Press release from the Redwood Playhouse:


April Moore

The Redwood Playhouse is commemorating its 2nd Birthday with a THANK YOU SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT CELEBRATION.

The event happens Dec. 17th. 5:30 to 9:30 PM at the Redwood Playhouse. Located at the CR campus on Sprowel Creek Rd. Garberville.

The Entertainment line up includes: April Moore, Berel Alexander, The Feet First Dancers, the Random Peoples Theater project and more.

If it were not for the wonderful citizens the Citizens of Southern Humboldt, the Redwood Playhouse would not be up a running today. We are putting on a party to say “thank you” to the community. Your participation (past, present, and future) is reason for the Redwood Playhouse. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here.

We are having tons of fun. The Redwood Playhouse has already hosted numerous community events. From the Children’s Ballet to the Feet First extravaganza, from Friday Night Open Mics to an Art Therapy Galleria, from hosting Gavin Newsom and Jarad Huffman to Flying Aerial Acrobatics, the Playhouse is quickly gaining traction.

A major transformation is in progress. The antique school gymnasium taking shape as an actual theatre. The floors are refinished and sparkling (Thank you Gary Vella). The Windows have drapes. There are all kinds of theatrical lights. We even have a sound system. This is becoming a very functional theatre.

It is a functional community space. We have hosted several memorials. No weddings…. Yet. We hosted environmental functions, town hall meetings, and we even hosted the Lt Governor and his blue ribbon Cannibis panel. A film festival and a free exercise class have dropped roots as well.

Redwood Playhouse is an all volunteer organization. The community is getting what we are offering: A space to support human expression. Treat this old building like she is your own and this community theatre will last for a long time.


Beryl Alexander

The spirit of giving has been delightful. The community has been so generous with time, energy, materials and money. The board gets along very well. It is rewarding to be part of the birth of a theatre.

In the light of rewarding volunteerism, we want to take a night to express our gratitude. We are putting on a free show. Great food, refreshments, wine and beer will be available. You just bring good cheer.

The entertainment line up is above and beyond. Berel Alexander and April Moore… Wow. Two headliners at our little playhouse party! That’s amazing. Feet First is always stunning. Random Peoples, more local acts and some special funny surprises.

It’s going to be a special night. Bring a friend, bring the family or just you come hang out with your community.

The Line Up Times

SET #1—Estimated time : 6:15

SoHum dancers


Can Can (Barb and Joan-clowns)


April Moore Estimated beginning time for April: ~ 7:00 – 7:15

(Raffle draw)

INTERLUDE: Pop music—Chamber musicians

SET #2 Estimated time: 8:00

Tap dance

Board Rap

Swing dance

(Raffle draw)

Senior Moment

(Raffle draw) Estimated time: 8:45

Berel Alexander


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  • This looks like fun. I was wondering if a virtual theater could be done? Like a radio show folks in the woods could tune in and read parts. Or maybe a readers of stories. I would bet Diana Totten and Kym would fun to listen to. Just a rambling>

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