Recognize This Truck? It Made a Mess of South Fork High School’s Lawn

About 1:19 a.m. on Sunday morning, a truck coming from the north end of Miranda raced onto the lawn of South Fork High School, tearing up sections of it. The vehicle almost slammed into the school cafeteria.

The school posted this security video of the incident. They wrote, “Looks like a Toyota quad cab silver or light color pick-up, Toyota with a lift kit…[d]ecided to tear up the front lawn of SFHS Cafeteria at 1:19am on Sunday morning. If you know the person or the truck please call the District Office at 707-943-1789.”




  • Would it maybe make more sense to post the best still pic out of that video?

  • That could literally be atleast 30 people I know around here… plus the video is at a distance and only four seconds long.. where’s the rest of it?

  • Punk kids.hopefully that got a license plate.

  • Atleast it wasn’t on the football field

  • What type of truck was committing acts of terror and property damage?

  • Unfortunately, Boys will be boys. Just slightly missderected.

  • This is a classic, has been done numerous times over the years at every high school. Why? High school treats kids like prison, and this is one of the simple ways they can express their disdain for the institution. The lawn will be fine (eventually). Be glad they didn’t salt it to say “Fuck You” for the rest of the school year.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Sorry, no excuses. Treat students like prisoners? Why? Because you have to follow basic rules of order and decorum to get educated? Poor baby. Hope there’s plenty of family money to burn through; you’re going to need it.

    • Shoot I remeber when class of 03 I’m pretty sure rolled a car on the football field after donuts. For the senior field trip they went to benbow lake Hahahaa
      They will never find who this is because of the silver toyota way too many of them, lol like a needle in a haystack.
      Good luck though!

  • lol goodluck…Unless they can grab the license plate number from it during the video, everybody owns silver tacoma around here, this would literally be like finding a pin in a very large haystack.

    • They could arrest every Toyota truck driver and crush the crime rate.
      Banning Toyotas is the first step in peace breaking out.

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