Late Night Weirdness: 40 People Fighting with Shovels?

The following story came from information gathered through the scanner:


Photo from Wikimedia Commons
“Vehicles Under Heavy Rain”
Mateus S. Figueiredo

Before 1:20 a.m. on Saturday, a man called law enforcement. According to scanner traffic, he claimed to have locked himself in a bathroom. He said he saw a group of about 40 people causing a commotion outside of the American Legion Hall in Hoopa. He told the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office that people were fighting each other.

He reported to Dispatch that he yelled out from the bathroom that he was calling law enforcement. At which point, he said most of the people fled — but not all of them. He said some of the people were laying on the ground drunk and others were armed with shovels.

The call sounded farfetched. But, the dispatcher sent two units to the scene because, in that line of work, every call has to be treated like it’s legitimate.

With units on the way, the Sheriff’s Office called the nearby Hoopa Tribal Station. They asked the station if they had any information about the “fight.” The person at Tribal hadn’t seen any fighting — but she did see vehicles leaving the scene.

At that point, the call started sounding more legitimate. It raised a lot of questions. Are there really 40 people? Are they actually drunkards with shovels?  Is the man still locked in the bathroom? We wanted answers. There was too much suspense. 24 minutes of suspense to be exact.

Then, a little before 1:45 a.m., a unit with the Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene…

“I’ll be clear,” the unit said over the scanner. “All vehicles on scene were from Wilson’s Electrical, the subcontractor for PG & E, trying to access equipment.”

We never heard if the man left the bathroom…

[Note: We’ve taken the most interesting clips from the scanner audio. Don’t worry. It’s condensed down to about 35 seconds. We wouldn’t make you sit through 25 minutes of audio.]

The initial call:

Then, nearly 25 minutes later…

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  • Ah ok,only in humboldt lmfao!![edit]

  • Yes, yes…. Feel the hate flow through you.

    I guess hoopa doesn’t want fiber optic cameras spying on them.

    Phone company? I work for the NSA!!

    Report should have stated how many Toyotas were in ditches after being abandoned by drunks, cause you know there were a couple at least.

    Shovel fights are just off grid lightsabers…. It’s just how it is.

  • Truthfully sounds like the guy who locked himselfs in the bathroom is crazy, and thinking pg&e are men with shovels are fighting. Is redheadedblackbelt trolling us? Cause it’s seems like this is just too ridiculous. Lmao

  • Why doesn’t pge sell internet? Using the power lines for data transfer works well.

    • Oh stop using your brain. You’re in Humboldt now.

    • Internet over power lines works great in long haul lines but when it gets to the transformers it still has trouble passing. A few devices have been made that allow it to bypass the transformer …however its not cheap to make such devices in the high(+2500volts) and wide voltage needed. When the cost comes down to allow the signals in/out we will see pg&e enter the internet market.

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