Seven Pounds of Marijuana Discovered in Truck Parked Sideways in Roadway, Says Sheriff’s Office

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and the individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

GetImage.aspxOn 12-07-2015 at approximately 8:00 PM, a California Department of Fish and Wildlife Warden observed a pickup truck in the area of MPM 12 on Sherwood Road in Willits, California.

The vehicle was parked sideways in the roadway, completely blocking it. The Warden contacted the driver, Timothy James Bennett.

As the Warden spoke to Bennett, the Warden detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the truck.  A subsequent search of the truck resulted in the discovery of a duffle bag containing approximately seven pounds of bud marijuana.

The Warden called for a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy to assist further.

A Deputy Sheriff arrived a few minutes later and assumed responsibility of the investigation.

Bennett was determined to be on felony probation for an unrelated offense and possession of marijuana was a violation his probationary terms.

Bennett was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale, transportation of marijuana and violation of probation.

Bennett was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held without bail.

A female passenger was released without charges.



  • I just need to stand here and scratch my head for a minute.

  • will he just be released

  • Was he driving a Toyota truck? Looks the part, parking like that blocking the road, weed onboard, sounds Toyota to me.

    Wish the cops would release stats on Toyota truck crime, you know it’s off the charts.

    • I don’t have actual stats, but I do know that theft of the catalytic converter is a common crime committed on Toyota trucks. A mechanic once told me it was because Toyota trucks are high enough for the thief to slide under and cut off the part easily. Considering how popular Toyota trucks are with American consumers (not just pot growers) I’m sure theft of the vehicle itself is common also.

    • Quit picking on me.

    • Can’t you find something better to gripe about than good ole jap pickups?

      • Most of them, if not all that are in the US were made in the US.

        • True, any insight as to why most crimes that appear on this blog involve Toyota trucks?

          When ISIS started using them it became obvious that Toyota trucks are thug mobiles.

          How did this happen?

    • Just letting you guys know, that barry’s previous alias was Mr.X, if for some reason you can’t figure that out on your own

  • Not one question about what kind of fish or wildlife he may have had?


    Until i took the DMV parking class, this was the same darned thing that got me in a mess

  • Why were they parked sideways? What was the point?

  • This guy gets a sideways mugshot so we can recognize him if we see him on the road.

  • Strange he parked sideways in the road. Sounds like he got what he deserved.
    I find it unacceptable that a sense of smell is cause for search & destroy. Pot, alcohol, money… what’s next, sugar, coffee, tobacco, take home food or even tootsie fruitie vapor from an eCig? All of which, including the pot, are individual choice products. When people are arrested for potentially causes (might get fat, might get stoned, might get awake, might regain focus, might find a moment of happiness) while real criminals are released because until they literally do harm someone else there’s nothing the law can do, you’re on your own for protection detail. (60 cell phones = 60 potential bombs, yet there’s nothing the cops can do about that, yet they can arrest someone with a pound of herbs for “potentially” being a seller of herbs)
    What to do? Go along with the “law”? Nullify the law? Why are we allowing such ridiculous laws to pass in the first place? War on Americans needs to stop.
    Increase the penalties if hurting others. Increase the penalties if a weapon is used in the crime. That’s it. Done. Record still clean enough to find a job, get an apartment, change your lifestyle.
    Backwards. Orwellian. Rant causing material.

  • whenever they say “smells like maryjane, i use my best dumb stoner voice and say ‘awe man, i got you bro. there should be a couple of roaches in my ashtray.’ then ‘why would you want more, i’m telling you this shit is good. a roach will do ya.’ in hayfork the deputy was so embaressed about searching an empty car he complimented me on whatever scraps tickled his nose. in hayfork the whole fucking smells like trafficking.

  • Yall Needa Stop Bullshitin And Legalize It Already . Yall Wasting Yalls Time Locking People Up From Smoking//Containing A ” PLANT ” When Its People Out Here Dieing & Getting Murdered. Thats What Yall Needa Worry About

  • Must’ve been a grow dozer.

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