[UPDATE: Located] Missing Woman Said She Was Going to a Humboldt Marijuana Farm to Work

1618540_10203269818776331_595772093_nJessalyn Dean was last seen by her roommate at the end of September. According to her mother, Toni Dean, the missing 27-year-old told the roommate that she was going to work on a marijuana farm in Humboldt County.

On October 5, Toni Dean says a message purporting to be from her daughter came from her Facebook account. “It did not sound like her,” said the worried mother. It said that she just wanted to be left alone.  “When she left here in Portland, she was extremely depressed,” Toni Dean said.

After repeated attempts to contact Jessalyn, Toni filed a missing person report with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. “I’ve left message after messages on Facebook. Her voicemail is full….Her ex-boyfriend is still paying for her phone. We are hoping to get it pinged.”

When last seen Jessalyn Dean had dread extensions. She is approximately 5’4″ and weighs about 105 pounds. She has blue eyes and light brown or blonde hair.

She has a tattoo on the inside of one wrist (a circle with a line through it) and a tree tattooed up her right thigh and onto her torso. Her septum and lip are pierced. Though she was not wearing nose and lip jewelry in her last photos below.

Jessalyn had a Canon Rebel and was into photography. She also did fire dancing and loved festivals, according to her mother.


UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: Someone known by us, contacted us saying Jessalyn is doing well and “they are getting in touch with her to reunite her with her mom.” At this point, Toni has not been in contact with her daughter though. We’ll update with more information as soon as possible.

UPDATE 12/15: A Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson stated that they had had no contact from Jessalyn Dean.

UPDATE 12/29: Jessalyn Dean has contacted law enforcement.




  • My guess is she did what so many girls do after making money in the Fall. They take trips to places like India, South America, etc. If I was the Sheriff’s Dept. conducting an official investigation I would check with the Feds to ascertain if her passport has been used.

    • I’m glad you’re not in charge of the investigation.[edit]

      • Your comment makes no sense. If it was your daughter wouldn’t you want to know if she left the country?

      • Checking to see if her passport was used is a very good idea, human traffickers often take their victims over borders and to distant countries…presuming she has a passport of course.

  • There are some pages for groups like Burning Man or Reggie on the River. Maybe see if you can post to those groups. If she’s into festivals she may have friends that run in these groups. Good luck. I hope she comes home soon.

  • I hope she is safe and well.

  • super pretty girl. Hope that she is o.k. I’ll keep my eyes open.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Wasn’t someone doing tribal dance classes in SoHum recently or still is? I seem to remember Facebook posts of it. Perhaps she joined in on those? I sure hope she wasn’t alone (or at least not alone with a friend, not someone with nefarious intents).

  • she is beautiful, hope you find her, in spite of what you hear there is a lot of crime involved with growing, trimming pot it is not a crime less job. hopefully all is well but be prepared

  • So sorry to read this.Praying for her family for her safe return.Time and time again,people dissappear from here,sometimes because it’s easy to do here and sometimes sadly never seen again.its a harsh realty tough to hear.so so sorry she’s pretty,model pretty

  • This girl would stand out like a diamond earring in a pigs ear in Garberville. You hardly ever see clean dreadlocks, especially not decorated like hers. Someone would recognize her for sure if she had been here.

    I hope she is alright.

  • I hope the people she worked for will call with info they know.

    What about this young woman?
    Heather Sheltman from Eureka, California
    DOB:January 8, 1988
    eyes: Blue

    Worked at The Sea Grill Eureka, California and Rita’s Cafe Eureka, California

    Last know communication was on November 16, 2015

    If you have seen or heard from Heather or have any information about where she may be PLEASE contact any of the law enforcement offices listed below.

    Eureka Police Department
    604 C St
    (707) 441-4060
    Eureka Police Department
    3135 Prospect Ave
    (707) 441-4373
    Humboldt County Sheriff Department
    826 4th St
    (707) 445-7251

  • Being a trimmigrant sounds like safe, easy money to outsiders. It’s not. I have family in Humboldt and have heard many stories. Lot’s of great people in the community, lots of shady ones too.

    Hope this woman is safe and contacts her family asap. I can only imagine the agony her mother must be going through.

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  • Hope and pray, chances are 50/50, look around town, lots of druggies and meth heads,….
    Earnie B. is right about the pigs diamonds and usually that attracts all sorts of unwanted attention, and I’m talking from the wicked scum that underlines the entire counties beauty!

  • Ultimate optimist

    I’ll bet she hooked up with a permanent worker up there and is off the grid working with him … I know several farm workers all over Humboldt/trinity counties I’ll put word out to them see if they heard of her …. Let’s pray for her safe return …..

  • When are these young men and woman going to realize that it’s not safe to go and trim. They need to wake up. How many have disappeared? It’s a business that if you don’t know the people personally stay away. She probably met with foul play. I hope not.

  • If I was 5’4 and 105 pounds, I couldn’t imagine traveling without a companion. Hope shes ok.

  • River runs through it

    I tried to look her up on Facebook to see if we have any mutual friends but couldn’t find her??

  • I live in Trinity County and will keep an eye out for her. Wishing you the best of luck with your search!

  • I am very happy she was found and that she is able to be with her mother once they discuss when and where. Not knowing where your baby or babies are is very very heart wrenching. if they only knew what it does to us. I know that this isn’t what its about but its painful. God Bless

  • Good news! Both of the missing ladies contacted their families! Today will be a great day.

  • Just putting it out there. There has been people doing fire dances at the beaches in Trinidad on a regular basis. Been seeing them daily. Not sure if they have any affiliation. They looked like younger people(20’s) – I noticed a van w/ Canada license plates. Maybe she’s hanging out w/ like minded people & taking some time off. I hope she’s OK.

  • She told you her plans, and that she wanted to be left alone. Instead of respecting that, you wrote a socially and professionally damaging article about her. Youve put her personal business online for all to see. She contacted you. What more do you want ? Sounds like an act of retaliation to me. She doesn’t want to talk to you. Get over it. Shes probably up on a mountain somewhere with no cell reception or internet.

  • Jessalyn has not contacted me as of today. I was contacted by someone who has seen her but there has been no communication between my daughter and I. This is not an act of retaliation. This is an act of a mother worried sick about her daughter.

    • Somebody’s going to check on her. They’re going to know it’s really her because of all the pictures. When that’s done, verified your daughter is alive and well, you need to settle down. If she just split like that and no contact, it means she wants to be her own woman now, and does not feel it around you.

      Doesn’t matter if that’s your fault or hers. She’s 27. A full-grown woman. You’d be a grandmother several times over already in many societies. She gets to make her own dreadful mistakes and live through them, or not, as the fates choose. I know it is HARD on you. Of course it is. But it has been hard on most mothers for all time.

      Yes, many parents never manage to see their kids as grownups, especially when they’re out doing these harebrained and scary things, listing themselves on every internet service for every perv on earth to find, but even though you don’t feel it now, someday you will be very, very happy you bit the bullet and let her become an adult… however she turns out.

      You seriously don’t want to be an old lady with an old lady daughter you can’t let have HER life. I think if I were you I’d be glad she told her roommate where she was going and use whatever has come down between you and your daughter as an opportunity to help both of you free yourselves into your OWN futures.

      • Nines, I am not sure if you actually know Jessalyn or not. I am one of her cousins. Her entire family was getting concerned not just her mother, her grandmother, cousins, aunts, uncle 2nd and 3rd cousins great aunt to name a few. My understanding is she was not in contact with any family members even ones she is in good relationships with. I am not sure what conflict those posting on here are trying to insinuate between jess and her mother but jess has several cousins and relatives that she has good relationships with that she can get in contact with to assure that she is okay. Which than can pass reassurances to her mother.
        I am concerned by those posting and attacking Toni, the vitriol of your post “Nine” and “leave her alone” was not needed. This actually makes me more concerned for Jessalyn’s safety. It is one thing to say she is just not talking to her mother at this time but it is strange for her to cut off all contact with all of her family including ones she has never had any conflict with and got along with.

