Pedestrian Hit, Major Injuries, Traffic Stopped on Hwy 36

A pedestrian was hit and has major injuries following an accident on Hwy 36 in the Hydesville area. Hwy 36 is completely blocked. Eastbound traffic is being stopped on Hwy 36 at Riverbar Road and westbound again on A Street. The block will likely last until around 6:30 p.m., according to scanner traffic.

“Critical injuries on the victim who has been struck by the vehicle,” reports emergency personnel at the scene at 6:15 p.m.

The driver of the vehicle is on scene, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 6:31 p.m.: Ambulance left the scene with a male victim “unconscious and unresponsive.”

UPDATE 6:54 p.m.: Hwy 36 opening.



  • Please slow down. Too many pedestrians getting hit. That being said, pedestrians may also want to wear brighter clothing. Good vibes being sent!

  • How dreadful. I agree with Urban Farmer, too. I’ve been surprized by people in dark clothing at night, appearing along the side of Hwy 36, that I did not see until I was right up by them.
    Be safe & drive cautiously.

  • People have been doing the dark clothes bit along Myrtle ave to especially between Indianola Cutoff & Pidgeon Point Road

  • Hwy 36 is open. Please drive slowly through the area

  • What is sad is people called 911 to report that this man was walking in the middle of 36 and car where swerving to miss him ,,,,,,,,,,, So sad …….

  • I passed that man minutes before he was struck. Walking in the middle of the road on a pitch dark curve. I narrowly missed him.

  • Someone else was doing this suicide-by-victim-motorist trick on 101 just a couple months ago. I can imagine the despair and depression and general lack of compassion for the person they make kill them, but I knew a guy who drove his motorcycle into an oncoming semi because his girlfriend broke up with him, and that truck driver FELL APART. He had to be hospitalized. Though completely physically unharmed, the poor man got a BAD case of PTSD from it.

    AND, please tell me this isn’t about a homeless single man not being allowed shelter like they do down in the Bay Area.

  • I was there tonight…it was dark and the victim was dressed in dark clothing…I live in Hydesville and the area where he was hit allows about 6 inches or so for pedestrians or bicyclists. I don’t think most people realize how dark it is in rural areas with trees and no moonlight. He could have been sober…and it was too dark to see where he was walking…or if under the influence and not realizing 6 inches is the difference between life and death. I am praying for him. I held his shoulder and told him he was not alone…just hold on…help will be here. No one. Deserves. To die alone or tragically. Please be kind or at least considerate in your comments. He has family somewhere. He is a person like you or me.

  • Hope he’s gonna be ok.such a sad time of the year,please remember those who have no one and be kind it can be very lonely world.thanks to the person with a heart who stopped to help,god bless you,may you have a Merry Christmas

    • Very kind advice! The grumpiest people in public are hurt people that need an overly nice stranger to spread some love and happiness and help heal their pain!

  • Again people are not supposed to play frogger for real I hope that he recovers from his injuries

    • Right when I thought, wow all these comments are nice non trolling comments. Mog breaks silence.
      I lived in hydseville for years I used to bike, skate and even walk all the way to fortuna or toward Carlotta. Man this is a shame. Maybe he was walking in the middle of the road, maybe he wasn’t. One things for sure, it’s very sad. And I sure hope it’s not someone I know. Prayers go out.

      • Well stated! All fun and games to be a troll and make snide and stupid remarks…until they experience tragedy or need help themselves. The universe has a way of showing us that everything you do comes back to you. I would EVEN help a troll that was hit by a vehicle because no one, including trolls, deserves to be left suffering or dying on a cold and dark road.

  • I live on highway 36 for 20 yrs and highway 36 one way or another claims lives you can see crosses all up and down 36 if you don’t be car full it will take some more lives I personally know 3 people that die ed on that road they were good friends just everyone who drives that road please be carefull because it will reach out and get you

    • Oh wow dude so sorry.please it’s slick out folks drive like you want to live!!!!

    • Not trying to have pissing contest. But I can tell from your comment, your dealing with your loss differently than most. When I lost someone very important to me and my whole family (right near that rode) The last thought was to make snide/cruel jokes in the middle of someone’s tragedy. But I’m not saying I’ve never been sarcastic. There’s a time and place for it bro. Truthfully no one should use the fact that they’ve lost someone to prove a point. I just did that and it’s kinda like why did I do that. But maybe you will keep your trolling to lost coast. Or at least you’ll know the difference of which article to troll on. Because some need it and some don’t.

  • Putting a train to Susanville along the 36 would save lives. Plus tourists could watch weed farms in the pines from the train.

  • Lol but the pines are gone it’s now called trinity burnt pines

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