The Hot Dog Heist

This is a press release from the Ferndale Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

0f9b9be6-aa3d-4095-8d1a-f84b2916f497On December 11th, 2015 at approximately 0900 hours, Ferndale Police Officer T. James and Sergeant A. Stricker were made aware of a theft which occurred at the Udder Clean laundromat, located in the 600 block of Main Street in Ferndale. The date of the theft occurred on December 9, 2015.

Security surveillance footage was obtained from the victim. After reviewing the security footage, the officers recognized one of the suspects, as well as the getaway vehicle and other key evidence. Officers also noticed one of the suspects was eating a well-known hot dog, by the color of its hot dog bun which is only sold at one store in Ferndale, one block away from the crime scene. Officers visited the store where they suspected the hotdog had been purchased, just prior to the theft. The officers reviewed the store’s surveillance video footage and gathered additional evidence. After review of the store’s surveillance video footage, they matched the vehicle and one of the suspects to the laundromat, along with the hotdog within minutes of the theft.

Officers drove to the suspect’s residence, located the getaway vehicle by specific and distinct characteristics on the vehicle. As they were examining the getaway vehicle, officers saw both suspects flee into the residence, but located some of the stolen property in plain view near the getaway vehicle. Officers recovered all stolen property and ultimately arrested 18 year old Kyle Burns and 19 year old Michael Hassett. Both Ferndale residents.

Both Burns and Hassett were booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for Commercial Burglary, Conspiracy to Commit Burglary and Possession of Stolen Property. The property was returned to its owner.

For further information, feel free to contact the Ferndale Police Department, refer to FePD Case # 15-200.

Once again, Ferndale Police Department appreciates the overwhelming support by the community’s effort to combat crime by reporting all crimes and suspicious activity.



  • What property did they steal? Im guessing clothes or one of the baskets. Sounds like a prank. But why the press release? Seems like this press release is to embarass some young kids. Scared Straight! Seems like a separate set of standards based on age. Due process age-ism.

  • Looks like tweak pulled down another youngster. Send them away for five years minimum and maybe you could save our county from another rip off!! Or should I say their parents are mean to them and that’s why they are this way NOPE don’t think so they are thief’s send them away!!!!!

  • It’s the season to be rip offs fa la la la la la la la la .

  • Many a young man has gone wrong because of a weiner.

  • But what color was the bun?

  • You guys kill me!!crime doesn’t pay hahahahaha.DUMB ASSES in their own town not the sharpest tools in the shed.

  • Wonder what the getaway vehicle was?

    I’m betting they used the bill with tape and worked a change machine.

  • It’s an education. Wear hoodies and park farther away next time. Lesson learned.

  • This isn’t their first time stealing and thieving, if they don’t understand that there is no future in this carers then oh boy get ready north coast for the next 35 years of getting your things ripped off!

  • They look like identical twins. I cannot discern any noticeable differences in their faces.

  • Seems like a pretty informal mug shot.

  • Just comes down to horrible parenting. It’s a disease in Humboldt. I’ve seen so many kids have the hardest time because of shitty parenting. I’m talking to where the struggle is real. And with no guidance making mistakes on your own, with no help, being immature and insecure. No one being there for them after making those mistakes, will only make it harder for them. It’s time we get stricter on parenting. Sound weird but you spend some days away from your warm home and computer and see how it really is in some of the slums in Humboldt county. Then after that try to put yourself in the shoes of that kid in that messed up home. And think wow, when I did that as a kid my mom hugged me and said everthing will be fine. The difference is the kids in the slums get the locked outside for the night or smacked upside the head (if their lucky) not loving and nurturing like they need. It’s a shame I’ve seen them both before. I think around fortuna area. They will most likely become another tweaker statistic. And only a product of their own environment.

    • Aren’t many of them locked in rooms and made to trim weed?
      I read somewhere that Humboldt has more children taken by cps per capita, than the rest of the country.
      California in general rewards bad parenting and that’s why we see so many Toyota trucks with 707 stickers.
      Once weed goes corporate property values will fall allowing for a change of demographic numbers. Who wants to raise children around humdumery?

      • I want to raise my kids here and hopefully one day they drive a Toyota that’s loud as hell!!! I think you may have read that BS about cps on one of your old post because you’re not close at all check out WY bud.

  • Well they will be going to the adult jail ,so they will eather benefit from this experience ,or they won’t hopefully they will use that time to get some kind of treatment at least buy being in jail they will be clean,or maybe they are clean a sober ,but one thing is for sure they were not taught that stealing is wrong and against the law I agree with all the above these poor kids probably had little or no positive parenting I hope they turn themselves around they are so young they could have done a whole lot worse and ferther more they now are branded as thieves

  • Okay, after reading this crazy story more than one time, I admit it: I want to know what is so special or distinctive about those freaking hot dog buns sold in Ferndale, and where in Ferndale? They must be green or flourescent pink, maybe? Thanks.
    P.S. My prediction is the little punks might actually be embarassed by their bad behavior!

  • Quick effort by the po po apprehended the perps. For once nice job.
    Now that they’ve been cited and released we can all sleep comfortably. Ha.

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