5-Year-Old Hit by Vehicle in Eureka

scannerAccording to the scanner, a five year old was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Broadway and McCullens around 6:15 p.m. today. When medical crews arrived at the scene, the child was awake and alert.

At this point, we don’t know if it was a boy or a girl who was struck or what type of vehicle was involved. We will update this post if we hear more.



  • Damn…

    Broadway BS and a child is nailed in the fray

    So sad a child would even WALK on Broadway, but it sucks.

    Humdumery, and a child is hit….


    Children don’t even belong in Eureka, let alone Broadway.

    Fuvk Eureka and it’s darkness.

  • That’s a crosswalk, perhaps the kid was with an adult and a driver was in to big of a hurry, we don’t know the whole story yet…hope the kid is ok…

  • The kid is okay. Driver swerved out of the way to avoid the kid being hit, kid was running across Broadway alone with no parents to be found. Kid was was taken to the hospital for evaluation as he ran into the side of the vehicle as it was stopping. Very traumatic for all involved. Thank God all are okay. So thankful that the driver reacted so well or this could have been an absolute tragedy.

    • Thanks for the update, Krissy.

    • Did a parent show up at the scene? Is the child with Children Services now? Did he say why he was running across the street? It is good news the child is OK and good news the driver was aware of the child running.

      • Parents could not be located anywhere… Everyone on scene looked for a parent, even Eureka PD was unsuccessful at locating them. The child was running across Broadway wearing shorts without any shoes on, and it was freezing cold out! He was so afraid he wouldn’t speak, so he was taken to the hospital for evaluation to be safe. Luckily the kid ran into the side of the vehicle as it stopped, if the vehicle hit him it could have been a hell of a lot worse than it was. He was running as fast as his little legs would carry him and he ran right into the side of the vehicle and landed on his bottom, thank goodness he didn’t even have a scrape on him. I hope he is with Child Services now… He very well could have lost his little life running across Broadway in the dark like that… So scary.. : ( So glad the driver saw him in time, swerved and got out of the way of the little guy! That’s certainly not something you’d ever expect to see..

        • His parents left him with a not resposponsible babysitter who was in allard area trailer park she left him alone according to what we caught on scanner traffic parents were reached they wete at 101 n 36 heading to hospital but i think this babysitter got alot of explaining to do i got a 4 yr old n never leave him out of my sight for a sec

  • So glad he is okay. That babysitter is going to be dealing witha pissed off momma I bet….

  • According to what Epd Dispatch said last night the parents were somewhere around the Junctions of highway 101 & 36 the kid was left with a babysitter it still doesn’t make it right

  • The Allard Ave trailer park is quite a ways from Broadway. This is the one by Bonominis right? If true this lil fella ran for a good distance. So happy he is ok. Would investigate the babysitter and the parents on this one.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Glad the little one is o.k. physically, but the whole situation needs to be investigated. The child was running for a reason. What was it? The parents not only made a poor choice in who would watch their child, the sitter was not on the job and hence the child was put into danger. Unless there are extenuating circumstances which would explain the child being blocks away from where the child was being cared for, then the sitter is culpable in my mind.

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