Suspect Attempts to Steal Cash Register

scannerA little before 9:30, according to the scanner, a man attempted to steal a cash register from Walmart on the Bayshore Mall in Eureka. According to the scanner, employees tackled the suspect and detained him. He reportedly fought back.

A mall kiosk reported that the same individual stole money from them, reported Dispatch.

We’ll try to get more information for you but this is appears to be an unusually busy evening for the Eureka Police Department.



  • Thanks for letting us know. No more mall shopping for our family. We went holiday shopping two weeks ago. A bloodied, beat up man approached my daughter, outside food court, saying he had been robbed by 2 other transients. She gave him a dinner from Mexican food place. We directed him to shelter in town. Eureka – your city will soon be another Detroit. You’ll wake up in Myrtletown and there will be someone sleeping in your front yard. You’ll get robbed in your driveway. Your kids will see scenes of beaten, lost humanity. It’s time to act. Now. Demand city council create a plan of action. This problem will come to you & yours. It can’t be ignored anymore.

    • You say, “Eureka – your city will soon be another Detroit.”

      Ok but Eureka, collects homeless people from all over the county. Its a county problem, not a city problem.

  • Eureka is where all of the services are for the poor. If the services were in any other city it would be the same story.

  • My granddaughter was told to take off her hood by security, she was headed to get her hair cut…zero tolerance I guess. We were walking together…bad weather brings people from everywhere into the mall, couches, free internet…

  • Hahaha, way to go employees!!

  • take off her hood? are they also asking muslims to remove their turbans? because I see many at the mall wearing them

    • One is for religious reasons and one is weather related and often used to commit crimes….hmmm…do you really think those are equal? Give me a break! Oh wait, you must be that Barry guy with a new name! Lol

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