Interested in Being a Licensed Marijuana Grower? The Supervisors Have Created a Registry to Show ‘Good Standing’

Community members listened at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors’ meeting yesterday. [photo by John Chiv]

Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors approved offering a Commercial Cannabis Activity Registry for medical marijuana growers interested in getting permits to grow under new laws which just passed in California. These laws offer what some call a “grandfathering clause”—if a cannabis grow or business is in “good standing” with the county it is based in by January 1, 2016, then it is in a more favored status for getting a state license under the new rules.

The law is unclear and there has been a scramble to understand what this means particularly to growers. Some believed it meant that growers had to legally sell a medical marijuana pound before January 1st of this year. However, the Humboldt County Supervisors believe their new registry will satisfy this requirement under the new laws. Or, at least, put the grower in a position to argue that their farm is compliant with regulations and meets County standards.

The registry (see below for the application as posted by Supervisor Mark Lovelace a few days ago) is not a license to grow but more like a place holder in line to allow a grower to prove they meet standards. This is an attempt to make sure local farmers are not left behind big Southern Californian dispensaries, say activists.

“This does not give applicants a permit [to grow and sell marijuana,]” said Supervisor Sundberg. “It just says that they are in good standing with the County.” If the grower and business owner is later able to prove they will follow the yet to be determined rules, they will then be able to use the registry as proof that they were in good standing with Humboldt County by January 1, 2016.

Supervisor Fennell said that in 30 days that Department of Health and Human Services and the Humboldt County Sheriff will describe what it is to be in good standing. “The state will not have regulation until 2018, if you are not in line, you will be in the back of the line,” she said.

Ian Herndon, President of Humboldt Boutique Garden, a 15 year resident of Humboldt County, told the Supervisors he appreciated the opportunity to speak and expediency of this process. “We are already organized as a non-profit. This is another opportunity for growers to get into compliance.”

Below is the Registration.

Note: This article was written with information and quotes from John Chiv. Click the link to see more from him about the meeting.



  • Looks more like a public database of future home invasions than anything else.

  • “You must be signed up and registered with Good Standings by Jan 1st.
    In 30 days we’ll tell you what Good Standing means.”


    • You must be registered by July 31, 2016. We’ll tell you what good standing means by Jan 8, 2016. Don’t be in a rush

  • Equal Opportunity

    Here is the big chance for equal opportunity for the small common farmers, nobody is perfect but we all give it our best shot hopefully they will have a good over standing and give small farmers a chance to survive so they can have small family farms so there community will flourish for years to come. Hopefully this won’t be a Babylon bamboozle so Babylon can trap them but on the other hand I really think the supervisors are trying to do there best accordingly.

  • Yea…. They learned this trick from the Mendo Sherrif’s office. Fennell sounds like a used car salesman. “Hurry and get yours now…. before they are all gone!“

  • They sure got their stuff together and how totally organized to make this available 3 weeks from their deadline? A good indicator as to how awesome it will be to be in a 30 foot line of people most of which are from no where near here

  • Interesting, if you were a grower before this goes into effect, I see both the state and Feds coming to you for not paying taxes for pass years,if you didn’t pay the tax on your operation.

  • The registration period is open through July 31, 2016. Registering is not, by itself, proof that a person was operating prior to January 1, 2016, nor is it proof that a person was “in good standing”, but it’s a necessary first step for making that determination.

    Humboldt County is having to work quickly to adapt to these new laws. To the best of our knowledge we are the only county that is taking such a step to help existing farms get priority for State licenses.

    • Mark, two questions.

      1. In what bill does the verbiage “good standings or priority” exist,
      Do you have a link to that information so people can better understand what it means?

      2. The Sean Pearker recreational bill is being heavily lobbied and endorsed for the 16 election. If passed how will that effect the medical guidelines in our County that you are currently working on?

    • Mr. Lovelace thank your for all your work. I do not understand “step to help existing farms get priority for State licenses.” I thought the local cities & County were in a rush to set in place what it is they want to go down instead of being mandated by the state? If there is going to be a priority for State licenses. How many? This line of thinking seems to me revenue generation. If you were concerned about the environment wouldn’t you want getting a permit and license to grow available for every one who wants one as easy as possible? The thing about small farms are they are self starters but they are at the mercy of nature. So it seems they are willing to kick a percentage to the government to be legit and protect the environment . If you limit licenses I doubt participation because they are already working their butts off. There is a limited amount of time. So I vote super easy registration ,tax collection point of sale. Why are the wine growers getting a free pass?

      • Well Epic surprised me. As usually I don’t know what I am talking about! I am wondering if Epic is doing the HumCPR tactic of sue baby sue? If they tie up the process will that prevent the county implementing their plan thus punting it to the state? I read a post by lauracooskey that parallels with what I think. Let her write it, people in the city really have no idea how wonderful quite is. Even though the county has a limited time the farmers don’t. They got to have plans at least two years in advance I would guess. Right now they probably are grabbing all the water possible and storing it anticipating a drought two years from now. Generators have got to go off when the sun goes down!

