shoes one day and then you will see how cruel this world can be if you don’t fit it.

  • Bootstrap notion… I am all for being a part of your own success but how do you pull up your bootstrap when you have no foot to put the boot on. That is what you deal with in the venture of mental illness, you are without a foot. Does that make you a horrible human, that does not deserve the basic needs that all humans need, like shelter, food and clothing?
    Our systems are broken, how can a broken human being even succeed when even a healthy, privileged individual cannot follow the flow of broken and busted dams and concrete walls.
    Drugs and alcohol may start by choose but can then become a health issue. Most drug use is started as a way of medicating. Always remember that these folks we are talking about are someone’s mother, father, sister, brother or even a daughter or son.

  • If they don’t want to leave there wet an cold encampments then F’ em. Most are so high on meth they don’t even realize it’s cold anyway. And as for them not wanting to leave there dogs, I don’t think homless people should be allowed to have dogs anyway. Cuz obviously they have a hard time caring for themselves since there homless and all.

    • Shame on you.

      • No vetfriend, shame on owners who adopt pets while they have no way of taking care of themselves. Pets need care, medicine, etc – like kids. Would you think a Mom was brilliant for adopting a child while she was homeless? Now there are two homeless creatures without proper care living in a ditch.

    • well said, i feel sorry for their pets, wonder if they even get feed properly. they did get to choose being homeless……..wouldn’t they be happier in a warm home with some kids……

    • EXACTLY ‘saucy’ thats why they need drugs so they dont feel the cold weather!!! cold hatred being poor n unable to care forself, not having employment or familys or menal stability. that why they need dogs to stay warm. dog is mans best friend if i had to live in a swamp i would need drugs n dog too. homelessness is not new problem it started in 1970 when the govenment shut down mental hospitals n thru the patients out on the street. more than 70% r VETERNS who fought to save our freedoms. i grew up in 50s i never saw a homeless person til that happened. if u take their dogs away where do they go? get euthanized? do u remember we r living thru the worst financial crisis since 1930s…85 yrs ago? please open ur heart to those who are less fortunate. isnt that the christmas spirit?

  • imagine that , san diegos way easier to be homeless ,free showers at the beach, warm weather lotsa food ,no rain………

  • I think if we find out why these people are homeless it might help solve the problem. Mental, drugs or just lazy either way find out why. Have not had anyone say why. Just that maybe they are mental or maybe drugs. Find out the problem and then maybe just maybe you can fix it. Handouts dont solve the problem

    • Cleta, the answer is very obvious, These people do not want to work. They have adapted and created a sub society that they are more than happy in.
      We in our mindsets think “how can someone live like that?” I say stop passing judgement. They are rich in there own mindset. Leave them be. Maybe they can teach us by example.

  • Well I guess the party over

  • As I’ve said before, your bad decisions are not society’s problem. Stop giving them free crap and maybe conditions will get to the point where they finally get off their asses and look for work.

  • My heart breaks every time this issue is brought up.
    Some people want to help, while others want only to control others. Behavior control doesn’t work, goes against our values as a nation, & is irresponsible.
    Every person deserves the right to shelter. It’s our responsibility to zone for it, not build it. It is a bonus, a privilege, to build it, through charitable donations & sensible programs.
    When the “experts” receive grandiose sums of funds for their “expertise”, yet the masses go cold, hungry, wet, sick, maybe we need to overhaul how we fund our “experts”.

    • I think I love you, Shak, for loving Ellin and pointing out this despicable control freak thing people are calling “help” and how ludicrous it is to keep fattening politically adept useless types while blowing off the people who need help.

      • Well said Nines. Being aware of how deep the problems go, is half the battle. The hardest part of the battle.
        P.S. I love you too, you’re awake!

      • If you guys wanna help so bad then let all the drug addicts move in with you

        • I would be willing to have someone in my house, but it only takes one & when I let that “one” in they stole from me and left my home a complete wreck, so I’m pretty gun-shy now.