        • There wasn’t a drop, not an ion, of vitriol in my post, and I did not say “leave her alone”. All kinds of 27-year-old women go off and do their own things WITHOUT notifying parents or cousins or grandparents. We’re not talking about a teenager. I understand the concern, but obviously Jessalyn either doesn’t or doesn’t want to… AND THAT IS HER RIGHT… right or wrong, SHE gets to make that decision.

          I have no idea who she is or where she is or if she is. The update said she’d been seen and someone was going to try to get her to communicate. IF she’s alive and safe, that’s ALL any of us needs to know… BECAUSE SHE’S AN ADULT. I guess we have to wait for Kym to update us on whether she’s been found and her safety assured, but she’s been seen very recently and if anyone in her family is inclined to respect her, maybe quit guilt-tripping her for a phone call, after she’s made it clear she doesn’t want to talk?

          The whole POINT is to make sure she’s safe, right? Or is it to involve all of Northern California in making her deal with her mother? Again, this is NOT vitriol. It’s plain sense.

    • I understand completely . Have you heard anything since this post ?

    • Toni I do not know if this will help but This is Dimstupids vehicle’s info. We had many problems with him in our area so that is why I have it. Maybe can be used to get hi real name. Green Subaru out back early 2000′-s 4 door Ca license #76LK507. My heart goes out to you as I am a mother as well..

  • She hasn’t had contact with her family OR FRIENDS. I’m her best friend and while I understand she might not want to talk to her parents she hasn’t even contacted me that she’s okay. Whothever this “leave her alone” poster is sounds like an enabler and someone who doesn’t have Jess’s wellbeing a top priority.

    • If she got a job trimming dope, she could well be completely off the grid and a long drive away from town. It sounds as though someone knows where she is and is going to check on her, or try to get her in touch, but it’s storming out and this might not be as easy as it would seem to people who don’t know the area or the culture.

      • This concern has been for awhile now…as far as taking a job trimming and going off grid, being her own women, that is not the the concern…Disappearing and nobody knows anything or has talked to her since September that actually is family or close friends THAT IS A CONCERN

        • And a bunch of people are ON it to make sure she’s okay. I’m as concerned as the rest. Still, it’s not infrequent that ADULTS tell their family and friends they’re going off somewhere and don’t check in with them until much later than three months.

          • I’m sorry for your life being twisted but, yes in the real world there are families who have adults who respect and care enough for other people (friends and family) in their lives they stay in contact and if they are going to be out of contact for a while they will let them know before hand.

          • Yeah, I’m probably twisted because I know a mother who gave her 30-year-old daughter a gas card so she could keep track of her through the monthly statement, give her hell for going where she didn’t approve, check up to see if the daughter’s stories matched up with the towns where she bought gas.

            And another one who kept promising to buy her 25-year-old daughter things if she’d just do what Mom wanted… whatever… lose weight… get a job… date some approved young man… whatever.

            I’ve seen friends with controlling parents do everything for their parents and wind up at 45 wishing they were dead, and others with the same kind of parents turn into self-destructive maniacs and drug addicts and deadbeats and others just plain killed themselves.

            As for me, I never left friends and family without telling them, but I also did my own life… got it twisted all up like this.

  • If she is okay then I don’t think she would have a problem with letting her Mom know she isn’t missing so she doesn’t have to go through this. Of course her Mom is worried. She doesn’t want to be in the media letting the world know her child is missing. A simple call where she hears her daughters voice solves it all. Since you seem to know something then maybe you can ask her to call home.

    • I don’t know if yer talkin’ to me, but I just know what I read in the post and comments, and followed links. It’s clear she isn’t interested in dealing with her mom on whatever issue it is. ASSUMING SHE IS OKAY, and it looks as though she is, we are all out here thinking, gee, that’s cold, scaring her mom like that… well, be that as it may, it’s Jessalyn’s trip, right or wrong, and her mom is acting like getting everyone in Humboldt to tell her to call is going to make things better.

      Better for whom? Mom. Obviously not Jessalyn or she would have called, and maybe she’s not calling friends and family either because she knows her mother will be on them about her.

      I hope to goodness she is okay and that we’ll find out for certain soon, and if she’s fine, now everyone will “know” she’s thoughtless and immature and “poor” [coercive] mom is put-upon by her hippie wild child. Again, I do not blame her for being worried. It is right to try to make sure Jessalyn has come to no harm, even if the reason she’s not in touch is just that she’s off the grid, because it’s dangerous work.

      Just, dammit, she’s TWENTY-SEVEN and she gets to do what she wants to do, even if WE hate it.

      • Get a grip, your words aren’t that of a parent….

        I can’t think of any real parent that wouldn’t be scared for their child if they were trimming dope.

        Have some honor and respect a parent.

        • I can’t think of one either, Barry.

          • Then don’t try to kick Humdum knowledge to parents and worry them even more. Burn your soap box in a wood stove.
            Christ, you know how many Toyota trucks are around there, covered in 707 tree stickers?
            I’d be worried if my child was hanging with beatded, bill hat, tapout shirt wearing humdums and partaking in humdumery!

            Mom, she’ll turn up….

    • In a missing persons case she just has to go to the police and have them verify that she’s ok, in some cases just call the police in the county where the report was made…. I had similar difficulties with crazy unsupportive family

  • I’m her former roommate. I’m also the person who saved her stuff from destruction by her now ex-boyfriend of four years.

    I’m also the person who has tried several times to find her. I was her roommate and confidant. I also am the person who risked getting shot at to bring her winter clothes, but couldn’t find where she was, because of a total blackout of communication from her. I am also the person who has received the most amount of text messages from her phone, and the one who gave a proof of life question that the text messages failed to answer correctly.

    I’m also the person who knows she hooked up with someone a month prior to Symbiosis, without an arrangement, knowledge or consent of her boyfriend, and that this person infected her. Then he lied to her saying he had free tickets to Symbiosis, so that she would go. He then coated her in hickeys at Symbiosis, so she wouldn’t return home to face her boyfriend, and helpfully offered her a ride to a Humboldt Grow Op where he was at. Upon leaving Symbiosis, Jess disappeared, and this person, who doesn’t even have a real name, claims he doesn’t know her, and she is not with him, having alternatively wandered off somewhere something, etc.

    I also know her phone placed 130 voice minute calls, but no one has been called by Jess. Instead, most of the calls are to Hawaii, where Jess knows no one.

    Is she missing?

    Yes. She didn’t move out, she just vanished, We might know her general area, but we’re basing it on her phone. Because no one has seen her or heard her voice. She left with enough stuff to fit in a grocery bag. that was nearly 3 months ago. She had virtually no money. She lost her jobs, her boyfriend, almost all of her property including treasured things, like an antique camera box, her flowtoys spinning staff.

    I stare at all of her property daily. It is not just her mom, it is not just an issue between her mother and her.

    NO ONE has heard from her. NO ONE.

    I’ve tried to find her twice, but although knowing the general area of where she was, I didn’t know specifics, and it’s a dangerous place to enter property on. I was one of her best friends and roommates. I have been steadily texting her. Would you let someone who always had your back, risk getting killed, after saving your stuff from being thrown out, that you’d need pretty soon to keep warm, and then leave them hanging, not willing to even contact them to arrange a drop of the stuff?

    She is missing because she can’t be found, and she appears to be under the dominion of someone, who manipulated her bad decisions into virtual imprisonment. He might be the source of the text messages, since the proof of life was failed. The text messages are the only communication received ostensibly from her.

