Scam Calls Rising: Watch Out for Calls Purporting to Be From the IRS or a Bail Bond Service

Press release from the Fortuna Police Department:

The Fortuna Police Department has been made aware of an increase in scam phone calls occurring within city limits and within the County of Humboldt. The majority of these phone calls are from someone claiming to be from either a Bail Bond Service or the IRS. I.R.S._Records_logo.svgThe caller commonly tries to pressure the recipient of the call into giving them money and either threatens them with arrest from local law enforcement or a hardship for a loved one, if they do not comply.

We would urge anyone receiving such calls to refrain from providing any personal or financial information. The link below is directly from the IRS webpage providing information on what to do if you receive one of these calls.

IRS Scam Information

We heard from bail bondsman Steve Payton who asks us to tell our readers,

if they receive a call from someone identifying themselves as a bail bond agent, the person being called should get the bail license number from the caller and other information before they give out any information. As a bail bondsman, sometimes I have people who may not believe who I am, and I direct them to my website or have them contact the California Dept Of Insurance. and click on agents and brokers.



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