‘Heavy Rain and Strong Winds’ Coming Tomorrow

The National Weather Service in Eureka reports that late tomorrow night a storm bringing “heavy rains and strong winds” will move into our area.  On Thursday, expect coastal flooding and waves up to 33 feet. In the mountain areas, snow levels will be dropping.

Below is their post on Facebook:



  • I prefere to watch the ocean waves from the top of a 300 foot bluff. Only a fool would be on a beach during a storm. I don’t mind the rain, but the wind worries me. The snow is a non-issue. Bring it on!

  • Ya got that right! I love the winter weather although sometimes it can make one go into semi hibernation. I like the wind if I’m clear of tall trees. Kind of difficult to be clear of tall trees up here. At night when it sounds like the wind is going to tear the shingles off your roof. You start to wonder. It’s good to scared a little, keeps your head on straight!

  • Huge swells combined with 8ft high tide at 10:48am will be an interesting combo on Thursday Batten down the hatches, stay safe, warm and dry

  • plz snow, plz snow, plz snow

  • 33′ seas! Stay the heck away from the ocean. Don’t even think about the jetties.

  • I have had over 10 inches in the last week and the ground is suckin it all up. None of the culverts have water in them, none of my creeks are flowing. The ground is thirsty! Bring it!

  • Anybody remember the storm that hit some years back, I believe on New Years day. It blew trees down across 101 and shut it down in different parts. Power was out for days. Roads closed everywhere. Grocery stores were giving away food because it was spoiling. I was off grid, with solar, wood heat and plenty of food. Sometimes the rough life pays off. I listened to it on the scanner and a wind up radio. That was a storm!

    • I remember a bad wind storm in Dec 1977. Is that the one you’re remembering? That was some storm. Blew so many Redwood trees down and electricity was off for three days in Rio Dell.

  • ^^^^new years 2005-2006

    • Eureka had power and for days you saw profile types with uhauls going from arcata to eureka.
      Water came over the 101 by euc row, because the wind hit with the king tides. Power was off for four days or so.

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