  • i would wild guess less than 1% will sign up…

  • Yes please…and can I get the barcode tracking chip installed in my brain too. Thanks

  • I’m not a grower so I can comment… This reminds me of the time they took a voluntary “hazardous material listing” so emergency service personnel would know were underground fuel tanks and other items might be found. The next month everybody that cooperated got a permit fee for an underground fuel tank. Stupid is as stupid does. No good can come from a list with your name on it.

    • Exactly Ernest. Things seem to be working pretty well without the help of the “authorities”. And guess what. Untaxed weed will be cheaper than taxed/permitted weed. The question is how much $$$$$$$$$$$$ are they going to try to squeeze growers for? It doesn’t matter. It was a nice run while it lasted and good luck to the future growers of America. Ted Cruz is going to love you.

    • Absolutely brilliant! You hit the nail on the head, old school!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yeah, Ern, and remember the zip-tie deal with the Mendo Sheriff where folks and cops tried to work with P215? Didn’t that list get subpoenaed by the Federal Prosecutor? Nice deal. Maybe someone can correct me or elaborate. Still I might do it. Ambivalent. So, do we get forms at the Courthouse or what, Mark? Thank you for your efforts.

  • Intentions might be good, but there are so many ways this could go wrong.

  • Isn’t this where they take the money and hang up when you call?

  • Remember the 9 most devious words in the English language— ” I`m from the government and I`m here to help “

  • The registration form contains a space to describe your 2015 marijuana business. Since we don’t know what “good standing” requires, it is hard to tell clients how to fill that space out. The form is simple enough, it’s just that knowing what you have to reveal would be helpful before going in and saying “I’ve been growing for 25 years and never been caught.” or even “I grew in 2015 and didn’t get raided” which is about all you can say without further guidance.

    • I’d register our measly plants in a hot second if it allowed me to grow and sell cannabis in a secure manner at a reasonable price….It’s gonna go recreational legal next year, so let’s look at how Washington and Colorado growers are doing…..
      We have issues here, to be honest…..couple ponds need to be permitted, stuff like that. Truth be told, I’d love to skip the whole grey market scenario , but we’re old school, small scale and definitely borderline profitable. Out of the loop, old and in the way….Time will tell, but it’s going industrial soon in any case…..will this help the small time operators and the old school “mom and pop” (more like grandma n grandpop now) operations to survive?

    • The county has 30 days to tell us what “good standing means”. The registry is open till July 31st. That gives people plenty of time to figure out how to answer the question on the form.

  • going to be interesting to see what happens next.

  • From the legal side

    Old school. Mom and pop and borederline profitable is gonna be no sustainable in the new weed order. It’s unfortunate but the operation needs to grow or its gonna be out priced by the big dogs. U won’t need to be Phillip Morris but your gonna have to come up with a viable business model and 75 plants of bubba Kush won’t be the solution. No doubt there will be dispensaries willing to say “we support small organic farms” but the price break will be ugly and you can bet the regulation will be costly. Be prepared to work a bit harder, make a bit less and possibly start a co-op. For the next 10-15 years there will likely be a lot of folks willing to forgo the corporate weed for your product. I hear that talk all the time in my circle.

  • I find this interesting. Only 22 comments so far on some of the biggest news to hit Humboldt dealing with cannabis. I would think there would be more comments by now. Not sure what that says about the situation.

    • That for most growers, growing for a black market is still more comforting than trusting their government.

      • Black helicopters, covered faces, and an open hatred towards people that want to be free has a way of doing that. Funny how that works.
        People should look at John Boone in Kentucky for how to handle this.

      • Very true. I get that, because I feel the same way. There will always be a black market. I’m not sure it will be as easy to fly your full sun grow out in the wide open in a couple of years. It would suck to get raided while your neighbors plants don’t get touched. It would suck not to be in line or be in the system when it goes rec. This game has always been a gamble. Some moves seem safer than others. Trusting this process is a hard pill to swallow. I guess thats what lawyers are for. Maybe someone can share stories about going legal getting them in trouble in other states. Not sure I’ve heard any repercussions from doing so.

  • People shouldn’t need more than 99 plants to live happily in our beautiful space. The eff’n greed that is swallowing our home needs to be ended. All the “ballers,Bulgarians and bros” need to be shut down. Screw the diesel dope and pollution pot. Stick with the good old fashioned mom and pop

    • Interesting. So you’re saying that the same huge grows that these same supervisors have allowed to expand over the last decade should be shut down by these same supervisors that are promoting this regulation of these same huge grows? I agree with you…but I don’t see it happening. It started with Gallegos allowing the huge scenes to slide by, thus encouraging more to arrive here, then the sheriff threw up his hands and stopped busting…and that was over 10 years ago. Bigger scenes fed the greed that fed huge profits that are now being used to legalize further big scenes and anybody smaller should see the writing on the wall. Figure out at what point you want to pull out because it is now certainly over soon. Thank you Paul Gallegos and CCV-H! And thank you greedy selfish mega-grower bros! And especially thank you green rushing carpet-baggers who came here to turn some quick cash before you roll back home to wherever! Oh- I almost left out the stupid folks who encouraged all this blow-up, thinking it was some wonderful progress for our community. Thank You!!

      • Guess that about says it all, for real has the last word? How long til the small 2000 sq ft ers are making less than minimum wage?

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