    Finally, she left for Symbiosis with good will from her boyfriend, who lent her his tent and hooded sweater, and me, who had an emergency pack of supplies for her, thermal blankets, first aid, flashlight, cellphone battery backup, and a personal keepsake, which were to be returned after Symbiosis. To date, nothing has been returned. So, if she wanted to be left alone, wouldn’t she return the borrowed stuff? And tell people herself she wanted to be left alone?

    Nines: stop seeing the tree as the forest. Jess’s mother is one of EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER KNOWN HER that she fails to answer, contact, etc. It’s a forest, her mom is just one prominent tree.

    leave her alone: leave your identity, coward.

    • From the post above: [UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: Someone known by us, contacted us saying Jessalyn is doing well and “they are getting in touch with her to reunite her with her mom.” At this point, Toni has not been in contact with her daughter though. We’ll update with more information as soon as possible.] That was last night.

      That would have been Kym, the owner of this blog, who knows the person who is supposedly trying to get Jessalyn to contact someone. It’s storming out. Wind and rain, and if she’s out a long dirt road off the grid, it might be a PROBLEM getting this done, but there is now a GOOD indication that she is okay, and, yes, it still needs to be confirmed.

      So everybody, for right now, should settle down. I’m CERTAIN Kym will IMMEDIATELY notify Toni, and anyone else, when Jessalyn’s state of health is confirmed.

      • Although I won’t respond to your continued trolling, this older post is fair game.

        Immediately? Week later with zero – 0 – further information is immediate? Hope you don’t get stuck in a desert, needing water immediately by your definition.

        So calm down right? Because it’s not like a week later, Jess is still missing and the person saying Jess is OK via her sources is no longer saying it. Oh wait, it is like that.

  • Nines,
    You’re spending a significant amount of time replying to every comment and you’re the only one that seems to believe she is fine. Everyone including her family, best friend and roommate believe something isn’t right. Until she is found we will all continue to search for her and circulate her flyers. I would think you would want the same if it was your child missing. When family and friends can’t find someone and the circumstances seem odd then they are in fact MISSING.

    • I wish you’d spend a quarter of that time thinking about the implications of Kym’s update, and I am sorry if I left the impression that I believe she’s fine. I think that update means she’s probably not dead or kidnapped, but, yeah, maybe those fliers will speed up the process of becoming certain.

      • And days later, she has not been found, no one still has heard from her, or seen her.

        When I went to file the missing person’s report, I sent her several text messages, explaining how I didn’t want to file a report, that there could be unforeseen consequences to such a report. I explained that it was being done to discourage people from looking for Jess themselves, as it is a dangerous area to wander around looking for people in.

        I further text’d her that a simple call to her mother, or to me, would end the necessity of filing a report, and would only take a minute to do it. I did this the day before I filed the report, to ensure she had a chance to see it first. Her phone logged in that evening, so it received my texts

        No phone call was made. If you want to be left alone, getting put on a missing person’s database is hardly the way to go about it. I don’t have an explanation at that point that puts the phone in Jess’s hand, and her not making the call. She’s supposedly at a grow op, her roommate is telling her that a police report is going to be filed, featuring her. She has every reason to stop that report, but no call is made.

        The text messages are an easier way to succeed at tricking people into thinking Jess is okay and wants to be left alone. Only 2 of the 18 texts sent since 9/17/2015 have asked to be left alone – one to her mother, and one to a mutual friend.

        If she truly wanted to be left alone, she’d make the phone call. Because of our history, she knows I will not stop until I hear from her or see her in person, and she tells me directly that she wants to be left alone. Yet that doesn’t happen.

        • No one YOU know, but, obviously, someone Kym knows and since the Humboldt sheriff’s office was contacted to begin with, perhaps you ought to ask them about the status of Toni’s missing person report.

          It might be that Jessalyn has been found and consulted and is no longer officially missing, OR it might be that no one has gotten to where she is yet. It’s been raining and storming for days and if she’s out a long dirt road it could be impassable just now.

          I think, but do not know, that the word must be that she doesn’t want to, isn’t ready to, or just plain can’t call right now or we’d be getting updates on what’s being done to find her. JUST a guess, but I am certain Kym wouldn’t have inserted that update if it were not virtually certain that Jessalyn is fine.

          • Why do you feel the need to be so annoying in this comments section? You are not adding anything to it. Please go away.

          • At first it was because Kym’s update didn’t seem to be meaning anything to Toni. Then it was because it didn’t seem to be meaning anything to others. That finding out Jessalyn is okay was either not believed or not good enough.

            I have been reading this blog for quite a while and I know for certain that when things like missing people come up, EVERYBODY worries about it. Total strangers WORRY about it. It isn’t like it’s just some bit of tsk-tsk or too-bad and we go along as before. No. It stays in our heads, makes us want to help, makes us stew about ways to figure out what happened or where to look next or who might be someone who could advise or who might have the answers. We talk to each other about it. We try to DO what we can to find the missing person or dog or cat… little kids or grownups.

            Yes, a lot of the time that isn’t good enough and we come up goose eggs and just leave it at hope after hope that everything turned out okay. But when we get the word from someone we know that the missing kid or grownup or dog or cat or horse or hamster, whatever, is “doing well” we are all HAPPY to hear it and go on about our lives.

            So here, after people come back to to insist she’s still missing, that the update is false, after I’ve put personal energy into annoying people with reason, I don’t know, call me stubborn, there just seems to me there ought to be someone sticking up for Jessalyn’s human BEING and my community’s fitness as a good place to tell you your missing friend isn’t missing.

          • Nines, I appreciate a devil’s advocate as much as any other. However in this case, you’re out to lunch. She is still missing, the update did not get verified, Kym won’t comment on why she posted it, so it’s not backed as true.

            As for Jessalyn’s HUMAN BEING…

            YOU DON’T KNOW HER. You are not sticking up for her Human Being, if not trolling, then your level of investment into something you know very little about, is clearly because it reminded you of something about you, and you’re defending you, not her. She doesn’t need your help, according to your own logic. So why are you arguing for her wanting to be left alone, an unqualified statement of her intent, that evidence has not verified as true?

            I know Jessalyn the Human Being. I am the one who is outside of her family, the most concerned with the health, safety, and wellbeing of her. I also have one of the most complex and complete understanding of her, because I am one of the few people who value her, not her culturally deemed attractiveness, not her sex assignment or gender, but her, the person behind these cultural artifacts and veils, and so spent the most time knowing her, not her exterior, and I’m worried about her interior.

            I’m not an ex-boyfriend or jilted lover. I was her friend, roommate, and confidant. I am also trying my best to ensure she’s not written off, abandoned, forgotten, because we don’t know she wants to be left alone, we don’t know anything for sure. If we knew things, there wouldn’t be this level of alarm.

            Had she disappeared with enough clothes to handle over a week, I might feel differently about her disappearance. Had she contacted me, after I saved her stuff from destruction from ex-boyfriend, and carried about a third of it 200 miles towards her, 95% of the total distance, to arrange the final 5%, I might feel differently. Had her text message not failed the proof of life question, I might feel differently. They didn’t occur; I must continue.

            Had she wanted me to stop trying to find her, or to not bring her property mostly the distance to her, she would have called me and said so.

            Your proposition that she’s fine is based on nothing at this point. Your position she is just wanting to be alone, and entitled to be so, fails a very fundamental factor to human beings and their mental space:

            No one can be okay, if they feel they must hide from everyone they’ve ever known, discard or abandon everything they ever had, to vanish into their new life.We can only be as sick as our secrets. Anyone turning their life into a secret, is sick if they’re alone, or in a small group – think of the Manson women, were they mentally OK?

            Without any friends or family, people lose identity, moral compass. and emotional/thought stability. It’s why solitary confinement makes people go insane, why babies that are not handled die, why mentally ill people are largely loners, why almost all therapy has a group setting as well, why, absent Japanese, and cults, cultural/religious anomalies, suicide is solitary.

