Human Remains Found Close to Where Car of Missing Man Was Located Months Ago

On Sunday the remains of a man were discovered near the Gasquet Orleans Road, confirmed Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department Commander Bill Steven. The body was found close to where the 1999 Ford Escort belonging to Jack Hogle, age 40 was found several months ago.

Steven said Hogle was reported missing this summer and the body is believed to be his. “We suspect that it is probably him but, before we say that it is him, we have to do some DNA or some dental comparisons,” he said.

“We don’t suspect foul play,” Steven said explaining that the remains were found with a noose and suicide is a possibility. “The case is still under investigation though,” he added.

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Jack Hogle

Steven indicated that the remains had been disturbed by wild animals but that “there is enough left to make a comparison with dental records.”

The time it takes to confirm an individual’s identity with dental records varies widely, Steven explained. “It can take two days to two to four months,” he said. If investigators can quickly find a dentist the missing person used regularly, it could happen relatively soon. Or, he said, Investigators could “labor for weeks or months” to find a dentist used by the missing man.

Jack Hogle, a recent resident of Del Norte County had previously lived in Yreka. He appears on the California Megan’s Law website as a registered sex offender which states he has been in violation of his registration requirements since April 19th of this year. (See photo right from that website.)




  • No Need To Register

    If it is a suicide, I thought they kept that private. Not only possible suicide, they released information about him being a sex offender. If they are unsure who it is, why would they release the name and photo? It seems they would wait till they knew something 100%.

    • Because of the circumstances, the Commander gave me the information about the remains. The situation is still under investigation. They didn’t release the information about his sex offender status. I searched his name and came up with the information and the photo. The Commander merely confirmed it.

  • Suicide must be a difficult and courageous act. I can’t imagine the emotional state one must be in to pull the trigger or putting a rope around your neck and jumping. When I get too old to live I would use drugs to take my life.

    • Facing 20+ years on new child sex abuse charges. Already served 12 yrs. Nothing he has done is courageous! He was my neighbor. May he burn in hell!

  • Even tho I like hearing about a child molester blow his brains out just as much as the next guy, I believe you jumped the gun on this one cup-cake.
    You should wait on DNA results to put this puzzle together.

    • Cup-cake…? Please… (Patronizing women is annoying at best. Please don’t do it again on my site.)

      There is a missing man who is a sex offender. His vehicle was found near where the remains were found. There is a puzzle that hasn’t been solved but the information is interesting to me.

      • I’m on your side, miss Kym would be a bit more respectful, way to keep calm and handle it properly, carry on

      • What about patronizing men? A lessor felony, perhaps?

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          OK, first you have to give an example of Kym or someone patronizing men.

          Of course, it’s never cool, either way. We get that. If this guy was a registered offender, then that is public knowledge, right? Corporate is well-named. Arrogance and disdain comes through clearly. Cupcake? What a jerk.

      • A little too thin skinned for your own Blog?? There is worse things in this world to be called and MUCH bigger issues. But then again you are in Humboldt so maybe you’re just too much in your own head and need to get out more so you’re not so easily offended.

        In other words BIG FUCKEN DEAL.

        • I’ve noticed that people who get called out for being rude generally like to use the term thin-skinned. Of course, there are worse things and bigger issues than being called “cupcake” BUT I find as I grow older that I like to be really clear on my limits. Using a patronizing term towards women, including me, is one of those limits. And it will get you banned. Thin-skinned, will not. But tossing it at me in this case does mark you as a sexist. Of course, if the term sexist offends you…maybe you’re being a little thin-skinned.

      • Friends of Jack Hogle

        Please understand people get railroaded by the courts all the time. Jack had a public defender that pleaded his case off. The twelve that Kathy warren spoke of. They used to be friends until they had a falling out. She has been out for blood ever since. Please be kind on your site and let him rest in peace. He was in turmoil over the current charges. He lost everything [edit] spray painted his house inside and out. He was stalked and harassed by them. They even tried to accuse him of violating a restraining order in the halls of the courthouse. So, you see there are two sides to every story. Again, please let us grieve. Thank you.

        • Friends of Jack Hogle

          Why would you edit out my comments and you let this women say such awful things. She has no right to say such things. And since he is now dead, it was his father that posted his bail. He would never have done that, if he thought he was guilty. Please do not edit that out. Your readers need to know that his family believed in his innocence. If you want to continue investigating, I can take you to the site and you can report on the very bad job the police did recovering his remains

      • Friends of Jack Hogle

        I spoke to the investigator in charge of this case and it is now closed. They gave me directions so “Friends of Jack Hogle” could go and pay their respects. My husband and I went first and we were appalled at what we saw. I don’t know who did the remains recovery, but they need glasses. I was angry and freaked out. I took pictures and will be contacting the police to see what will be done to finish the recovery.

    • Corporate needs to get a life. I wish all chomos would fallow jacks lead and take that jump. AND I HAPPEN TO LOVE CUPCAKES ALSO.

    • Kym was reporting facts that she had learned so far! Thats what the news is, most stories unfold more after the first article, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

    • Seriously? Cupcake? Who talks that way anymore?

