[Update: Estimated Restoration Noon Thursday] Phone Outage Widespread in Central Humboldt


Screengrab of AT&T’s online outage map taken at 12:30 p.m. shows that most of the out is centered around the Humboldt Bay region.

Much of the coast from King Salmon north to McKinleyville and east about 10 miles is without phone service following what appears to be damage to AT&T lines. Senator Mike McQuire says the outage occurred at approximately 10:37 a.m.

“It appears as though there is a fiber cut again for AT&T,” stated Humboldt County’s Public Information Specialist Sean Quincey. “They don’t know where yet but they are working hard to find out.” There is no estimated time of repair as the company has not yet located the problem.

Quincey said that AT&T had assured him, “This has been escalated to their highest priority to get this fixed.”

At this point 911 is working throughout Humboldt County, according to Senator Mike McQuire. He tweeted that he had learned from the Humboldt Co Sheriff’s Office that “County 911 call center [was] up & running. McKinleyville 911 calls being routed thru Eureka.”

Quincey reports that there are several county facilities that can’t dial out and county email is not working. He recommends, “Folks should try to call in. There is a staff directory on our website.”

Update 1:35 p.m.: From the Caltrans District 1 Facebook page:

UPDATE 5:53 p.m.:




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