Trimming the Trees Has a Whole New Meaning in Eureka

f342c626-45da-4153-8421-35b8d826a937Several trees near Eureka City Hall were trimmed back severely today. Brian Issa, Code Enforcement Manager for Eureka, explained that limbing the trees is part of removing them entirely.  The trees, he said, are being taken down as their roots are coming up to the surface and have been intruding on the asphalt.

Coastal Tree Service started work on the project today and they plan to finish up tomorrow.  During the work, L Street is closed from 5th to 6th Street.

In the future, the city plans to redo the whole parking lot.
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  • Remember boys and girls… Asphalt is far more important than tree roots.

  • what fg idiots, the asphalt/root trimming is low cost, the older large trees give that very ugly view a bit of grace and shade..

    What an ugly looking building.

    • Ugly people live in ugly buildings…

    • Root trimming may open trees to disease, and it also weakens the hold the roots have, making the tree more prone to falling in heavy wind and/or rain. Also, it merely postpones the problem, which can reoccur. In the forest, roots from multiple trees hold the trees, but in towns/cities, they don’t have that working for them, especially in high rain areas that encourage shallow roots. The answer, plant what fits, or don’t build cities in a forests. Think of this, as well, if the roots can lift the pavement, they can lift the foundation of a building, weakening the structure of the building.

  • Watch them plant saplings of the same damn trees too…while we’re on the subject, whose bright idea was it to plant all those trees in the sidewalk behibd the Red Lion?!?

  • As a kid grew up at 6th and Nst these trees were old then,we played in them,we tried ha to climb them.glad to see em go before someone got hurt.And that building is ugly it matches our jail. (It’s old too)

  • We have a redwood that was next to our garage, The roots were cracking the concrete slab floor and lifting the perimeter wall foundation and causing the door to jam. We can always replace the garage, but replacing a 100+ year old redwood with another that size and beauty. . . . . The garage is now a parking area where we can park, shaded by the redwood. And we DO have the redwood trimmed and topped regularly to lessen the danger from limbs and the top breaking off.

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