Prius Overturns on Highway 101 near McKinleyville

scannerA red Toyota Prius overturned on Highway 101 about a mile south of School Road, reports the scanner. The accident happened before 12:15 p.m.

Medical crews have just arrived at the scene and are reporting that there was a single vehicle involved with a single patient. The patient did not need to be extricated. At this point, the vehicle is on its wheels. The accident status has been changed to non-injury.

There were reports of “hail” and “ice” in the area, and the CHP incident page says that Caltrans has been asked to respond with a plow because there are “several inches of hail on [the roadway].”

Additionally, we’re getting word that a California Highway Patrol vehicle was involved in a separate non-injury collision not far from this location.

We’ll update this post if and when we find out more information.

[Note: The coordinates used in this map came from the CHP incident page. However, they do not match the location stated over the scanner.]


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