            Further there is evidence to suggest she needs help as she could be:
            kept as a prisoner (perceptual or actual irrelevant in terms of needing help),
            having mental health issue, and/or being exploited, or
            so callous/malicious towards family/friends, she qualifies as a sociopath.

            All of these possibilities would mean she needs help. There is not a single vetted piece of data to state she’s okay in any capacity, nor is there a single vetted piece of information that has her whereabouts known.

            Therefore, she remains MISSING.

            Now, please be consistent with your logic: if she’s OK, wants to be left alone, she doesn’t need you “defending” her–you’re intruding on her autonomy. SHE CAN CALL THOSE SEARCHING TO SAY “Leave me alone!” WITHOUT YOU.

          • She already DID. And you’re just trying to pry information out of Kym in public by pitching a fit, trying to coerce some sense of vindication for your unhappy position in this situation… an update from someone with information.

            If Kym says someone known to her says your “friend” is doing well, that means she’s NOT missing, EVEN if you miss her and are concerned about her. It means the answers Jessalyn’s already given are the way she wants to let them stand… whether that’s sociopathic or just her being vindictive or mentally ill.

            It means that whoever filed the missing person report isn’t talking either, doesn’t it? I don’t think the Sheriff would just blow it off.

            Maybe means you guys just can’t stand that I might have a point, that you’re not the completely innocent caring friends and family you want to sound like… or hypnotized by some influence yourselves that you can’t seem to understand that insisting she’s still missing somewhere they bothered to take up your concern and find out for you that she’s okay is INSULTING.

            It’s like you think we’re all in a horror novel here or something. AGAIN, if Kym put that update on this post and has not updated since, it means that’s where KYM wants to leave it. She’s not a horror novel character. Jessalyn’s NOT missing. Call the Sheriff if you can’t get it through your head.

          • I am not verifying that Jessalyn is okay. I can’t do that as I haven’t seen her. Two people known to me have said that she is okay. I do believe that they believe she is okay. But, I have not received any further confirmation. I have requested more information from the Sheriff’s Office. I’m hoping to hear Monday if they have heard from her. If I get that information, I will post it.

  • Can you please take down the update? It’s false. Her mom has still not heard from her. I have not heard from her. She is still MISSING.

    • Just in case non-locals dont know, we still have many areas with no cel reception even for texting, and many people are off the grid without a lot of power.
      With the storm there may not be access to an area with reception. Sounds to me like this girl doesnt wanna talk to her family, sorry to say but have seen it a few times here.
      That said I hope the family knows that locals do care about missing people, but what to do if she simply refuses to contact family and friends. Anyone sure she’s not hiding from an ex? Have seen that happen too.
      Sounds like she went to festival and met some folks and took off to work. Not all trim scenes are scary, in fact I can think of at least 30 I know of that aren’t.
      She is a grown woman and is making her own decisions that obviously suck for her loved ones. I truly hope she contacts family but even if the cops get to her I dont think they can force her to call

      • Whoa-

        Her phone has steadily logged into social media outlets, not posting anything, but logging in and checking messages. Not answering anyone or anything, not posting.

        “Sounds to me like this girl doesn’t wanna talk to her family,”

        Text message failed proof of life question. Sounds to me like she doesn’t have control over her phone.

        Her ex is not looking for her. He has moved on.

        What unshady trim scene would think it was okay that woman showed up, without her own vehicle, without clothes to last a week, who couldn’t use her own phone?

        Grown women do make their own decisions. Grown women who are renting a place to live, with their stuff in it, still have the responsibility to handle these things. If they decide to disappear, without telling anyone, then they decided its okay for them to be reported missing. If they don’t want to be reported missing, they handle their affairs, and tell a person they don’t wish contact, then leave.

        I’m amazed at how many people are trying to defend her as just disappearing of her own free will, when she never indicated she was going to, didn’t take care of any of her responsibilities, failed a proof of life, and when given an opportunity to prevent a missing persons report from being filed, did not lift a finger to do so.

        Sorry for the harshness, but again I’m fearing for the worst, and hoping she’s found okay. And starting to really not like everyone assuming she’s choosing this.


        Her message did not answer correctly, either it’s not her, or she’s suffering mental incapacity. In either case, she would need help. Why is this fact constantly ignored?

  • Nines, you really are a piece of work. Are you unable to comprehend what you read?

    Jess has told no one anything, No one known to me or her family has heard her voice or seen her since September. Text messages from her phone, WHEN SHE FAILED A PROOF OF LIFE QUESTION mean you can’t assume they’re from her.

    And since you seem to not pay attention, let me repeat myself, _I_ filed the missing person’s report with the Humboldt County’s Sheriff Department. I did. I have spoken extensively with the Sheriff’s Department. I remain in contact with them. To date, they have nothing on her. Not a single thing.

    No one is claiming innocence, not sure where you are getting that, and the only horror here, is you. You’re most similar to a horror character, boorishly pushing your stupid agenda, trolling/berating people who are going through a difficult circumstance – the disappearance of a loved one. You’re ignorantly defending someone who didn’t ask you to defend them, defending a position she might not actually have, against people who are worried about her.

    You’re also wrong about the missing person’s team, they are not treating jess’s case seriously. I made the mistake of mentioning she was suspected of being at a grow op. Since this now means it could be a “trimmigrant” case, it’s low priority, because evidently anyone who is female, missing, and potentially at a grow op, is reasonably proved to be a “trimmigrant” and denied all rights as a human being, per Amendment 420 to the U.S. Constitution. Yes I’m using bathos. While the deputy who took the report is taking the case seriously, he is but a deputy, and liaison to the team, not an actual part of the team, he has tried to make the case more urgent, but it’s an uphill battle, because trimmigrants aren’t treated like citizens anymore.

    Now, the crux of what you’re doing “maybe you guys can’t stand that I might have a point” – no, I can’t stand that Jess is missing. I don’t care about you or your point, except for it’s obstructing progress. Like a bridge troll charging a toll. You are akin to a nasty disgusting being blocking progress so you can have your two cents.

    In doing so, you’ve posited statements like they’re facts, when in fact they are assumptions that no one is backing, even Kym has backpedaled on Jess being okay. You are refuting/dismissing valid concerns so that you can “prove” your point, which appears to be to harass/stymie people looking for Jess. Whooptie-do you’re special.

    So nines,please stop trolling, people who care for Jess are going through a tough time. It is cowardly and wrong of you to so viciously and wrongfully attack these people – no matter if they”re perfect or flawed, it doesn’t matter. Your 2 cent toll is ridiculous to extort from these people-go harass people looking for lost candybars if you must troll.

    Finally, if you think we should accept somebody we don’t know, reporting other people’s statements about Jess as conclusive proof she’s okay, then try this on:

    I got a couple friends that say you need to stop trolling, because it’s making Jess stay missing. There you have it! My friends clearly know what’s going on, and talked to me about it, so no more trolling from you, we’re trying to find Jess here.

    • Guess I must have struck a nerve. Yes, you most certainly ARE using bathos. I’m NOT saying Kym’s word is “proof”… I am not even certain one is entitled to “proof” from an adult who is not inclined to provide it, but I’m pretty sure most people on earth would be greatly relieved to hear that two people have come forward to say their “missing” loved one is okay.

      Kym now posting that TWO people she knows have said Jessalyn is okay is not “backpedalling”. It’s even more weight in favor of Jessalyn’s status as an unharmed, autonomous woman, doing her own life. And, you’ll pardon me if I mention that it’s becoming clearer to me that people around her this determined to twist things to serve themselves could have something to do with the way she chose to leave. Could be you will cease having tough times like this as it pertains to Jessalyn if you STOP trying to manipulate thin air to get what you want out of her.