        • JM, that’s a silly idea, unless we three are able to take over the facilities, that is. If you’d care to kick out the riffraff, we 3 will be more than happy to take over. Omitting the excess buildings leased out, building proper fun kennels for the pets, providing HVAQ and Heppa filters, dedicating a sunroom for growing fresh organic produce, providing Betty Chin with the resources she needs, hire gentle but strong bouncers for restraining times, hire guards to keep the instigators like you and outburst out :=) ,
          I’m almost salivating at the bit.

        • Hey, look, Jm, I keep losing the link, but Reno, and other cities, have costed out the chronic homelessness thing and it turns out it is MUCH cheaper to give them their own apartments, food stamps AND medical coverage than it is to leave them on the streets.

          Between all the extra cops needed and the accidents and illnesses and injuries, it costs about twice as much as just providing these basics for them, so they’re providing the basics. It’s just like spending millions to put and keep somebody behind bars when you could spend radically less to set them up in life. Also like spending many, many millions to carry out a death sentence when life in prison is RADICALLY cheaper.

          This punitive attitude is expensive, expensive, expensive; invites all kinds of leeching from agencies and nonprofits; deprives people of their basic dignity and rights; adds petty tyrants to the list of miseries weighing on already miserable people; kills people before they can catch the break to put them back on their feet; makes life dangerous in town; AND DOESN’T WORK.

          WHEN does basic human dignity count more than self-righteousness?

      • agree nines!

  • Barbara Schumacher

    Your story and photos should be on the nightly news, the front page of the Times-Standard, and the cover of the North Coast Journal. Thanks for publishing this. It’s a call to action for our community.

  • Looks like they were done no favors by being allowed to stay through the Summer.

  • Are there no empty warehouses or older buildings for lease that the city could rent and maintain porta-potties? Then the homeless could perhaps bring their belongings and dogs with them for an indoor tent city. Just a thought.

    • Hansens old truck stop at highway 36 would be perfect. Put out of business by CALTRANS, it has a kitchen and bathrooms with showers. It is off the highway but close to transportation. Lots of open acres for tents. Near shopping, medical facilities etc etc

      • The more you give them, the less incentive they’ll have to change. Being useless should be as unpleasant as possible. If you give them a warm building with a kitchen and bathrooms, they’ll never leave… at least until they fill it with garbage and feces up to the roof. Also, they won’t stay that far out of town, due to lack of good spots for attempting to get people to give them free money. If you can write a sign, you can write a resume.

        • Maybe jobs that empower them to keep on keeping on & helping others that were in their shoes, would help.
          These things are ugly, but NorCal is the home of the most artsy fartsy people around. Perhaps a little bit of creativity can go a long way.
          Coats that transform into sleeping bags. Coats that transform into tents. The imagination thrives in NorCal, so I’ve heard, so let’s put them to the challenge. Many of the homeless would love to help themselves and others. But they need our help to get them set up.
          Empowering is a strong concept.

      • The warehouse and Hansons are both outstanding ideas. If organized right, they could learn how to garden, can, build their own tiny home on wheels, and more. The colleges could take credit courses in teaching and building skills, the police academy extra credit for guarding & handling, the homeless themselves could earn credit for cleaning and learning, and more. A community fund drive for utilities and garbage pickup, transportation to appointments, and more. Pro Bono lawyers and doctors could pitch in to help with their paper work and hurdles. The beauty school could provide free haircuts for interviews. There is so much that we as a community can do. Heck, we’d become so self sufficient the tax greedy “experts” can find a new community to hassle & take advantage of. Has anyone kept an eye on the THC blog exposing the so called experts? All those people needing services, yet all the funds going to staff, pensions, benefits and rentals for their abundant offices. We can do this!

        • Wonderful pipe dream, but what would keep the Hanson’s indoor homeless camp from drawing in downtrodden from all over the country?

          • Other cities are slowly stepping up to the plate & offering just as good of solutions, that fit their budgets and needs. It’s catchy.

