Sirens and Lights Worry You? Don’t You Go Christmas Shopping That Way?

Don’t worry, folks. Those cop cars heading through town with lights and sirens weren’t heading to an emergency. They were taking a bunch of excited kids shopping.

Here’s what Eureka Police Department tweeted,

Look at the cute kids getting a little Chrismas help from our local law enforcement.

UPDATE 10:30 a.m.: Awww!



  • Heard their handing out free donuts at Target!

  • Occupational units only buy toy guns allowing for harvest of children at a later date.

    Too bad a counter protest of gardeners giving children organic food and forged vaccine cards didn’t happen.

    Peace & Love

    Resist the Cylon Empire, it’s evil.

    Grooming children is a moral negative.

    Parents, teach your children well

  • What a great way to help out the kids and to prove that cops are human beings too. Well, most cops are. Merry Christmas kids!

  • Something about this is worrisome, and I can’t put my finger on just what it is. Co-option comes to mind. I’m also curious about WHO the kids are “shopping” for. Doesn’t look like the aisle we’d find something for G-Ma on… No, not with MY kid, I think. Also, are the Brush Cuts on the payroll for this PR? And I see “our” patrol cars. Who’s springing for the gas? Nope, not with my kid…

    • Masonic or future harvest.


      Plus it book, hours for public awareness credit etc union BS.

      Get the video from t and odds are Masonic handsigns and whatnot.

      The last place a government worker needs to be is near a child.

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