      And, Jessalyn, if you’re out there reading, I’m here “obstructing” your family and friends from venting their righteous indignation over your “disappearance”. Since they’re not getting satisfaction from the Sheriff’s office, they’re using at least one of your new [temporary?] community forums to get you to call home. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but it would be a great idea to get someone to take a picture of you with a current newspaper, just like in the movies, or even a selfie with the current date on your forehead in, say, lipstick, and email it to the Sheriff’s office.

      Make sure you are standing under your own steam, preferably in a town in a recognizable spot, and that should resolve the “low priority” missing person issue once and for all… assuming you have not already done so, and they’re not choosing to believe the cops either.

      If you really are being this much of a jerk to them out of childish resentments, at your age, stop it. Bratty TEENS do this stuff. Just now I can really empathize with your urges to get the heck out of Dodge, make some money, get a new start, but the people you left behind [temporarily?] aren’t taking it well. Yeah, right, so what else is new? I know. Still, the Sheriff’s office will hold this against you if you don’t resolve it. So resolve it.

      If you’ve been off the grid all this time and didn’t know your life was on parade, I’m sure you’re going to LOVE this thread to pieces once you finally “get” to read it.

      • Nines:

        I told you, I have 2 people that said your trolling means Jess won’t be found. And you kept on trolling. Every day she is not found, is now your fault, per the information I received from my two friends. You didn’t hit a nerve, you tried to feed. See, you’re annoying, like a mosquito. You’re an emotive bloodsucking parasite preying on people who are searching for someone who’s vanished. She didn’t leave saying, “I’m done with you all.” She left saying, “See you in a few days.”

        In case you really cannot put it together, there is nothing that indicates those two people Kym knows are telling the truth, as even she won’t verify Jess is okay, which is backpedaling from her earlier update wherein she said Jess is okay and soon to be reunited with her mother, which didn’t happen. So Kym backpedaled to saying she doesn’t know Jess is OK, despite saying she believes her sources. Now she says nothing about Jess contacting her mother. That’s evidence things are NOT OK.

        And NO ONE is relieved by 2 anonymous sources saying she’s okay. Why? Same reason I don’t expect a check from you for continued trolling. Because it doesn’t provide any real verifiable information. But if you want to be consistent, then I’ll be expecting a check for $20,000, which is all inclusive of the time, labour, and money spent trying to find her,you negated by trolling per my friends’ statements.

        As for your assertion she’s autonomous… How? She doesn’t have her property, she has no vehicle, she lost her place to live, 2 of her jobs, and from the text messages, even if she has her phone, she doesn’t have full control over it. If you can’t even control your phone, you’re hardly in a position to be autonomous.

        Further, autonomous people handle their responsibilities. Did I mention she didn’t move out, she just disappeared, hasn’t paid her rent, hasn’t gotten her stuff, hasn’t left a forwarding address for her mail, hasn’t told her employers in SF she quit, hasn’t actually told her boyfriend of four years that they’re no longer together, her last words to him were “see you after Symbiosis” – you call this autonomy? Unilateral might be a better term. Unilaterally, she has disappeared, as not one person of her family or friends has seen her or heard her voice since September.

        Her phone hasn’t been off grid, if you ever decide to comprehend while you read, her phone has stayed accessing social media, though she’s created no content since leaving for Symbiosis, stayed making voice calls, just not to anyone we know.

        So this is the last time I’m responding to you, enjoy your trolling, you won, you’re right, you’re the righteous one, you’re going to whatever afterlife pleasantries you believe in, being right, having proven your point, and we’re all indignant sinners just trying to ruin a woman’s life by finding her. because normal people do nothing when someone says, “See you after the festival” then vanish without handling anything they are responsible for, or notifying anyone of the change of plans.

        Good thing this forum had you, so you could prevent the miscarriage of justice that finding a missing person so clearly represents. Now that you have served your justice, saving a missing woman from being found, could you kindly go away?

        Your cape is on solid, please fly off to the next forum that needs Captain whatever you call yourself, your work here is done, the travesty of scared friends and family finding their missing loved one has been successfully averted. Well done Captain!

        • I don’t care what 10,000 people told you my input means. That’s PREPOSTEROUS. And so is your $20K price tag for looking for your… your… what? Fantasy? Are you writing from a hospital? With friends like you, who needs enemies?

          Make up your mind. Did she leave saying she was getting a job on a dope farm or that she’d see you after the festival? Did you kill her? WHY else wouldn’t you accept Kym’s updates and some increasingly less gentle reminders that you are STALKING a grown woman?

          • A Concerned Citizen


            Please get a life and leave the comment section for people with actual HELPFUL information. Im suspicious of your interest in this case and comment section in general. Leave it. We actually know who this person is, you do not. You are doing a huge disservice to humanity. I hope you feel terrible. While you sit here causing a huge scene ,a mother, family and friends are desperate to hear from a loved one. Please for the sake of all involved, stop what you are about to write, turn off your computer and go do something useful with your life.

          • What do you call “helpful”? And to whom? And quit telling me what to do.

          • A Concerned Citizen

            Mike, you are contributing nothing is what i’m trying to say.

          • I’m maybe even saving her life, keeping a stalker from whining some poor compassionate local from ratting out her whereabouts. And, whoever this “Mike” is, you’re waaaay off.

        • slow it down cowboy

          Wow malakai now I see why she wouldn’t want to contact you!!! So much victim anger energy i’d wanna stay away too! Are your two friends God? They know that a comment section is controlling reality?Maybe they are your imaginary friend that live in your head, blaming someone’s comments as a reason for someone staying missing is pretty crazy. If anything its keeping the talk about her going.

          • Slow it down cowboy? How about post your name, if you are going to insult someone, else you’re just being a coward.

            Maybe you’ll get my name right next time. MALAKKAR. No “I” in it.

            And in case you don’t understand Bathos, cowboy, it is the use of the ridiculous to illustrate a point. Perhaps you ought to read more.

            The point of my bathos was that Nines, the troll, said everyone should calm down, because two people told Kym, Jess is okay. So the bathos was pointing out why that wasn’t sufficient for anyone to think Jess is okay. Because if that was sufficient to prove Jess is okay, then what my two friends said is sufficient to prove Nines is responsible for Jess not being found. Do you understand how the bathos operates? It reveals the fundamental flaw in the logic being used.

            I’m sorry you don’t understand bathos, it’s not my fault. Now that I’ve explained it, do you understand why I used it? Or do I need to explain in further detail? Bathos is not the easiest literary concept to grasp.

            Victim anger? Try hate-the-troll anger. And keeping the discussion doesn’t help when it’s distractionary. And ad hominem, or attacking my character, as why Jess wouldn’t contact me, is a faulty argument, Jess has contacted NO ONE. In fact, despite your attempt at insulting me, Jess’s phone has sent a grand total of 18 tect messages, 12 of which were to me. I am the highest contact point. This refutes your assertion through ad hominem. Please do not insult me again, it’s rude,especially when done anonymously, it’s a cowardly act.

            The biggest problem is after text #4 was received, I didn’t think it sounded like her, so sent a proof of life question, which was failed. Repeat: Failed.

            Do you understand what that means?

            I asked a question only Jess would know the answer to, but it was a ridiculously easy question to answer. The text message back answered incorrectly, as in, not even close to right. Not even the same ballpark. So, since that date, 9/23, I cannot verify any text has been from her. I have received 12 total, and 7 were on that day. Not a single one of the 5 since then have attempt to answer a subsequent proof of life question, equally easy for Jess to answer.

            As for an imaginary friend in my head, another ad hominem, I’m more concerned with my real friend missing, I have no need for imaginary friends in my head. I have a much more urgent need to find my real friends that now might as well be imaginary, because no one has seen them that I know. As for the identity of my two friends, go back to the original assertion – Kym’s sources were not identified, hence the point of the bathos not identifying my friends, maybe they are Jehovah and Jesus, what does it matter, I still wouldn’t expect money from nines, just as I don’t accept that Jess is okay.

