[UPDATE 11:34 p.m.] Garberville Building Struck by Hit and Run Driver–For the Second Time in Two Months

For the second time in two months, Clover Willison Insurance Services in Garberville was struck by a vehicle. On October 24, her wall was caved in after a vehicle hit her wall and fled leaving its license plate.


Damage from the October 24th hit and run, left debris all over Clover Willison Insurance business.

Tonight at 9:07 p.m, her building was again struck by a hit and run vehicle. The California Highway Patrol has arrested the driver of a GMC 2500 extended cab pickup who allegedly fled the scene. Good Samaritans followed the fleeing vehicle and called in the location when he subsequently broke down. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence.

We’re attempting to get photos of tonight’s damage and will update soon.

UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: Photos from the scene of tonight’s collision by Shawn Crawley,

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 UPDATE 11:34 p.m.: According to business owner Clover Willison, a friend notified her husband and son “as soon as it happened… .”

The two drove to the scene of the collision. “I guess it was obvious by the damage and fluid on the ground it that the vehicle couldn’t have gotten far,” Willison said. “They drove up the freeway until they found [the alleged driver] and then called 911.”



  • Thoughts go out to the family and friends who are assisting in this massacre. Clover is so sweet and does not deserve this. Any help you need, please contact me.

  • Looks like Karma for profiting from forced health care. LMAO!

    A planet without lawyers and insurance agents would be a step closer to Heaven.

    • Health care is not forced and most definitely is not forced by the people who’s building got hit. You sound retarded and nice job posting a photo of a ranger that made a mistake and sense has turned his life around. Aren’t you cool Mr.perfect!

      • Okay do you understand if you don’t have health care you get fined. It’s actually illegal to not have Health care from Obamas standards. And that ranger is a pile of trash. Don’t try to defend corporations that don’t care about you at all. That’s just an outrageous thing to say. Besides the park and Rec system is a joke. Most of the people that work there can barely tie their own shoes.

  • Those poor houseplants probably froze last night. I’ll bet she has insurance to cover the cost of repairs.

  • The crock looks like it survived. Time to make sauerkraut.

  • HER insurance company will drop her after this.

    • Omg!

      Her getting dropped = Karma

      Salt is what removes a leech if you swim in murkey water.

      Go Drunks!

      • I swear to the lord above you try to see how far you can go before I delete you. You are pretty dang good at staying just this side of oblivion. But trolling isn’t good for your heart. For your own sake, ease up.

        • Kym,
          I can’t begin to say how much I admire you. But, this is your blog and you can delete anything you like, anytime you like, for any reason. In most cases it would only improve your blog.

          I used to say when I blogged that “if I found crap on my walkway I’m would clean it up. I don’t have to leave it there just because somebody put it there.” In most cases your judgement is good. Barry is a little mean spirited and I don’t think, and many others don’t think, that Clover deserves this kind of vitriol.

          Except, please don’t delete me, I’m different!

          • Anyone who knows Clover would know what a sweet lady she is. Anyone who reads Barry’s comments would know he isn’t sweet.

            But, I lean really hard towards allowing people to have unpopular opinions. I’d rather let someone expose their twisted morals then shut down an opinion that I might be wrong about. I’m not wrong about Clover but the opinion that insurance agents, government employees, lawyers, etc. are evil has the right to be aired–if only so the rest of us can be appalled at the stereotyping and learn not to do it ourselves.

        • You have no issue deleting comments with your friend that has Intel on a missing woman.

          Clover made her deal with the devil for the world to watch.

          You deleted those comments but wrb traffic puts you in the conspiracy, Ms Kym.

          Heaven has no place for lawyers and insurance agents.


          • I have a terrible memory but I’m pretty dang sure I’d remember deleting any comments by the people who spoke to me.

            And may the gods of the internet forgive me for being sucked into to responding to someone who appears to deliberately attempt to stir shit.

          • ‘Heaven’ has no place for stupid trolls like this either……………

        • I agree Kym. Thank you for keeping most of the negative responses out of print. I just met Clover last year to get my insurance. What a hard working, caring person she is. Thank you for all you do! You will be up and running before too long.

  • There insured right?slow down folks!!twice hit u need a concrete wall.

  • Hey barry w. AKA Mr.X—–Did you read that?? A GMC was involved in this crime, not a toyota, a GMC…

  • I made the beeyooootifull ductwork that you see hanging on the ceiling. Did you notice that it wasn’t even dented.

  • Clover is an awesome lady. Kym, you need a TROLL BE GONE button.

    Maybe people could vote?

    It is sad TROLLS find amusement at others expense.

  • Clover is an awesome lady. Kym, you need a TROLL BE GONE Button.

    It is sad TROLLS find amusement at others expense.

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