        • I like Unicorns as much as the next person, but really? I like the idea, but you are projecting something on people that don’t want that. If they wanted to better their situation, they would. You can’t tell me 100% of those people are stuck there because there are no other options for them. It’s a lifestyle. Yes, some have mental issues and can’t help themselves. Others, or at least the ones I’m exposed to are living this way because its how they want to live. Lots of them aren’t roughing it that bad. Propane heaters and stoves, coolers, multiple tents put together, fences, dogs, fire pits, art, it’s like a damn rainbow gathering. They get to get high or drunk and have the convenience of walmart. They get to just hang out all day, drinking doping, and bumming money. It’s like one big party. They made the decision to camp in a marsh, in Humboldt. Please don’t bring them to Hansens. Thats right next to the river and they will trash that area as well. I’m aware not all of then have the same story or issues. I would be into helping the ones that truly want help and want to make a change. The rest of them should kick rocks.

          • Those who don’t want help can go elsewhere.
            We have to overhaul in many areas. Think outside the box. For way too long we have labeled and generalized, poured our funds into corrupt establishments & wiping our hands clean, patting ourselves on the back for “helping” through taxes, and never getting ahead of the problem.
            Meanwhile, our state is bringing in even more homeless people, many of whom use a dangerous drug in their worship meetings. We have enough drug problems as it is, that long ago should have had remarkable breakthroughs for drying out. It’s not enough to dry out when they can’t be self sufficient and hopeful for tomorrow. Learning new skills, helping others in their same shoes, knowing there is a better future instead of just hearing there could be one, can & will make a huge difference in any person’s life. The same ol same ol doesn’t cut it.

    • This is a good thought. I agree.

  • Agree with Ellin and Kathy S. Shame on you, “Saucy” and your ilk.

  • The NEADERTALS I Think That’s How YOU Spell It They Didn’t Have Shelter SOMETIMES They Lived In A Cave AND They Evolved To Modern Man

  • I’m sorry but there’s a fine line between enabling and helping, they’re adults and if they refuse help there’s not much more that can be done. I feel bad for the animals who don’t have a choice. And yes our system is broken and doesn’t know how to cope with mental illness and druggies, and that doesn’t help.

  • I have compassion for the good ones out there, but anyone who has to live near town and has to put up w the HUGE increase in thievery and crime, and trash that these people bring to our community, it’s not too harsh to hope that they decide that they may want to leave.

    There are good folks out there, no doubt, I know one or two, but most of them are drug addled wretches that are really making our community crappy. I’ve had my car broken into too many times and my house burglarized, and cleaned up many bags of garbage from once beautiful river spots. I hope they get washed outta town, honestly.

    • Your remarks are unnecessary & uncalled for not all of them are that way the majority of those committing those crimes aren’t homeless open your eyes & take a look around you for a change instead of sitting on your fancy rear end & passing judgment on others

      • Emily is correct. As a Eureka resident and business owner very close to the encampment, I see crime EVERDAY. At 5am I can put my money on seeing another bike trailer with miscellaneous items being towed back to camp feverishly. It’s plain sad. During the day, I am forced to keep my eyes open for my customers cars and belongings. The fact is that my business IS AFFECTED.
        I believe until you, your family, or your livelihood is affected by this problem, it is easy to sit back and pretend that these people are harmless. And yes, some are. But it is a HUGE problem that Eureka residents are unfairly forced to deal with on a regular basis. Most of these folks don’t want real help. In fact, nothing will change until they want to help themselves.

      • Stephen, Were are my rain boots? the hypocrisy is getting deep around here.

    • crime is caused by people trying to meet their survival needs. if hungry they steal. if cold be drugged so u cant feel cold. if un-loved get a dog. govn was created to protect the peeps. its crime prevention to take care of peeps in need. its that simple.

  • i would wager that the sweet, compassionate voices on this thread live in cozy mountain homes and don’t live in town where the tweakers ride around at 5 in the morning stealing anything they can get there hands on. But what about the trash? Isn’t that something we could actually do something about as a community? That’s where I would start.

