[UPDATE: Found Deceased] Missing Man’s Car Found Pushed Over Bank

A man missing since November 15 from Del Norte County was last seen driving a powder blue Toyota Tercel hatchback. Recently, the vehicle was found in suspicious circumstances. Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department Commander Bill Stevens stated that the car was found “seven miles up and over the edge” of Hwy 199.

“It looked like it had been pushed,” Stevens said. Law enforcement does not believe there was an accident. It is possible someone may have been attempting to hide the vehicle.

“The area was searched with dogs,” said Stevens, but the missing man, Jordan Freese, was not found. Freese, age 31 with brown hair and brown eyes is 6’1: and weighs 150 pounds. If anyone has any information, please contact the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 464-4191.

Below is a screen grab of a flyer that was provided by to RB by friends.


UPDATE: Body located: “Our deepest Sympathy goes to Maryann Hatfield and family at the loss of her grandson, Jordan Freese, who was killed
when he fell in the Smith River. Memorial was held in his honor at the Keller Park on Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 5:00
pm.” Klamath Chamber News – Klamath Chamber of Commerce



  • Do you know what day they found the car?

  • This is so strange.We didn’t see any flyers anywhere.im hoping for the best.hang in there folks.alot of people come here to,not be found.its to easy to do.hoping for a safe return

  • DelNorte aren’t slackers, and dig on Pelican Bay with it’s vibe.
    Get pulled over in CC and you’ll have feds there making fun of your 215 card.
    I was shocked that the hanging s/o slipped by.
    People live in CC because they don’t dig the nonsense, and crime is low. Granted that May-Aug is rolling fog and Feb is the best month, but still…

    Dope growers need to stay out of delnorte.

    • So Hum gal and proud of it

      I don’t know about the crime being low in CC but I’ve always heard differently. Nor do I know of anyone, a dope grower or not, wanting to move to CC. So something tells me you really don’t need to worry about it. Live, Love, Laugh!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Oh, uh, wow, man, I guess I’ll have to scratch CC off my list of of retirement choices. Damn! That just leaves Hawaii, Cleveland and about a thousand other places. (Titter) (gasp). This is a joke, right? I was hoping to get into a neighborhood of inmate families and SSI mental cases. Or at least a time-share. Good ol’ CC, where once the fire chief and others burned down their own pier, where the DA and Public defender got into a fistfight on the Courthouse steps.

      Great prison vibe. Does Charles Manson still accept visitors? Maybe a Christmas visit.

      • It’s Freemason for sure and Pacific power is way cheaper than psge.

        Still, stay out and act forest like elsewhere.

        • Who is this person who thinks they own a place and can tell people where to go? An alcoholic maybe or druggie? I do not do any drugs alcohol or coffee, but would never want to tell others what to do with their free will! That is not our job!

    • Sounds like you are living in fog! My Father built many of the roads coming to and going from CC. I lived there for a very long time and it is no different than anywhere else as far as vibes go, but Your Vibe is just plain repulsive and ridiculous!

  • One pic shows Jordan holding what looks like a Savannah cat! Savannahs don’t let just anyone hold them. This guy needs to be found, and soon. Everyone do a little extra in helping to locate him, please!

  • This guy looks way familiar. I actually got the feeling he does not want to be found when I looked at pic. I’ll keep my eyes open and hope he’s OK!

  • Maybe he got abducted by one of many ufo’s thats been flying everynight for the last month or two above Mackinleyville,dont believe me go outside the next clear night we have and watch the stars

  • Has he been found?

  • 1-800- GetaLife

    What a bunch of loser!!! Anyway no one mentions the body of a man who washed up on the mouth of the smith river shortly after he went missing. Wasnt even in the local paper was in the curry piolet. Sounds suspicious maybe the cops are in on getting rid of the trash around here!

  • That’s sad he was my cousins friend and she had been worried about him I can imagine what his family is going through they found their loved one deceased is I am sure his family and friends will miss him

  • Any more info on this? I just read on Facebook that his sisters are confirming he’s passed. Was the body they found in the Smith his? Such a strange event..

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