Rain and Snow Coming, Prepare to Evacuate if You Live Along Van Duzen, Says OES

floodThe National Weather Service forecasts buckets of rain and snow in mountainous areas beginning tomorrow and staying until Tuesday. The agency put out a Special Weather Statement. It says,

Two storm systems will move across northwest California bringing snow to Trinity County on Sunday. Snow levels will fall to 2000 feet across Trinity County on Sunday…with 4 to 7 inches of accumulation expected. Snow levels will rise on Monday in advance of a major rain producing storm that will bring as much as 6 to 10 inches of rain to Del Norte and Humboldt counties…with lower amounts over Trinity and Mendocino counties through Tuesday.

The Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services warns,

The Van Duzen River is currently forecast to exceed flood stage around 1am, Tuesday 12/22, cresting around 5am. Bridgeville and Hwy 36 may be impacted. Other main stem rivers in Humboldt County are projected to exceed monitor stage but not to reach flood stage. This forecast will continue to develop through Monday. If you live along any potentially impacted river or creek, please prepare for evacuation in case it becomes necessary, and take steps to protect your family and property.

[Added 3:10 p.m.] Here’s a video of the Van Duzen from yesterday. Reader Linda Stewart sent it in. The river is already quite swollen.

Rainfall amounts expected according to the National Weather Service:

  • Del Norte County…5 to 7 inches and up to 9 inches in the southeastern part.
  • Northern Humboldt County…4 to 6 inches and up to 7 inches in the Northeast part.
  • Southern Humboldt and Northern Mendocino counties…3 to 6 inches.
  • Southern Mendocino County…1 to 3 inches.
  • Trinity County…2 to 3 inches and up to 4 inches in the west.

So, what does this mean?

  • Starting Sunday watch for snow on Highways 3, 36, and 299.
  • Expect rain Sunday in northwestern California except in the interior mountains where there might be snow.
  • Starting Monday watch for flooding on the Van Duzen River and possible flooding along the Smith River.
  • From Monday on, the Klamath River (near the town of Klamath), Mad River, Eel River (near Fernbridge) and Redwood Creek are predicted to get to monitor stage.
  • Flooding along other waterways is possible.
  • Expect ponding in low-lying areas and those with poor drainage.
  • Expect flooding on urban streets at times.


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