Man Tackled to the Ground Following Car Chase in Eureka

The white van they were drivingA male and a female were detained following a car chase in Eureka tonight. The chase ended on O Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets a little before 10 p.m.

Our reporter Bobby Kroeker was at the scene and tells us the chase started when the vehicle, a white-panel van, ran a stop sign.

Kroeker said when the vehicle stopped, the male attempted to run away, but he was quickly tackled to the ground and taken into custody.

Police told our reporter that they searched the vehicle but didn’t find anything of interest in the van.

The following two photos show the suspects being taken into custody:

Male Back of the Female



  • very interesting…i hope it’s not watty and starlene – just blazin’ though…
    thank you for the heads-up, bobby.
    & i find the lighting to be exceptional and i find it adds a surreal touch.

  • Well that’s curious…Did the male driver that attempted to run have warrants or something? Doesn’t really make sense to try an run unless you know you have something that you shouldn’t have in the vehicle or you know you have warrants for your arrest or something.

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