            The reason is the same for both cases – my logic is consistent, I do not accept anonymous sources as verified information. Why? Because they’re anonymous, they could be anybody, including habitual liars, and I wouldn’t know the difference.

            Now, that I have explained what I did and why, would you please “cowboy up,” and apologize for needlessly insulting me a couple of times?

        • Nines ,What is your trip? If you haven’t looked lately there are several missing women in Humboldt one who’s skeletal remains were found last March. With this said it is appantive that we get the word from Law Enforcement only when she is found . Until then she is a missing person that needs to be found. You have no idea what feels like to have a missing loved one.

          • My trip is that people don’t tell Kym someone missing is okay when if she’s not the cops will be ON them. They KNOW that. And anyone with half a brain would KNOW that.

            My trip is that ex-cons with anger, nay, rage issues too greasy, fat and disgusting to young ladies don’t take rejection well when they’ve been obsessing on them too long, and despite what kind of a fuckhead I may SEEM to be here, her life is more important than helping him find her.

            Psychopaths: No matter WHAT “noble” causes they take up to try to bolster their self-esteem, they’re too hate-filled to be trusted where their gonads have been so heavily invested.

            THE BIGGEST DANGER TO JESSALYN IS NOT THAT SHE IS “MISSING” BUT THAT HE’S LOOKING FOR HER. I suspect her mother knows that and so does she. So she split while the splitting’s still good.

            When are you going to give it up? Maybe you should get just one more hit of LSD so you can REMEMBER you weren’t going to keep losing to this, right?

    • Look if u want assistance hire a private investigator like most other families with missing loved ones in our area have had to do. Expecting our local sheriff’s to do anything will just make you frustrated, they do not even have enough officers to be on patrol at night in our rural areas, for instance when a local biz was broken into and alarm went off the sheriff’s said they had no one to respond so the owner got to watch the asses steal from her for many hours on her security cameras.

  • Short and sweet. Until her family or roommate hears her voice or sees her face, SHE IS MISSING.

    • Thank you. And good idea on maybe hiring a private investigator.

      What a lot of people don’t understand about this case is that even if she doesn’t want contact with family she can assure a close friend she’s fine and living her own life. She hasn’t done that and that’s why we’re all worried. Ive known her for over 10 years and it’s not like Jess to disappear from the face of the earth and not want contact with anyone.

      KYM, once again- your update is misleading and false. Can you please take it down? Thank you for all your help! I hope you have some good news for us soon.

  • First…Thank you Kym for trying to update today, people being seen or assumed to be “OK” and still be missing and no contact made yet. That is how I understand your updates to be saying when they are read.
    Second…It was other posts that made it sound like she was found. And Nines seems to know more then what has been posted in this feed which is very strange and suspicious. And if you research his Nines link you can find out he has some very different views on life. In fact I feel his posts on this feed seem strangely different.
    Third…Jessalyn is and has been a free spirit so it is safe to say if she planned to go do something different with her life she would have notified her employers, roomate, family, friends and did something with her possesions.
    Forth…YES we will keep searching for some kind of proof she is “OK” and free, living and loving life wherever she is.

  • Hey, Kym, thank you very much for the update. Since most of these “family and friends” here seem to me to be suffering from an identical mentality, I think Jessalyn may be in danger from him. In fact, I’m almost certain of it. And… sheesh… I think he’s worried I’m SLEEPING with her now…. Gah.

    Have you got people sitting on this thread? If not, if it were my site, I’d close comments on this thread… people with news or questions can email… or… let me know if you need help. I used to do it for a big crazy site too.

    • As expected, Nines needs the last post and as usual makes no sense…Try again…since you seem to be the only one following this post 24/7 and replying no matter what is being posted. We are searching for our missing loved one. You have been asked to be harassing elsewhere…BYE, CIAO, ADIOS, SEE YA, GO AWAY or whatever language you speak. Have a nice day.

      • I’m sorry Kat, but Nines is a troll, a canker on society that will continue as long as it sees emotive bloodletting it can feed off of. The best thing to do, is just to not respond, so there’s nothing for the leech to latch onto.

        It sucks that this parasite found itself on this forum and in the comments for people concerned about Jess, but there’s not much to be done, except to ignore them so they go elsewhere to feed.

        IMO and YMMV.


  • This young lady has been hanging out with a creepy young man named dim sum drives a green Subaru wagon in the New Harris area they left together 2 weeks ago.

  • I hope she is found. Or at least if she is okay and doesn’t want to be found that she contacts someone, local police, anyone that can really verify she is okay and doesn’t want to come home. Malakkar, there are websites, groups, etc. that can try to help you spread the word out there. If you have a Twitter message for her, you can get that going, and Websleuths is a big forum that can help spread the word and get interest in her case. I wish you the best and hope you can find some answers soon for her.

    • Hope —

      Thank you, I am using social media, not twitter, mainly because I never got used to using it. I’ve been monitoring the websleuths webpage as well.

      Now I have an additional concern, although Nines makes many incorrect statements, he/she/it is profiling me. What is the troll’s interest in me for?


      Thank you. He spells his alias Dimsong, and he’s beyond creepy. I think he’s a modern day slaver, but I can’t be sure.

      It also appears Nines, acting equally creepy, isn’t just a troll, Nines is appears to be Dimsong’s friend, hence trying to distract and attack everybody from looking for her.

      • It’s easy to see nines has something to do with this saga. Kym is fast to delete comments on this thread making me think she knows something as well.

        What year Subaru?

        • Barry:

          What’s really telling, is despite all this commentary on the dimwit character, Nines hasn’t said anything about dimwit, or even posted since his car got made.

          Now, even more interesting is that the defamatory remarks Nines made against me, included privileged information only obtainable from Jess’s phone.

          Nines stated I should take some LSD and remember I was “not going to keep losing to this” which uses language of a text I sent Jess just after symbiosis, on 9/23, the day after I found out about her hickeys from the guy named Dimwit:

          “I’m worried Jess, I found out about the hickeys–it’s objectifying behavior, he’s claiming you as sex property, he’s manipulating you, Jess, that means he doesn’t care for or respect you. Also, manipulators are usually predators, so I’m scared, because ***I keep losing female friends to predators*** – I don’t know how to stop them, and I feel like he’s got you already.”

          Pretty interesting coincidence, isn’t it? Nines attacked anyone concerned about Jess being missing, but especially Jess’s mother and I, and tried to suggest I killed Jess, that I was the true danger to Jess. Could it be Nines was trying to protect the dipshit? So is nines is related to, sleeping with, a customer of, or conspiring with, dimwit? It explains Nines knowing about Jess’s text message.

          • Or could nines be Dimsong? I’m sure that if her case was pushed they could possibly track IP addresses of the poster or other information.

      • 76LK507 ca license green out back. .

  • What kind of name is Dimsong? Did she just meet this person, or did she already know him?

    • Hope:

      Dimsong is clearly an alias. He has also gone by the name Jah Bezee. No, he is not black, so yes, a fake rastah, probably because he smokes a lot of cannabis, but I don’t actually know.

      Jess had met him once, when she came to a farm in Humboldt to work in August. She was fired from trimming, she wasn’t good enough. It is believed however, during those 3 days she met Dimsong

      He contacted her 2nd week of September, and lied to her saying he had free tickets to Symbiosis. I found out later from Jess’s ride to symbiosis that they were volunteer tickets that anyone can get at the door.

      She had always wanted to go to Symbiosis, but couldn’t afford the ticket. So at his offer, she went to Symbiosis. She did not come back.

      • Thank you. I was confused if the last time she was seen was in SF, but it was at Symbiosis. Did she hang out with her ride too or just Dimsong at Symbiosis? Did her ride say?

