Bear and Vehicle Have a Bad Interaction in Eureka…

Anselmus_de_Boodt_(Attr)_-_A_BearA vehicle collided with a bear on Harris and W Street in Eureka at approximately 9:30 p.m., according to reports over the scanner.

This is a “no injury” accident. Though whether this refers to the bear or the humans was left unclear…

However, the bear was gone when law enforcement arrived on scene. It was last seen headed north of Harris near V Street. Keep a lookout. A wounded bear might not be the best encounter on a wet and stormy night.


Photo from “Anselmus de Boodt (Attr) – A Bear” by Anselmus de Boodt – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons 




  • Poor bear hope it’s ok not injured.

  • Another bear Nissan collision took place recently on 101 near Scotia. The Nissan pickup was totaled. The bear darted from the shoulder into the roadway and collided with the right front of the vehicle. Driver uninjured but shaken. Don’t know the fate of the bear.

  • Glad THERES NO One hurt.poor Bear Is Just Looking For food.darn it

  • once the hayfork kids basketball team hit one on 299 going to play redding. it went stiff right away looking like a big foot costume along the road. most likely the bear ran towards the nearest chicken coop.

  • Amend the constitution: Right to arm bears!

  • If you hit a bear DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE OR ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOWS. There is nothing more dangerous than an injured animal and an injured bear can still KILL you. Call 911 and let law enforcement take care of it.

    Been there, hit that.

  • A grizzly situation. I could barely contain myself. Bear with me while I post a video. I barely found it. But then I couldn’t bear NOT to.

    Bears are TOUGH.

    • I don’t think I would want to be the guy that offered to jack the car up to let this guy out. He shredded that rear tire like it was silly putty. Unfortunate, but impressive.

  • saw a CHP dispatch once a couple years ago
    guy hit a bear and pulled over and got out to look at damage
    then he called 911 to report it
    damage was minimum but could not get his car out of the traffic lane
    seems everytime he opened the door to get in , the bear took a swipe at his legs
    bear was alive under the car
    dont worry animal lovers , was told bear survived but taken into custody for assault and battery
    sometimes CHP web site makes me laugh

  • Hahaha that woman in the video is hilarious. Poor bear though

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