Candle Cause of McKinleyville Structure Damage, Says Arcata Fire

Press release from the Arcata Fire District:

arcata fireDecember 12, 2015 – At approximately 8:21 PM, Arcata Fire District responded to a structure fire located in the 1100 block of Azalea Avenue in

McKinleyville. The first arriving engine reported a single-family structure with a fire in the back bedroom and all occupants out of the building. The two-person crew quickly went to work stretching the hose line to the window to start extinguishment. When the next engine arrived, the crews were able to [make] entry into the house to fight the fire. The third arriving established a water supply from the hydrant at Cochran Road and Azalea Avenue. Firefighters controlled the fire in 20 minutes and over haul operations began. Assistant Chief Justin McDonald stated, “The first arriving engine crew did a great job with quickly getting water on the fire, keeping the fire contained to the bedroom.”

The fire is believed to have been caused [by] a candle left unattended in the bedroom. The American Red Cross was called to assist the family of six with shelter and clothing needs. Even though the fire was contained to the bedroom, the house sustained major smoke and heat damage throughout.

Arcata Fire District responded with three engines and a chief officer additionally Humboldt Bay Fire responded with one engine and a chief officer. CalFire provided an engine to cover the Arcata area and Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Department provided coverage for the McKinleyville area.

Arcata Fire District would like to remind everyone of the importance of never leaving lit candles unattended and in having a family fire escape plan. The plan needs to be in place before disaster strikes, and needs to include a meeting place outside at a safe distance from the home. For more information, go to!fire-safe-home/czs2.

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  • My heart goes out to this family. Glad to know all of them are safe. I hope they find all their friends are supportive.

    I don’t understand why candles are so popular. They have been burning down homes for centuries.

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