Two Children Found Dead in a Redding Storage Unit, Two Arrested

Press release from the Redding Police Department:

ReddingOn December 11, 2015 Tami Joy Huntsman (39 years of Quincy, CA) and Gonzalo Curiel (17 years of Quincy, CA) were taken into custody by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. They were booked into the Plumas County Jail on charges of: Felony child abuse, torture and mayhem. The victim’s name is being withheld at this time.

Further investigation ultimately led to the discovery of two deceased juveniles inside of a storage unit in the city of Redding.  The two juveniles have not been identified at this time.  This case is being investigated as a homicide with an autopsy pending.

Huntsman and Curiel are recent residents of the Salinas area.  The Redding Police Department is working in conjunction with the Salinas Police Department and the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office following up on potential leads.

More from North Coast News on the children’s deaths and the two arrests here.



  • Horrible! That’s all I can say. Children! Breaks your heart!

  • What a sick ass world we live in. So sad.

  • For some reason (perhaps obviously BC the paper sucks) the local Plumas rag hasn’t published any of this info.

    I emailed them a link to this article, hopefully get the to start printing real news.

  • What the…wow

  • This makes me sick to my stomach,I would have taken those kids into my home no problem,been doing it for over 40 years.where was the welfare dept.did no one check on these babies.they got a sad and and harsh wake up call.been following this story.sad!Please hug your children today and tell them and show them how much you love them by always being their for them!!!

  • the system does not look out for children until it’s too late.

  • Prayers and curses are all I can give, but I’m giving until I’m blue in the face.

  • So hart wrenching sadness what kind of animals do such a thing to do 2 small children I hope they get all that’s coming to them or whom ever caused there death

  • sounds like the responsible party will be charged and sentenced differently because of her gender…

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    There are links at Lost Coast Outpost to other news reports on the horrid acts of abuse against multiple children by the couple. There was a hint that some of the children are related to the woman. Last Saturday I was able to take a class called Darkness to Light, Adults Protecting Children. So my question is, why were these children who were starved, tortured and who knows what in the care of their aunt, and who ignored the situation? The key to protecting our children is to not allow them to be put in danger. There was a young girl rescued who was starved and beaten as well as other siblings. Don’t ignore your gut. If you sense something off, then act on it.

  • I know a lot of good people that would of taken these children into their homes, The Government has made adoption very difficult, under the disguise of child abuse, Most parents of adopted children are very good people. Funny the Government makes it so easy for foreigners to come into this country, but adopt a child, very difficult. This whole P.C. rhetoric is out of control.

  • This whole thing is absolutely sickening…But why would a 17 year old be with a 39 year old woman?? there should have been some red flags thrown up right there, from both suspects families…unless I suppose they didn’t know.

  • The system that is supposed to protect abused children does not work, and has not worked for years, but nothing gets done about it. Why did this 39 year old have twins taken away at one point, only to be given custody of other children? Those 2 dead children and the surviving 9 year old must have gone thru horror every moment they were with those freaks. I believe someone, somewhere knew what was going on and simply looked the other way, and that includes government agencies. If you see anything, anything, out of the way, for God’s sake, DO SOMETHING about it. I pray that the man and woman who did these monstrous acts be treated exactly the same way when they get to prison.

  • guaranteed METH INVOLVED!

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