  • Myself & My wife just handed a couple of small grocery bags full of food to a couple of the homeless I know out in the Marsh area last week that section floods every wet season & when a parade of storms comes slamming into Northern California That wetland always pays for it Eureka should have more services to help the homeless The city council just stated not to long ago that it is a government problem not a County problem alot of Eureka residents need to quit being so selfish & closed minded The homeless are people to Anyone remember the Crossbow shooting on the dunes? That was my cousin & he was homeless but helped other homeless people he even helped miss Betty Chinn

  • To those who say they “choose” to be homeless it is important for you to understand that the translation is “I never really had a choice or my choices were not better than this”. There is a text book in psychology courses entitled “I never knew I had a Choice” that explains how abused children succumb to the varied stages of poverty and addictions and end up homeless as adults. Then to those who think these folks are all “tweekers” and not worthy of help I would ask you to consider that were there a well organized, secure and sanitary campground for people to have a decent start at getting more permanent housing there could be counseling and a sense of community to help addictions to heal. What is happening now is creating unnecessary hardship that creates unhealthy conditions that leads to despair. The heartless actions of the wealthy and their cohorts is mind boggling if you know what is real compassion and what is down right mean spiritedness. There are solutions called campgrounds and Tiny House Communities….give them a try for pity’s sake!!!!

    • Then build it in Florida don’t build it here in marijuana country otherwise you just contribute to the problem the tax payers and there’s only so many of us don’t want to pay for the housing problems created by greed growers let them pay for their own workers housing I think the tax payers been milked enough around here .

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Sorry pal, but this is not the fault of the marijuana industry. If people get a good clipping job they can make money and SAVE rather spend every penny, they will do fine. These folks can’t do anything, obviously or they would. They are the hardcore unemployable. The pot industry CARRIES this county and will be carry even more with legalization, regulation and reasonable taxation. See if you can find another reason.

    • Kathy, how big is your house? Bet you could find room for a few way wered souls.. I propose this, go find a couple people you think need help and invite them into your house. After a few months let us know how it worked out for you. Shit now I’m late for WORK, were is my rain gear.

    • Im sure if you opened your home some of them would come and live with you!! Nice speech now give them the keys to your house

      • JM, that’s enabling, not helping. Google has a dictionary.
        The old fisherman proverb works today, as well as yesterday.
        Give a man a fish, he eats for the day.
        Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

    • Wealthy? I worked all my life and now live in $1170 a month in social security. No thieving drug addled bums for me, thank you.

  • I believe in principles of helping the unfortunate, and those in need. There is room in a community for those people. When I grew up I remember the town drunk, and a few beggars and homeless. They were friendly people mostly who everyone knew and they were ‘part of the community’. People knew them, helped them out when they needed it. This is a different situation. This is a lot of out of the area people, coming here and making a big mess for us. A community is made up of people, they work, they care about the area, care about the neighborhood they live in. Too many negative elements bring the community down. It’s harsh but true. If you don’t add to the pot you are taking from the pot. Too many people taking it seems to me.

  • Help had been offered...

    I understand these people have had a string of bad luck & bad experiences. I myself was homeless for a couple of months & recently had a friend (older man) who found himself homeless due to circumstance. There is help out there, if these people are willing to work for it.

    I work near Mcrea Subaru where many homeless people hang out (and I know at least 4 live there). These people have been offered jobs, but are unwilling to do anything that takes more than an hour or two. I offered one a days worth of work at $15/hr to clear out my garage. One said he’d be good for an hour if I fed him, another said that was too much work, and a third asked if he could make what he needed then be dropped off at a friend’s house. I even had one lady scream at me asking why I couldn’t just give her the money. Yes, there are the exceptions, but 90% of the homeless people I’ve tried to help just want a handout.

    • Humboldt county offers the highest amount paid for general assistance.
      They also give out a 50 dollar allowance for dogs.
      Plus food stamps and medical

      For most of us that work at least one job to earn a roof, food and have to pay our own medical expenses.. It is difficult to find alot of compassion for those that want a hand out..their government check isn’t going towards paying for rent..or the luxury of a hot shower.. They spend freely our tax money and wait for more handouts from our community.. Live for free on land they could care less about.
      Leaving behind trash and rendering the land contaminated.just saying.

    • If an hour is all they can manage, then schedule an hour per person, plus a nutritious organic meal.
      When people don’t eat right, healthily and steadily, they loose focus, strength & energy.
      When their backs & shoulders are sore from sleeping on the cold ground, they loose agility.
      When the employer & city has no smoking signs up everywhere, instead of proper HVAQ or Heppa filters, an hour is about as long as any would ever care to stay.
      When their feet are sore, blistered, from walking all day to get to appointments, food, camp, an hour is a helluva long time to stand.
      An hour can seem like a lifetime when you’re in pain or agony.

