[UPDATE 10:35 p.m. Photos] One Car on Another at 4th and T in Eureka

According to the scanner, one vehicle is under a 4Runner after a traffic collision in Eureka around 4 p.m. today. The accident occurred at 4th and T Streets. One lane is currently blocked.

UPDATE 4:32 p.m.: Photos by Bobby Kroeker:

12348505_1685833295007607_613311785_n 12388255_1685833411674262_1278457634_n

UPDATE 10:22 p.m.: Video by Bobby Kroeker.



  • Poor little red car!!oh no a Toyota

  • The red car appears to be a BMW. To me it looks like it might have caused the accident. I’m sure if the Toyota is at fault, BW will chime in. Maybe he was driving the red car and wanted to stop a terrorist.

    • I told you we would start seeing Toyotas back in the news. They are starting to break cover to run dope.
      It’s in their nature to commit acts of terror and property crimes while they run dope.

      Let’s hope everyone is OK, the BMW gets repaired, and the Toyota is crushed then sold to China as scrap metal.

      Keep your eyes on those Toyotas out there and report anything suspicious.

      • You said we would see them committing crimes. Looks to me the BMW might be the guilty one. I would say the BMW driver might have been high on some prescription pills.

        • Looks to what?

          Pic shows nothing to make a case from.

          Odds are the Toyota was high on dope and on the phone to a dispensary in LA.

          Toyotas are breaking cover to run dope and will be making the news as they spread terror in the coming months.

          We’ll see them sticker covered doing things nobody ever thought of…

          Report any suspicious Toyotas and post your reports on Kym’s blog.

          She will love it and so will the non terrorist community.

          And, be careful out there.

  • Oh Shoot, maybe Toyo was on his/her cell phone, seems to be the norm these days

  • Had 2 vehicles at different times pull out in front off me either from a side street or a driveway (UPS truck from it’s yard) yesterday in Eureka. I was driving a big ford pickup with my lights on so there was no way they couldn’t see me, if they were actually looking before pulling out.
    Could be what happened here. The toyota driver tried going thru the intersection and got hit.

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