Brass-Knuckle Assault on the Arcata Plaza

scannerA man was detained after he attempted to assault a doorman with brass knuckles in Arcata, according to scanner traffic. The incident reportedly happened in front of Toby and Jack’s on the Arcata Plaza at around 11 p.m. on Sunday.

The dispatcher said over the scanner that the man had “brass knuckles with spikes on them.”

Initial reports indicated the male fled the scene on a skateboard, and he made it to the 1000 block of K Street, which is about four blocks away, before officers caught him.



  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Wait, what? A getaway skateboard? Like “Back to the Future” with criminal assault? What next? Don’t answer.

  • Brass knuckles should be outlawed, that would stop criminals from using them… o wait. Maybe they should put up a sign making it a knuckle free zone that would work.

    • Brass knuckles & butterfly knives are illegal in California but are still sold

      • we all know that people who want weapons will always have access to them. always. to me that’s scary.
        ok, any asshole who knows i have weapons ( or assumes it), at my ready, and they are getting prepped to run a home invasion me – are they go to come in prepared to shoot me before i can shoot them?
        am i in more danger having self protection?
        a gun – not to protect my chattel, but to protect my person.

    • Knuckle free zone! Great touché.

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