  • When giving, please, Please PLEASE give to organizations, not to individuals. Food and clothing are given to them, medical care is available to them…please give to an organization that can help with moving them into a more stable environment through whatever programs are available. Please help by knowing what you are giving goes to food, clothing, etc., and not to feed an addiction.

  • I don’t mean to sound cold hearted but you said it yourself you offered them help and they declined it. There is a video on Facebook that has gone viral where a gentleman in the midwest offers two 20 yr olds a job because he needs help during the holidays and both of them decline it. They and some of the people in Devil’s Playground choose to be out there as they can get a free handout without an effort. It is always easy to take something for nothing. There is a general lack of accountability in this current society- everyone thinks they deserve a handout and do not have to do anything to earn it. I work hard for all that I have and am proud of everything I have achieved even overcoming obstacles which are part of life. I think a life survival course would be more appropriate as most come from broken situations and have never seen a good example. One has to be willing to change in order for change to take effect.

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  • Cant help but feel that this problem is at least in part due to our nation’s lax immigration policy. Leads to lack of affordable housing, available employment, and strain on social services.Maybe Donald Trump has some good ideas about building a fence at the border. Ban Muslims too, maybe? Maybe this is the time to make our Nation safe, sane, and secure.

  • Kathy, I have met you and you are a very good hearted person. I think you have the best intentions, but I disagree with you on this situation. These people In the camps are ruining our town.
    My family is discouraged from hanging out in public places, my daughter and her friends have been heckled and intimidated around the plaza downtown. It is not a healthy community. The downtown area should be family friendly, not zombie drunk zone. I never minded the deadheads, the travelers, the hobo types. It’s a different type down there now. It’s hard drugs, ugly living, and not good people.
    If it was only a few of them, it’d be wonderful to try and help them and give them a hand up. I completely agree. But this is different. It’s a nasty problem and it takes some realistic vision to fix it, not a bunch of nicey nicey. Make them unwelcome.

  • I don’t have first hand knowledge of the Homelessness there.
    But in my Area.
    The local homeless shelter #1.
    Doesn’t allow pets. And for some that is there closest friend ( or only)
    #2 – you only get use of a small locker to keep your personal belongings in. If you have more then what fits in it….. Then you have no choice but to leave outside or throw away.
    #3. People are proud. Especially our Veterans. They are some of toughest to get to use the Services available to them for Homelessness .. We have a Tent city by the a local river that’s filled w vets.
    This is where they feel safe , non confined & free.
    They feel let down as well as many dealing with PTSD

  • We haven’t had a normal winter in a while .A lot of people are going to Get an education on our climate . I pray they use it as a wake up call that perhaps their path needs to be evaluated for some maybe that means going home and finding another way to cope with their problems outside of addiction . I know there’s truly homeless out there the black market has created unaffordable housing some good people go homeless I pray that people that know them can bring them out of the rain and whether there are friends and our neighbors their victims just like ourselves of the black market and the drug economy . And it should be about 10% to 20% of those out there .

  • Something to think about . He will bring smoke to the oceans
    And rivers of mud to the sea.

  • I don’t find this situation to be an item of discussion but rather one of action. If they need help it’s time that happend. No matter what “they” are part of us, as a community. If we can help we should, no matter what they do, no human being deserves to die shivering in the brutal cold of winter. So I say support Betty Kwan Chinn Outreach by bringing in warm clothes blankets extra tents socks and or money to her. She is out there acting in a humane and compassionate and proactive way to save and maybe change a life. We can help make a positive difference. Skip the politics.

    • Sometimes we put ourselves in our own place don’t we ? I doubt you could understand what I’m trying to convey comprehend .You think it’s fun to get up at 3:30 in the a.m. to go to work in a mill to take care of an ailing parent .What do we have to do to make working understandable to the folks that are unproductive so that they can understand the value of work .and not the value of addiction that only serves to contribute to the problems we currently have .