        • Hope:

          Her ride said that upon leaving out house, Jess began getting heavily intoxicated, to the point that the ride was a little worried, so stopped at a friend’s house t rest for a bit. She indicated that it didn’t work, Jess continued getting more intoxicated, and started acting strangely, doing things almost compulsively, like rechecking her bag of stuff she had brought.

          Her ride said that she had a disagreement when first meeting Dimsong, as the tickets he provided her and Jess were volunteer tickets, not free tickets. She tried to say something to Jess, but upon meeting up with Dimsong, Jess had gotten high with him on something, and Jess stopped acting like a person, she stopped responding to people, unless Dimsong told her to.

          She tried to approach Jess several times the next day, but Dimsong would always interfere, and Jess seemingly did whatever he wanted without question. Jess remained extremely intoxicated, barely aware of her surroundings. After the fourth time Dimsong got in the way, her Ride had an altercation with Dimsong, after that, Dimsong and Jess disappeared.

          She was waiting for Jess the morning Symbiosis ended, when a mutual friend told her Jess had gotten in a car with her stuff with some shady dude, and they had left already. It took her a day to come talk to me, because she felt so badly about not bringing Jess back, and not knowing where she went, and could only guess it was with Dimsong.

          • I feel this needs clarification, none of this is what Jess necessarily did, it is a reporting of what was observed. It says nothing about her character, and none of what was reported was intended as slander.

            I have no reason to doubt the person reporting it. It is, however, their perception, it is not fact.

            What it is fact is that Dimsong did not have free tickets, they were volunteer tickets anyone could have gotten at the front gate. Also, that Jess left with Dimsong for unknown reasons. That when Jess left, she converted borrowed items into stolen items, such as the tent in question, which belonged to her now ex-boyfriend. A sweater that belonged to him as well.

            A person asserting to be her, stated my items were destroyed when she left the farmhouse. Which means conversion of property, a tort. I have no intention of suing Jess, I was a healer to her, I’d hardly harm her over stuff, even stuff of personal importance, which is what was lost.

            But, quite honestly, if you want to be left alone, why expose yourself to legal liability? If I wanted to sue her, how would I? If she’s found, she has to be available for legal notice? With less hostility, I have her property. Am I stuck with it for life? Because if I want to get rid of it, she owns it, it’s her’s. She has a legal right to notice before it’s destruction. How do I notice her? I have a legal right not to be encumbered by it for the rest of my life. How do I dispose of it, without legal liability?

            These are the problems with disappearing, you have a right to privacy, but we’re a system of shared laws, and the law has a right to find you, because you are liable, and have rights, when you own property.

            So understand, if she had taken care of her responsibilities, it would mean less issues would be raised. When people disappear without their legal responsibilities handled, they can and will be found. If HCSO had obeyed policy, she could be noticed in the town or county in which she was located, but that didn’t happen. It’s actually the reason for the policy, so that she can be legally noticed. Right now, she remains missing, because there is no legal way to notice her. That’s it. No I am not ever going to sue Jess, no I am not ever going to throw away her stuff. These are issues to demonstrate the problem, I am Jess’s friend and roommate, I am not capable of destroying her stuff or suing her, it is the antithesis of being her friend.

            As her friend, I am worried about her, and think she is in a bad place, with bad people around her. Her emails, which I have tracked, are opened by teams of 2-4 people. This is not normal. This is not okay in my book, my emails include a demand that only the recipient look at them, that they are confidential and not to be shared. Yet almost every one gets opened by no less than 2 additional people.

            I’m even being altruistic about the want to find her. I am not even asking she return to the bay area anymore, I am asking she be concretely found, and if possible, returned to her family in Portland, because as much as I’d love to have my friend back, I’d prefer her being safe, period, even if it means I never see her again, over her current state, which is unknown.

            I hope this clarifies the various attacks against my character, which have included obsessive, as if a team reading her emails shouldn’t bother me, stalking, although I have no idea where she is, and haven’t requested she be physically reported to me, and in fact have placed her mother consistently above myself as contact or reference or the person who should be deferred to. I have done everything in my power to remove myself as a person who could possibly benefit directly in any way shape or form. I get no benefit here, except to know she’s okay, if successful. Nothing else. This is what love means in my book, it means not giving up on people who bad decisions, and not condemning them to being written off, when things are beyond suspicious, as easy as it may have been.

            Because in the end, I’m the one staring at everything she’s ever owned, and despite responding now to dozens of emails, she hasn’t said once what she wants done with her property, including decades of art and journals. Who the fuck wouldn’t say what they wanted with that kind of autobiographical material? Why wouldn’t you say what you wanted done with it?

            I wish I could believe the postings were her, but with a team reading her email, and the postings not resembling her language and failure to answer proof of life questions correctly, and not once saying what to do with her stuff, what am I supposed to believe? That this is all willing? Naw, too suspicious, sorry.

  • Thank you for explaining that. I hope he wasn’t giving her some kind of date rape drug. He obviously knew what he was doing by keeping her that way and away from friends. I wonder if he took her phone and she thought she lost it or something and doesn’t even know he has it.

  • One more thing, do you think she went to get another trimming job since she was so bad at it or could they have gone off somewhere else?

    • Hope:

      Trimming season is over.

      Regardless of the season though, I sincerely doubt at this point Jess has any say in what happens next. By all accounts she does what dimwit tells her to do. She has not been sighted in any populated areas, she has never been sighted without him being seen as well. Finally, in all the sightings so far, granted it’s but a handful, she is never seen or heard interacting with a single person other than dipshit.

      This is deeply troubling, because there hasn’t been a single description of dimwit that has a positive character trait. The best I’ve been given is “he’s okay, he’s vegan” and “he makes great vegetarian pizza.” As I am of Jewish descent, a vegetarian ordered the death of one quarter of my family, I’m a little cagey about dietary preference being touted as a positive character trait.

      Were I to speculate, dimwit has been keeping Jess high on stimulants, which would make her paranoid. He provides himself as the only person she can trust, and continually feeds her more stimulants as well as alcohol and cannabis to ensure her brain functions very slowly, so he can keep up.

      If he’s had her phone the entire time, then she doesn’t think anyone has bothered to try and contact her, feeding into her paranoia. She would also believe that no one cared, so even she got free of him, she’d have nowhere to go, and no way to get there. It would explain why she contacts no one, and doesn’t even try, as far as I know.

  • I was contacted by this guy Dimsong several weeks ago, he said he barely knew my daughter and hadn’t seen her in several weeks. I have found out that this was all a lie. The two of them together, had been spotted almost daily a while back and they were most recently driving in a green subaru. This iis hardly the picture that Dimsong painted when he claimed to not really know her & hasn’t seen her in quite some time.
    I am not a controlling mother. I respect my daughter’s choices and she can live her life as she wishes.
    What I am is a mother who is worried beyond words. Given the circumstances surrounding her leaving and the lies by Dimsong is very concerning. My daughter and I had a very good relationship and there was no reason for her to just refuse to let me know she is ok. She wouldn’t do this to me. My Dad (Jessalyn’s beloved Grandfather) passed away 18 months ago. She knows how hard it was for me. I don’t think she would just go off and refuse to contact anyone because she wanted to be alone. She knows how scared and worried I would be. She wouldn’t put me through this willingly.
    I haven’t responded to some of the posts here because the horrible things that certain people have said are more than I can take.
    If my daughter or someone that is in direct contact is reading this, I only have one request. The request is that Jessalyn personally contact someone. She has family in Redding if she needs help. They will take you in, no questions asked. Yes, I would love for Jessalyn to call me, in fact that is all I want for Christmas. All I ask is that she gives verbal communication to a friend or family member that she is ok.

    • Call the FBI local cops don’t and won’t care. The phone should be pingable to locate, and maybe dimwit will try to resist and get machine gunned.
      As a parent I feel for you.

