A Hacktivist Demands the Mendocino Sheriff Respond to Accusations

Original_Guy_Fawks_mask_from_V_for_Vendetta_(5400848923)“SPEAK NOW,” tweeted an account calling itself WikiLeaks at the Mendocino County Sheriff Wednesday. “Anonymous is listening.” The tweet linked to an article on the We Are Anonymous website. The article accuses the Northern Californian law enforcement agency of having “invaded and destroyed a medicinal marijuana venture the Pinoleville Pomo Nation had been building on their sovereign land.”

The article referenced a September 22 raid by the Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team on the Tribe’s cannabis operation in Ukiah. (See article here.) The Tribe had announced their plans to grow cannabis following a Department of Justice memorandum a year ago that the Native Americans could grow or sell marijuana on their tribal lands.

After receiving several similar tweets today including one that proclaimed a “militia alert” because the Mendocino Sheriff “Attacks Native Americans,” the official Mendocino Sheriff’s Department Twitter account tweeted back, “Please call my office to make an appt to discuss your concerns.”


Screengrab of the Mendocino Sheriff’s tweet back to WikiLeaks.

Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman told us that his department had nothing to fear from Anonymous. “There is nothing that concerns me we’ve done,” he said. “Usually Anonymous has information they want to get out. We welcome them getting out information….We let people know what we are doing so, hey, join the club.”

Allman said the Sheriff’s Office had received multiple tweets from Anonymous-type accounts over the course of the day. The two accounts we discovered both have small lists of followers unlike other well-known Anonymous and WikiLeaks accounts.

Guy Fawks mask by Enrique Dans from Madrid, Spain (We are legion Uploaded by SunOfErat) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons



  • IMO, if Annoymous actually were a “guardian” of rights, they would be filling everyone’s airwaves, messages, with reminders that the people are the reason good or bad laws, corruption or fairness are allowed in the first place. Most people don’t know they have a duty to vote in THREE areas… elections, grand jury, & trial jury.
    Only an educated people can stop corruption. It is up to every town, to know, that the people are the ones who are responsible for the verdict of each person on trial.
    No victim means there is no crime, not guilty.
    By the way, the IRS was never ratified, just so you know.

    If the Sheriff did an ut-oh, then it’s up to YOU to know how to correct it through court, through ballot, through education. It’s up to YOU to teach all around you, so that corruption or bad raps become nill.
    The government doesn’t want you to know this. Hence my suspicions about Annoymous. They accuse, but they don’t educate.

    • Yup. Jury nullification. ..

      “This is where the power of jury nullification is so critical: to reject inane laws and extreme sentences and counteract the edicts of a profit-driven governmental elite that sees nothing wrong with jailing someone for a lifetime for a relatively insignificant crime.

      Of course, the powers-that-be don’t want the citizenry to know that it has any power at all.

      They would prefer that we remain clueless about the government’s many illicit activities, ignorant about our constitutional rights, and powerless to bring about any real change. Indeed, so determined are they to keep us in the dark about the powers vested in “we the people” that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1895 that jurors had no right during trials to be told about nullification.”


      • I always enjoy and learn from your posts, ULLR. I’m just getting the hang of all this stuff myself, & hope others catch up with me so we can restore America. For instance, myself and most people don’t realize that the Supreme Court are in conflict of interest with we the people. The government pays their salary.
        Thank you for the link! I’m going to concentrate my efforts on this until every household knows that it’s up to them to fix the wrongs.
        Another good site, with layman term videos, is: http://fija.org
        I learned so much I can’t contain myself!

        • Thank you very much. As a teacher of over 35 years, I agree with the notion that education is the best way to affect change in people’s beliefs.

          • “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” –Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816. ME 14:384

            “Convinced that the people are the only safe depositories of their own liberty, and that they are not safe unless enlightened to a certain degree, I have looked on our present state of liberty as a short-lived possession unless the mass of the people could be informed to a certain degree.” –Thomas Jefferson to Littleton Waller Tazewell, 1805.

  • Become a part of the change.
    Semper Fidelis.


  • Law enforcement’s extrajudicial actions exist to (1) hire more cops to (2) pad their budgets to (3) make more arrests to (4) secure more “grants” to [see (1).] And the beat goes on. Thank you, Anonymous. I’m so grateful you exist and are watching. Best of Luck! af

  • They should focus on modoc for taking down the pit river tribe’s grow.

    Sheriff there claims to be a constitutional Sheriff as well.

    So many North Koreans running around it’s very sad

  • The Pinoleville “Nation” is so shady, corrupt, and non-righteous, starting from the top. They had a 100,000$ honey oil lab, caused a large fire to break out because of their negligent employees, have dis-enrolled many “true” Native peoples, and…Im sure their “medicine” would have been complete garbage. Being a member of an Ethnic Group doesnt guarantee exemption from prosecution, sorry kiddos.

  • “Being a member of an Ethnic Group doesn’t guarantee exemption from prosecution, sorry kiddos.”

    But according to “a Department of Justice memorandum a year ago that the Native Americans could grow or sell marijuana on their tribal lands.” Being a member of a minority group does give them the right to grow marijuana. Sorry kiddo.

    Not that I’m supporting one side or another. I’m fully aware that there may have been other “side-issues” other than simple cultivation. I do think that us populace deserve more info on the whole thing. “anonymous” has no dog in the fight. Under the US Constitution you have the right to meet your accuser. “Anonymous” should go back and read that.

    • Anonymous is made from people, so someone in the click just may have a dog.

      Also the movement is about personal liberty….

