[Located!] $2000 Reward for Missing Pit Bull


UPDATES at the bottom:

“My two-year-old pit bull and two four-month-old puppies have gone missing,” writes reader Kristen Delacruz.

The female dog and her two puppies left their home today in the Redcrest area and were last seen near the Eel River about 3 p.m.

The older dog’s name is Kadence. She is wearing a tag. “One puppy, King, has a tag and other puppy does not have his tag on,” explained Delacruz. “My husband said, ‘Let’s offer a $500 reward.'”

If anyone has information, they can contact Delacruz at (707) 400-3119.

UPDATE 12/7: The puppies have returned home but the mother dog is still missing, says Delacruz.

UPDATE 12/8: Kristen Delacruz is hoping that Kadence her missing pit bull is returned to her safely. She is now offering a larger reward for the dog’s safe return.

“I would like to update the reward to $2000 if Kadence is found,” Delacruz wrote us.

Anyone able to help?

UPDATE 12/11: The owner tells us that Kadence was last seen in Shively on the 9th.

UPDATE 12/15: Kadence is home! Kristen Delacruz tells us, “Kadence basically gave up and stopped running.  Two families helped catch her and received the reward.”



  • KYM KEMP, with the SoHum Free Range Pitbull Report…… back to you Stan!

    • I agree. I don’t understand why the vast majority of pits I see are obviously not fixed. As if we don’t already have a massive over population of pits in our area. Went to the shelter to find a new dog last year and 8 of 10 dogs there where pit or pit mix. Come on people, drop your ego and get them spade or neutered.

  • They should reach out to groups on FB like “Humboldt Lost and Found Pets” and the “Humboldt Paws Cause”.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Probably stolen by some other grower.

  • those are some nice looking pits. Hopefully they are found.

  • Wtf makes you think the people who’s dog is missing is a grower [edit]

  • How do the puppies show up and not Kadence?
    Those pups are have to much potential to be running around . A great book to read The Knowledge of Dog Behavior by Clarence Pfaffenberger.
    “The time is so short … from 21 days to 112 days in all ( 13 weeks altogether) and once it is gone it can never be retrieved. The implications of what this short period means in development of a dog are so great that it well behooves puppy owners to employ this time wisely…”. During this time we do not let the pups out of our site. After they are set for life.
    Now Kadence come home now. We use those field training whistle’s to call from a distance, means they drop whatever and come to you period. We have Stafford Terrier we rescued she does not mind 100 percent. Our Labs and Goldens we have had from pups they mind with such pleasure brings a smile on everyone.

  • You should also put her photo on Humboldt paws cause, a lot of people check that page when they find a animal. Hope you find your girl..

  • Rancher across the river most likely put the dogs down.
    Having a pack of pit bulls is asking for trouble in one way or another.

  • poor pups. hope they are found safe. thank you Kym for always helping out the locals and helping us get the word out to the community when we need it. especially during the fires earlier this year! hope you have a happy holiday.

  • Wow I can guess who you LSR are just by ur rhetoric&tone. Saying that to kym pisses me off.
    We all know dog fighting is awful, beyond awful actually. Assuming that every pit is being used &/or bred for fighting is ludicrous. The generalizations of the animals and any person who says anything positive about pits (or posts stories of lost ones) as evil have not helped anyone.
    Dont you think that if pits were the
    scariest and most dangerous dogs towards people that the nazis (and the cops of today) would have used them instead of german shepherds or dobermans?
    A zealot is a zealot meaning having no ability to even hear what others have to say.
    Pls put ur energy and anger towards those actually fighting dogs in our county- u would b a great person to assist in busting up fights, I bet the cops would even let u slap the asses around.

  • Hope the girl is safe and reunited with her family soon. I suggest that the owner place a familiar bowl of dog food and some item (her blanket, dog bed, etc.) that the dog will recognize by scent at the last spot the dog was seen, then have someone stay within sight and patiently wait. Even if it means waiting for days. If the dog is still in the vicinity she’ll hopefully show up within 24hrs. I’ve used this method with pretty quick success. Obviously other critters may eat the dog food so have more ready to refill the bowl.

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