  • ah john prine. he was just here and i had to have my own personal prine party due to my state of poverty…
    john prine is widely recognized as wise and observant person. here are few lines of my proof:
    “Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)” 1978
    “Hey, it ain’t such a long drop don’t stammer don’t stutter
    from the diamonds in the sidewalk to the dirt in the gutter
    and you carry those bruises
    to remind you wherever you go.”

    “For a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter.
    You become your own prisoner as you watch yourself sit there
    wrapped up in a trap of your very own
    chain of sorrow.”

    i post these sentiments for those commenters who appear, to me, to hold some personal grudge – bordering upon loathing and hatred – towards the people of which we talk about here.
    i slipped off that walk in ’99. i’ve been able to hang on this long, but perhaps soon i’ll be in the dirt in the gutter, and become one of the people that scare you so…
    and i’ll carry those bruises to remind me wherever i go.

    y’all, we all, need to find compassion.
    it really could happen to anyone at anytime.
    some fickle finger of fate event.

  • Maybe we should ask our self why is this happening, but how is this happening the meth demic is running rampent not only in our county ,but del snort county is off the hook too so ask your self how is this happening. Supply and demand stop the supply and you stop the demand.if these peo p le can pull them selves together long enough to wake from the the zombie daze ,but they chose to stay in that situation it just goes on and on but on a lighter note so glad to so so many people commenting on kym sight boo lost cause.out post

  • One more thing I was at the shell in Fortuna watch 2 people because the carwash was broke down pull into the lane where the car going in to the car wash got out of the car and proceeded to wash the car with napkins from the island now that doesn’t seem to me to be logical thinking in broad daylight midday that is methamphetamine psychosis the guy had one arm they were clearly spun

  • Happy Holidays!, Hug your loved ones and be thankful for what you have…lives matter.

  • It’s no worse than being a contestant on Survivor minus the million dollars.

    I am not impressed by the rescue mission. I tried to donate some clothes and their thrift store would not accept them. They were decent clothes too. And now they are expanding… Eureka used to be a great place to live. Like many others if they can afford to leave I am voting with my feet. The Federal government says our economy is recovering with hundred thousand new jobs.. Hardly. Seasonal jobs shipping products made in China is not what I consider a recovery. Watch the unemployment rate rise again early next year.

  • We give when we can.and if they don’t want help you can’t force them.And I’m not giving up my dogs not now not ever.

  • Wow its Monday the 27, and its raining its ass off. And now after waking up at 5:45 and drinking a little coffee while reading how I need to do more to make some fucking dead beets life better, I get to put on my rain gear and go work all day to build some one else’s dream house. Give me a break, every picture I ever see of the homeless camps around here are nothing but garbage piles and dilapidated garbage filled tents and tarp shelters. These people (for the most part)choose to live like animals and I for one am sick of hearing all of the excuses made for them. If they gave a shit about them self’s or even their dogs they would at least clean up their garbage and discard their own shit.

    • Funny you should mention garbage piles and building homes in the same breath.
      The cob homes, the earthShip homes, and many other alternative styles incorporate used glass jars & bottles, plastic bottles, soda & beer cans, iron and steel throw always for added strength in foundations, etc.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    It’s funny how we have so much homeless in need and yet we can’t provide the same deal the refugees and illegals are getting of housing, healthcare etc… But then again I remembered homeless won’t get you elected, their lobbyists don’t have as much money.

  • Sad story aside, all this rain is a good thing for the camp. Flush all that human waste out into the marsh and bay. A cleansing so to speak. They can start over next Spring.

  • The effects of homelessness on the human spirit and will are not well understood and can frustrate family and people trying to help. When someone is depressed telling them to cheer up does not help. When someone has become hopeless and fallen into deep despair offers that make sense to you and me do not seem appealing to them. We understand that when a dog has been abused it has to regain trust slowly and be allowed to set its own pace of recovery but we don’t seem to see the abuse the homeless have suffered.
    From an article in Psychology Today: Since homelessness can cause further trauma both as a result of its very nature, and by exposing the individual to dangerous situations, it is important to consider trauma-specific services to help families and individuals who have experienced homelessness. Regehr suggests that by the time someone seriously needs help from an agency, trauma is a factor. “Even if it is mild and one might normally recover, the ongoing let downs, put downs, disappointments and insults add up to crushing hope. Once someone is fully entrenched in a place of hopelessness, even seemingly ‘helpful’ ideas, tools, suggestions can cause harm and direct pain. It is important for any professional working with a person in-need, to be trauma informed.”

