Accident on Harrison Closes Both Lanes


Photos by Oliver Cory

An accident which occurred on Harrison Avenue at 15th Street temporarily closed both lanes at approximately 12:30 a.m. The accident was still blocking one lane of traffic at 1:15 a.m. According Battalion Chief Kent Hulbert, there were originally two people in the red Saturn hatchback when it hit a telephone pole but one “footbailed”–ran away.

According to the scanner, there was one unrestrained passenger in the back of the vehicle that has no recollection of the accident. image




  • I can’t recall worked for Reagan, and should be the only thing you say to occupation forces without a lawyer present.

  • God forbid the person tells the truth and takes responsibilities for his or her actions..

    Maybe those injured can call someone to help them that is not an occupation force.. see how far that gets them.

    We have too many Barrys in this town.

  • Only two people but one was in the backseat & can’t recollect? I hope the driver contacts you Kym.

  • Typical Eureka Drivers!

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