Vehicle Driven by Eureka Man Crashes Into River Following Accident on Hwy 299

chpstarA vehicle driven by a Eureka man crashed into the Trinity River after an accident early this afternoon off of Hwy 299 at mile marker 42.48. At 12:05 p.m. Brian Bellow age 28 of Linwood was driving a ’03 Subaru Outlook westbound on State Route 299.  Wayne Lee age 30 of Eureka  was driving a ’98 Toyota pickup behind him. When Bellow slowed to pull over to the left and look at the river, said Sgt Jeff Borgen of the California Highway Patrol, Lee attempted to pull around him on the left as well. They struck each other and Lee in his Toyota Pickup went over the embankment and into the river.

There were no injuries.




  • Glad everyone is OK.

    Notice we are starting to see more and more Toyota trucks making news as they break cover.

    Toyota terror trucks are easy to spot. Do not approach one as they may be dangerous.

    As always, report any suspicious Toyotas to proper authorities, and be careful out there.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Attempting to pass another site seeing moron. I’ve followed people on 299 for dozens of miles. If you can’t appreciate the sites doing the speed limit then use a turnout, and if your incapable of using a turn out then hit the trails where you can’t cause a wreck. Highway 36 is even worse as there are fewer turnouts and even worse drivers that flock to drive it.

      • Yes, tourists drive funny and should pull over more often. Passing on the left isn’t the most intelligent thing to do. Glad noone was injured.

    • sharpen your pencil

      So what do you drive? Smart car or prius?

  • Hahaha another Toyota out of towner o

  • Hello, I’m Bryan Fellows,,,,,,,,,I mean Bellows.

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