Closeup of the Device Detonated Yesterday by the Bomb Squad

Yesterday, Rob and Chris Nichols were at Samoa Beach “just checking out the waves.”

They discovered this:


Photo provided by Rob and Chris Nichols

At first they didn’t know what it was. The two told us that they “picked it up and cleaned it off.” Then they discovered a label which said “Do not handle.”

It also told warned “Contains phosphorous. May cause serious burns. Notify police or military.”

“So we put it down and called police,” the two explained.

Click here to listen to Dispatch talking about their find. 

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad “showed up and blew it up,” the Nichols told us.

The device appears to be a military grade flare or, as it is known more formally, a marine location marker. It is designed for “charting the course of enemy submarines, locating a survivor during search and rescue operations, locating target areas in antisubmarine warfare or determining wind direction and velocity,” according to a site for a similar device.

If you see one of these, call it in to the Sheriff’s Department.



  • It’s a good thing they notified the authorities. What if a child had stumbled upon it? But it also appears they stabbed it into the sand. Not too bright….

  • Given the war games being played off our Coast, I’m surprised this isn’t a more common event. Or, there’s many more of these… not yet found. af


    Whatever you do dont go outside! And dont pick anything up ! If you do call the sheriff! I went out mushroom hunting this morning, forgot my glasses, i picked up what i thought was a chantrelle….. It was bear shit… i even did the taste test… its all over my hands and face….. i called out SHERIFF….SHERIFF…. SHERIFFFFFFFF……. NOBODY HEARD ME… A tree fell in the distance…. nobody heard that either… Will i get giardia, or just die slowly?

    • It sounds to me like the bear must have been eating PSILOCYBIN mushrooms. You would have gotten a lot higher if you had drank it’s urine. Maybe next time.

      To answer your question, you will die slowly, just like the rest of us. Sometimes it takes over 100 years.

      I always carry two pair of glasses just in case. As to the tree, just because nobody heard it, doesn’t mean that it didn’t make a noise. You can only make science go away with a magic spell.

      I can’t believe that I got sucked into this conversation…

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