Two Men Captured From EPD’s Wanted List

From the Eureka Police Department Facebook Page:

Earlier Chapters:

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Wow it seems this most wanted poster is working good job EPD

  • Patrick I known you as you were grown come from a very loving family who would do anything for you.dig deep into your soul get off the shit and bring there loving son back home.

  • Why bother catching them if they are going to turn them loose within a few days lol!These criminals won’t be off the streets,Denis hicks was caught the other day and was back in town the next day!!

    • Without true rehabilitation, why bother arresting them or imprisoning them at all?

      • Teen challenge is forced conversion,and mission too.speed addiction will be deminished with better nutrition,and putting current herders of these people in jail.people can be welcomed back into this gayparade,given something productive to cultivating chlorella,for fertilizer,with a drip on a knoll,a growth of algae as a biocrust,creating a garden of slime full of bugs and snails and spiders.all other forms of agriculture create too much acidification of the whales wierld.youdisolvablemy eskeleton.

    • He was just trying to feed some BS to Cathy at the store that he was on the straight and narrow the only straight and narrow line that guy has seen in years is a straight narrow end of a needle and probably a used one at that!!!

  • The big guy’s 6’4″ and 270lbs. The type of rehab he needs involves dropping a two ton weight on his peabrain! He’s be a lot more decent after that, and if you like pancakes, he’d be perfect!

    • They could hang a burger on a string just out of reach from his cell, or pipe in the food scents fast food corps use in their buildings. Then everyday put empty Big Mac boxes on his food tray.

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