      Sending prayers your way, Mom.

    • I am so sorry you are going through this. I can only imagine the pain and worry you are feeling. My son is just starting his adult life and yes we have to let go of the apron strings but not of our love and wanting them to be safe and secure. It would kill me if he just walked off never to be heard from. Ignor the negativity here and know you are doing the right thing. Jessalyn please please with a cherry on top contact someone verbally that can verify who you are. And if you want to be left completely alone maybe have someone meet you face to face so your family, friends and you can move on with closure.

  • My name is Jeff. Some of you who know Jess probably heard of me. I’m deeply worried about her. She does not always have the best judge of character in people. If anyone finds anything out about her, please get ahold of me. Send me a friend request or message me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lepha

    I really hope you’re alright Jess. We both are worried sick about you.

  • I came across this update this morning in regards to Jessalyn, I am curious to see if this is a factual update and if Toni has been updated with this information. If this could be clarified to be factual or not would be extremely helpful for those looking for Jessalyn.

    • Dimsong’s method of communication: lying.

      Chosen matrix when asked about Jessalyn, pick one from each row.

      I don’t really know her / Jess who / I just worked with her a few times,
      She’s not with me / I can’t control her / she’s a big girl
      She’left weeks ago for work / days ago to (inland city) / I don’t follow her.

      Then pick one of the two
      But I’ll get her to call her mom if I see her / as soon as I see her

      Be sure to remember to omit the following:
      Even though I stole her phone beginning of October, acted like she lost it, then used it this whole time, to throw off people searching for Jess with bogus text messages, It also means Jess has no idea how much I’m exploiting her, and alienating everyone she knows using her phone against her, sending text messages to frustrate and confuse Jess’s friends and family, while sharing the incoming text messages directly or indirectly with Nines.


      As for Nines, I’m fairly certain I know who Nines is, based on the telephone game defamatory remarks made against me using privileged information from Jess’s phone, wherein Nines has some small specks of facts, then goes way overboard conjecturing insults from those and is completely off base with the defamatory remarks resulting from that conjecturing.

  • I have seen this too and am not sure of its validity. Today I drove to Eureka and Arcata from southern Oregon to look for Jess myself. No results but I put some posters up in the community, and talked to locals. I hope someone will come forward and call the sheriff’s department if they see Dimsong or Jess. I dont understand why Dimsong keeps lying about knowing her. We just want to hear her voice and see she’s alive. Please help.

  • Is there anyone who know the REAL name of Dimsong/Jah Bezee? Please email me at missingjessalyndean@gmail.com
    You can make a fake email or do whatever you want to get me the name and location (if known). I believe she is being held by this guy!

    You can also call the tipline and be totally anonymous. Just add *67 before the number and it will block your number. You can also download a free phone/texting app that will give you a new phone number. You can call from there. You can also use a pay phone or hospital waiting room phone! The tipline is also anonymous and can’t track a number back to the caller. 530-378-4491
    I’m begging you. I just need to hear her voice and know she is okay. She would have called by now. This is not like her.

    • Couldn’t someone trace his license plates that have been reported to see get that person’s name. Then find a picture of that person and match it up to Dimsong’s face to make sure they are the same person. I’m sure there is someone/where out there that has the ability to do that.

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  • Jess IS STILL MISSING!!! That “call” to law enforcement may have satisfied the sheriff’s office but NOT her family. Nobody has actually seen her. Family has not seen her. The call to LE could have been anyone. Jessalyn Dean IS STILL MISSING. Her family is concerned and her friends are concerned. We’re not giving up until she is found and has actually been seen by family or her roommate. She left with no clothes or belongings. Jess is a model and her cloths are her work. There are too many inconsistencies and something isn’t right. Jess would not do this. Call the tipline 530-378-4491 or email missingjessalyndean@gmail.com if you see her.
    Funny that the update came out less than a hour after the “call” so my question is who is informing you of when she called LE?

  • A real name for Dimsong is still needed! Please! Something isn’t right and the post does not seem to be from Jess AT ALL! Please email and give them his name! Missingjessalyndean@gmail.com

  • TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON POSTING ON THIS PAGE: Please stop posting about me, my name or anything related to me. I DO NOT appreciate my name and character being slandered all over the internet, and it certainly isn’t going to compel me to contact anyone any sooner. I have already made it known that I am fine. It is MY PERSONAL CHOICE to not be contacted at this time.

    • You really want us to believe a post with your name on it is enough to convince people that know you and have known you, this is really you. If a healing personal journey is what you are doing, it would be no problem for the Jessalyn we know to verify that through legitimate means.

    • And yet, this might-as-well-be-anonymous appeal to be left alone, could be made by anybody. This is the problem with online requests. They can be faked. Especially by people who have interest in Jess not being found.

      Also, speaking on someone missing, is not slander. No one that I know of has insulted Jessalyn, they have expressed worry and concern. Those are hardly slanderous statements. No one has slandered her character, in fact, not much has been said about Jessalyn’s character, making this post incredibly suspect as to authenticity. Because it is a blanket allegation meant to silence discussion, something people if they were holding Jess, would appreciate the power of, but that Jess would most definitely not like at all.

      At one point, Jess, being a talented artist, would appreciate exposure, it’d help sell art. I’m sorry, is saying she’s a talented artist slander now?


      • And as usual, a hefty edit by Kym Kemp which includes editing out public information, nothing private and no personally identified facts with which to justify her edits.

        Her protection of the [edit] is absolute. Her heavy hand in editing my posts, strikes at odd, that defamatory remarks by Nines continues to be published. It would appear she believes I warrant no protection at all from clearly libelous statements, while an avatar is protected from statements without malice, that assert association with present problems in the Jessalyn case.

        Kym, I keep original postings now because of your questionable activity in heavily editing them. You might want to look up RICO, look it up and see how you’re now directly liable, and we’re not talking civil RICO, we’re talking criminal. Edit this too, it only adds to evidence now being submitted to the proper authorities. You have no right to what you are doing.

        You want to make me the enemy, I wonder why? Could it be the same reason you so completely protect the [edit], who I did not out, so you had no justification in editing out everything asserted about the avatar?

      • U act like u care but u seem involved. It wouldnt be the first time a kidnapper helped look for their victim

    • Hello Jessalyn, if this is indeed Her,

      It’s not Slanderous to Care. Just disappearing is out of character to your Friends and Family. So all of these concerned people are Off Base?
      You had the opportunity to tell it like it is with me when I was on the brief phone call we had. Why was the mic being covered up if your “Fine”. Just so I’m not talking behind your back, This is what I feel:

      Yes, Jessalyn is a free spirited and her actions are sometimes questionable. That being said I’ve NEVER known her to just disappear. Reportedly with someone who has lied, deceived her and by accounts of people seeing them together controlling her. It’s been 3 1/2 months since friends and family have had contact. This is NOT Jessalyn’s M.O.

      So if the REAL Jessalyn is reading this or someone gets her this message, Please let someone make personal contact with you to verify your well being. There are friends/family just hours away who’d drop at the chance to buy you lunch and give you a hug, then let you go on your way if that’s what you sincerely want. Otherwise, it leaves us all in concern.

      WE Will NOT Stop Looking For Verification you are Safe!!

      • For anyone wishing to know the true outcome of this situation, Jessalyn on February 22, 2016 escaped her captors. She is with family now, on a long road to recovery after surviving a little over 4 months of being held as an abused slave.

        One of her abusers, the alias Dimsong, is actually Dimi Alejandro Stones, a felony fugitive out of Arizona, with a rap sheet that goes back to 2006, with multiple instances of underage women and drugs, impersonation, theft, providing false information, evasion, etc. He has a history of abusing women and using drugs, specifically cannabis, to make them less able to defend themselves against his abuse and manipulation.

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