  • Santa Rosa motel set for switch to housing for homeless, veterans

    Akash Kalia, a 24-year-old college dropout who left school in 2012 to purchase his parents’ floundering motel, is converting all 104 rooms at The Palms Inn into single-room-occupancy housing for homeless people and military veterans.

  • Anyone have a suggestion for where a donation of money would do the most good. Some of us who do pay taxes might be looking to make contributions before the new year and despite what you think the root of the problem is I think we all can see a need for people to help, just not sure how

  • Income and Sales Tax from the Cannabis industry alone could house the homeless, clean the streets, fix the schools. If only our appointed and “elected” leaders would get out of the way.

    Once you’re on the street, how do you get off? Dwell on that for a minute. What do you put as an address on a job application? A housing application? How do you clean up for a job interview? A housing interview?

  • No veteran should be homeless! Our government puts them through hell and then leaves them on the streets. If a vet wants help, it should be there for them. If we can spend billions on weapons, we can spend some money on the people they train to use them and fight for this country. Homeless vets are a true tragedy. I wish we could vote what our fed taxes paid for.

  • Carnac was a "mystic from the East"

    The reality is they are there because it is the closest that allow camping next to the mall. The best place to panhandle, steal, and get services. Walmart looses over a million a year in theft a year just at that store. They don’t have to walk far to steal and beg, get drugs etc…

  • I think they should build a cardboard yacht and build a resort live it up and make the best of your resources.

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  • its everywhere, garb, eur, ft bragg, portland, SF…
    everywhere are these unfortunates whose parents
    were often addicts or missing or in jail…
    what to do?
    and they don’t seem happy, see them walking from the camps into town,
    but to help one you have to really help them, take them in, sacrifice YOUR
    life, but we’re not a lot of saints, and one of our basic rights is to be left alone…
    i wander around my house, yes i have empty rooms, i could house a few, then
    my peaceful life would be over, what a nightmare…
    unfortunately our country’s resources are going into defending against
    a dirty bomb being offloaded at some port…
    yes, complicated world…

  • comments reflect character

    Their dogs are happier than most dogs and usually better behaved. The dogs have interesting lives and have a purpose beyond companionship- dogs appreciate that. I can’t remember seeing a dog that was not well cared for. My dog has to sit in the yard or house most days and is bored out of his skull. Other homed dogs pass the days on a chain in the yard. Homeless people’s dogs protect them from the violent and thieves and provide warmth in many ways. They are part of the family in more ways than most domestic dogs.

    Most of the meaner comments are from people who have no idea how hard it is for some people. But some of them are from people with no conscience. Not all of the homeless are the ones you see behaving badly. Many live in their vehicles. Many have part time jobs or poorly paying jobs and no one knows they are homeless.

    Ironically, some of the people I know who continuously make horrible comments about all homeless people in general are the same people who hire many of them at slave wages- well below minimum wage and then gripe about paying them after they’ve done the work. Sometimes they even try to not to pay them. Hateful people.

  • sharpen your pencil

    Liberals…. when will you realize that if you spray perfume on dog crap it still dog crap. These individuals have more excuses than they know how to count. I could come up with hundreds of lame excuses not to go to work but I do. Because the wheel isn’t going to wait around….. “I have a dog, I have a partner, I have heroin and a needle in my tent, a couple bottles of shitty vodka in my backpack, and a sign that says anything helps or hungry over there behind that bush…….” All you people want to “help the homeless” when you haven’t even talked to them, they want your cash nothing more nothing less. I used to try and offer them food and they would tell me they just need money, I’d laugh and be out. It’s simple they sit on the corner with a sign and a dog and wait for one of you tools to get their total collections above 20 bucks and get back to the DP to get it smoked or in a needle!

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