Arcata Police Most Wanted

Arcata Most WantedToday, the Arcata Police released their new most wanted poster. If you have any information, please contact them at (707) 822-2428 or (707) 822-2424. You can also call in an anonymous tip at (707) 825-2588.



  • Billy Joe work for tobacco control, still pushing that nasty Chantix on the unsuspecting? I hope so. Those ba$tard$ should be on every wanted list around.

    • I’m dead serious, btw. They set up “help” for homeless veterans, but force them to go on smoking cessation drugs with high rate of suicide and even psycho side effects.
      The TC gets funding from the companies to push their drugs, the Feds provide grants to help push the drugs, and the media receives God who knows for pushing both.
      Put in HVAQ, Heppa Filters, and let the men and women who fought for America freedom be free to make their own choices. Protest the literal murders of our heroes over fear propaganda of silly particles that take a trillion years to amount to any concern. Fact.

      • This is why the TC fights vapor, the number one quit smoking tool. The propaganda against it is astounding. The lobbying to tax it like real smoke is repugnant.

        Kym, my apologies for platform ing, but I’m sick & tired of the push against human beings.

        • Me thinks they don’t want you sharing training and you must be contained.
          You fought for the Federal Reserve, not America, which hasn’t existed since 1913 maybe longer. Grant was a war criminal and may have begun the occupation and robbed the land for warlords.
          Then again George Washington is posted up at every entry to masonic temples, maybe he never existed? These are the secrets behind the American Experiment….
          Don’t take farm and find help somewhere else…. Get your flu shot, too! Lmao!

  • Barry, You’re probably correct. Makes me want to fight even harder, which I didn’t think was possible.

  • Just what does tobacco have to do with Arcatas Most Wanted ,and Chantix

    • Something about the one guy who’s wanted. Reading their comments is like breaking an international spy code.

    • Mogtx, most wanted poster shows “possession of dangerous drug for sale”.
      As of 2013, over 544 REPORTED suicides and over 1,869 attempted suicides have been recorded, by chantix users, I consider it an armed and dangerous drug & feel the pushers should be on every most wanted poster & locked up tight. These pushers (public health) not only push these “FDA approved” drugs, they push for homelessness and joblessness by pushing the quit or go homeless, quit or die, quit or else approach which has tossed more people to the streets than you can count. To top it off, to get them off the streets, they are not accepted into the clinics and apartments, unless they take those suicide pills. Oh, they can take gum or patch, both of which have a 90%+ fail rate, but they are not allowed to switch to safer alternatives like vapor with its 65%+ success rate.
      Dangerous drug pushing calls for outing the dangerous drug pushers.

      • People are forced to quit smoking?

        • And take pharm….

          Who knew? Sounds like conspiracy theory becoming reality, again.

          Everyone should reread 1984 with it’s description of our current reality seconds to none.

        • Doh. Ever heard of smoking bans? They’re in every town USA. Businesses, apartments, condos, sidewalks, hospitals, care homes, rehabilitation homes, cars …
          Try finding shelter, work, healthcare
          Try keeping your apartment/duplex/condo if you’re a smoker. Try switching over to vaping or Swedish Snus. They attack ALL products that even LOOK like they might be tobacco. They attack all people who enjoy consumer products.

          The more they ban, the more people rebel. They collect huge profits off rebels.

        • And furthermore… (Oy!)….
          Yes, forced. Most people do NOT want to give up a habit they find enjoyable or comforting. Others have a difficult time omitting the nicotine from their system that has helped them to restore their cognitive skills, settled their neurological disorders, relieved their coilitis or helped them through their PTSD like a good buddy. Nicotine is not addictive, it is a dependence drug, like caffeine, except for some people it also acts as self medication against illnesses like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, etc.
          Then along came vapor, with its adjustable nicotine levels from ZERO to 24mg, allowing the user to decide when to use it, allowing the user to wean off of it as they themselves see fit, allowing the user to wean off the habit of comfort as they see fit. This put a dampener on the 10% sucess rate products that were pushed on those who were forced to quit or face loosing their job or home. When a person can’t quit cold turkey, they go along with the pusher’s suggestions, in search of help.
          Can’t quit cold turkey to save your job or home? Here, chew this, stick that or best of all, take this pill.
          Consumers came up with a painless method that actually works, (vaping), so public health spends tax dollars fighting against it, in order to keep the bonus smoking cessation money rolling in.
          It’s not a conspiracy. It’s what’s been happening to our nation.

  • Shak thank you for the explanation I had no idea

    • Youre welcome!
      If you look into the first ban push, you’ll discover it was Johnson & Johnson, who just happened to have a cessation drug. Johnson & Johnson are also involved with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that promotes bans. The RWJF is involved with the notorious change-lab “solutions” outfit that is connected with Harvard and ICLEA, for agenda 21 planning. There you find all you need to know on what’s happened, what’s on deck, how your city planners are “guided” and more.
      Oh, and it doesn’t stop there. Once you begin the research, you’ll never be gullible to “common good” again.
      It really is nothing but behavior control for money.

  • A friend and i arrested Devin Rose in may for stealing my friend’s car. He’s a punk

  • Devin is the worst of the worst, a drugged up Mr. Hankey.

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