[Fixed!] Ice Rink in Danger, Can You Help?

The new Fortuna Ice Rink is suffering from storm damage. Does anyone know how to help? Here’s a Facebook post from Richard Leonardo showing the problem.


UPDATE 10:23 p.m.: The rink is ready for fun!



  • Maybe should put some tarps up on all sides. To block the wind and rain?

    • Maybe bear river should donate a better tent! Or they could plant some trees to block the wind to make up for the ones they illegally fell for their huge ugly billboard!

  • Isn’t it under warranty?
    I mean it’s new…

    Looks like people were given money and squandered it, just from the picture posted I base that.

    There isn’t an answer to Humdummery, only to extract it like a tumor.

    Good luck, Humdums.

    • Now that’s constructive- [edit].

    • Only a Humdum (really who uses that word?) would base everything off pictures… The tent was donated by Bear River Casino, says Bear River right on it. The rink itself is not new. It is a 6 week rental. There is no warranty and no squandered money. Just a freak storm and volunteers trying to fix it.

      • If it’s a rental, why the humdum fuss to repair it?

        An HONEST deal, the leasee calls the property owner.

        There is no Facebook or whatever postings on how to bail out corner cutting Humdums.


        Get on the bus….

        Stop driving Toyotas, growing beards [edit].

        People invested and someone is screwing up.

        Who can’t see this, blurry picture or not?

        • Please post a picture of yourself and the car you drive so we know what to emulate. If not, shut the frack up about what people drive and how they look. [edit]

        • Hi my name is Barry, I am wrong so I’ll just keep talking and insult the locals so no one notices.

          P.S. The rink was rented, not the tent. You can’t call up someone who donated you something and demand they repair it. This Ice Rink is not meant to make money. It is something nice for the community and they hope they break even. Donations were made, not investments.

  • Calling all professionals—-HELP PLEASE!

  • Why do you people have to be so messed up? Lots of kids are about to enjoy this wonderful activity, and maybe for 2 hours not doing something they shouldn’t be doing! Maybe it will be the first time some Humboldt kid straps on a pair of skates and really looks forward to something. Danggggg

    • I’m a 30 year old humboldt kid and I am looking forward to ice skating for the first time! As a kid I was promised many times to get to go skating but these were empty promises never fulfilled. Thank you to whomever had the idea and raised the funds to make some of us’s dream to skate come true!

  • Should there not ready be an insurance policy to cover such an issue?

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  • Wish Fortuna had a BOWLING ALLEY!

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