‘Fully Engulfed Vehicle’ at Alderpoint and Bell Springs

Scanner traffic is alerting us to a vehicle that is on fire at the intersection of Alderpoint Road and Bell Springs Road. The fire was reported over the scanner around 12:15 a.m.

Fire crews have just arrived at the scene. They are reporting that the vehicle is “fully engulfed.”

We’ll post updates as we get more information.

Update 2:02 a.m.: According to the CHP incident page, Cal Fire says the fire is out.



  • There’s alot of car fires as of late,hummmmm.

  • Did they say what type of vehicle was burning out if it had 707 stickers on it?

    Just curious….

    • According to someone’s dumb *** opinion its probably ISIS in a Toyota!! Come on man you should have all the info fill us in we always like your “fact’s”!!!

  • Probably that red ford wagon that has been sitting there for long time…trimmers probably bought it for a g, used it all season, then just chalked it up as an expense.

  • Usual occurance I’d say. It would be weird if that didn’t happen now and then

  • they probably do it so they don’t have to deal with the dmv when they leave, or get a fine for leaving it on the street, every one i have seen sitting there for more than a week looks to be an abandoned pos

  • What did you expect from anyone up that way? Lots of dirtbags up there with their own landfills, I’d like to hear about the Sacramento waterboard scientists and the HCDTF heading out that way this winter and spring, as soon as weather permits it, it’s time some of those guys out there get a lesson on how to clean up garbage and upkeep their own land!

  • Just an other way to get rid of their trash, the cars been sitting there for a wk. It had the driver window down , in the rain since day 1. Trash……….

  • A lot of cars dumped and Briceland Road getting trashed. No pride or respect for our community or the environment. You would think with the time the local youths have that they would spend at least once a month picking up there neighborhood or stretch of road. It is really getting disturbing to see this behavior going on with no response from elders, our leadership or media.

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