  • no mention of the public (even I knew of it) interpretation of the sheriff saying he would raid them etc etc, and that the tribe went ahead with it’s grow anyway, that as I also recall there were those within the tribe that weren’t ok going that big…and then the sheriff did in fact raid as he had said he would.

    also perhaps related (since somehow we have dragged the State of Jefferson and Sovereign Citizens rants into thew discussion, something I think Anonymous would never countenance…
    —an article in the LATimes today concerns some Sovereign Citizens who were convicted on fraud charges for false IRS refund claims, $2million

    —-Round Valley Tribe and the Covelo settlement in this article:
    “The tribes are the Round Valley Indian Tribes of California and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in North Dakota. The 19th and early 20th century program of allotting American Indians individual plots from the land held in common by the tribe accomplished two things: 1) it pried another 90 million acres away from the tribes; 2) over the generations, it created a hodgepodge of “fractional” interests in allotments as family members inherited their portion of 160-acre plots. Many of those fractional interests now are tiny, and it makes productive use of the land impossible because it’s often hard to even find all the owners these days, much less negotiate purchase. To help resolve this problem, the federal government initiated, as part of the Cobell settlement, a $1.9 billion buyback program that allows participating tribes to purchase the fractional interests from individual Indians and bring that land back into tribal trust ownership. Some 245,000 Indians are eligible for the program. “..from the daily kos today

    …as long as we are dragging sorta kinda issues into the thread….:>

    • Did I miss reference to the State of Jefferson and the Sovereign Citizens movement in a previous comment?

      With regards to your first link, these folks were defrauding the federal government; their actions have nothing to do with sovereignty or patriotism. The IRS is a collection arm of the Federal Reserve, but the tax payer writes the check…. in debt.

      Remember, the Indian tribes are supposed to be sovereign. The sheriff did not act as if they are.

      • this thread, in particular your comments drip with references and quotes from that point of view, imo

        the anonymous group has seldom if ever been involved with such in my experience..while they may work to shape and even obstruct certain govt actions, aligning them with Sovereign Citizen talking points is wrong, I think. Anonymous has been more aligned with progressive/lerdftish issues, this Sovereingn Citizen and jury annul,ment and constitutional sheriff stuff comes from rightist views…so i’m calling bullshit on this as the same ‘anonymous’, I guess much more likely the use of the idea has been hijacked, at least in the comments.

        from the last in the article, The Clue: “unlike other well-known Anonymous and WikiLeaks accounts.”..altho the weed issues of the war on drugs could be a real link, I doubt it..but what do I know..

        • Deluded by the left/right paradigm…….

          Jury nullification has nothing to do with political bent; it has everything to do with the People and their communities taking control of their future directly. It insures the People are not subjugated to spurious laws written by lawyers and corporate lackeys with the intent of defrauding us of our life, liberty and property. It is why we are supposed to be judged by a jury of our peers.

          • From what I understand. It’s that the jury doesn’t try to ignore the guilt of crime committed. But come up with a more justified punishment then what the court suggests.

          • Urban Farmer- nope. The court decides punishment. The jury can make recommendations, but the court ultimately decides. The jury can convict, not convict or hang. A hung jury can result in a retrial. A not guilty verdict cannot be retried.

          • Thanks for clarifying.

          • ULLR is correct. It has absolutely nothing to do with political parties or any of the other stuff eyerollah mentioned.
            It is an important voting method that corrects wrongs within the system. There are so many unlawful laws on the books anymore, the police can’t even keep up or try to decipher good law from bad law. That’s why it’s important for citizens to know, & nullify case by case as needed.
            Also, don’t forget, that the jury has the right to nullify bad yet hang em’ high for the other parts of the law that were broken. Keeping our jails & prisons uncluttered, in order to lock away the real felons who’ve hurt others, is paramount. Locking up a person for life just because he smoked a cigarette or joint, is unlawful, unconstitutional and absurd. It’s the jurors duty to sort through the mess and keep things lawful & tight.

  • Historical Note: Reno Barthlomei (whose name is misspelled here) was the Mendocino County Sheriff in the 70’s when the terrors of owner-built cabins were revealed. He REFUSED to allow his department to be involved in that social pogrom. His words: “This building code task force idea is just to hassle the hippies, and my men (sic) have better things to do.” RIP, Reno. How time$ have changed…

    • Cylons no longer have human emotions.

      RIP Humans….

    • The free building movement ( freedom to build your own home ), is just as important than wether you are allowed ( as if even breathing needed permission) to grow whatever plant you chose.
      It has always been about freedom. Wether freedom to live in a funky shack on your own land or freedom to grow whatever plant you chose to.

  • Damn earthlings have caused a lot of problems they can’t seem to get themselves out of, I’m outtie…

    • Get your, 500,000 ticket to Mars. They just signed law regarding space mining and colonies.
      Apollo was fake and post Kennedy sheep ate it up, but you can become an indentured servant and move to Mars, more legal than dope or Toyotas.

    • Not necessary.earth and other planets can be made in time found tain ofyouth,and garden of aden.easy by cultivating,our founder of balance,kindof,or surviving ecosystem.that our experts wreck.algae,red,fed on inland phytoplankton and co2.

      • A law regarding property in space was passed last week.

        Apollo moon landings were Fake as anyone can see. That doesn’t mean the rulers haven’t been there.

        Half a million gets you to Mars…. That’s the price.

  • Isn’t this the sovereign land that could be seen from the freeway, just off State Street? The huge grow was just waiting to be ripped off. I wondered who guarded it and what kind of attitude they would have with a rip off.

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