  • Kym, I like cupcakes. with all the sprinkles on top.

    • Sure, who doesn’t like cupcakes? But, being called one, especially by a stranger is a sexist put down , meant to demean her.

  • Was there not a search for this man after he was first reported as missing? Or rather, around his car after it was found?
    The sheriffs department must have some pretty strong matching descriptions on the body, such as the clothing and maybe tattoos, that are leading them to suggest this is indeed the missing man. However, I do agree that it seems in poor taste to report before knowing for sure, ” We suspect it is probably him but, before we say it is him, we have to do some DNA or dental comparisons.”
    The whole thing struck me as odd. Were there any previous news releases or articles on this story?

    • Did you ever think that it’s possible the idiots wallet was in his pants?

      • Yes, of course that is a possibility. No doubt. The problem, for me at least, when there are no solid answers, is that anything is possible.

    • Friends of Jack Hogle

      There was no search for his body. He was reported missing, but to no avail. They told us he simply walked away from his car.

    • Friends of Jack Hogle

      The answer to your questions is no. We reported him missing, but he is an adult was all they replied. He can disappear if wants to. I moved away and in August I received a call saying they found his car. Again we told them he may be close to the car and no one searched for him. I was in Utah or I would have searched. I just found out today he is dead. I am hurt and angry, because I got nothing from the police. No one would return my calls. I left a frantic message on the investigating officers voicemail; requesting direction to where they found his car and he finally called me back to tell me he was dead.

    • Friends of Jack Hogle

      All that was left by November were skeletal remains. I was up there yesterday and found bones five feet from the tree. I could see them everywhere. My question is what did they give the family?

  • Just because there was a rope around his neck doesn’t necessarily make it suicide….just sayin.

  • Wow! A guy goes missing, they find his car, and then find his bones not far from his car, he happens to be a registered sex affender, these are all facts and yet you fools still doubt the story… Go get your own stories, print them out and see how stupid you all sound… 💨💨💨

    • Couldn’t agree with you more.

    • My ponderings, in no way were intended to offend anyone. And in no way were they intended to judge or critique Kym’s ability to report. I may be a fool, but but my intentions are good, so please don’t let me be misunderstood 😉 I just think it would have been nice if the sheriff’s office had more solid information to share, aka facts, that told a more complete story.

    • Well said, Gazoo! We don’t need anything but the facts, and Ms Kemp works long and hard to present them; her work is called investigative reporting, and it is the back bone of our Nation… When we have one. Go RHBB! af

  • Either he hung himself or someone else helped him either way he’s a sex offender and I agree with whoever put the rope there. And cupcake!?!? Seriously!?!? Wonder if that guy has an extra noose. Who says that to somebody.?

    • Just saying- sometimes people get put on the “sex offender” list for stupid stuff that isn’t predatory. Like taking a piss becomes “public exposure” if the cop and the prosecutor want it that way. I wish we had a better system to specifically identify rapists and child molesters…but until you know for sure please save those murderous thoughts!

      • You are right. Thank you.

      • He wasn’t pissing
        in public [edit]. The Megan’s site says continuous abuse of a child under 14. Learn to read before you comment.

        • I did not read that information in this article. I stand by what I said about racing to judgement. Thank you for supplying more info. Could you please throw the link on here for all of us? No, I do not condone sexually assaulting children and this info changes my feelings on his death. I hate child molesters. So thank you for bringing that info here!

          • The way the Megan’s site which is linked at the end of the article works is you have to enter information. But here is a screen shot of the relevant part of the page.

            If you right click and open the image in another tab, it gets larger.

        • You are right! Private indecency charge in Josephine County is for repeatedly exposing himself to 8 yrs old girl. These were new.Not related to the 12 years he already did in prison in prison. Plus 46 new charges!

    • Friends of Jack Hogle

      Ouch, I hope you don’t get falsely accused of something. Put yourself in these shoes for while. You don’t know the whole story. Do not judge lest thee be judged. Food for thought.

  • Cupcake, lol! I’m guessing sugartits gets a quick (edit).

    How was he hanging near his car and not found? Didn’t occupational units search the area, or just too lazy?
    I like when they claim to be stretched thin, yet roll with massive BMI’s!

    • Now that’s pretty funny. Something my grandfather twice removed might say to his third wife. The one w the expensive embellishments.
      I had a professor once who would also say shit like that. I’m pretty sure he got sued by the University.

  • I can see how someone could use the term cupcake and not mean any harm. But this ain’t my site and I get the feeling Kim is a woman w strong convictions.
    On the other note this chap is a convict and one w a real bad rap. His crime involved a Vic and a young one at that. Might just be better for all that he has moved on and his demons are put to rest (if indeed it’s him they found).

  • Jack was a sick man he lived in happy Camp for way too long.our prayers are with the ones that he hurt

  • Unfortunate all the way around my foreclosure in mendocino has a child molester 3 doors over he just spent thanksgiving unaccompanied with the daughter of the person he molested. She went to the police her church the stay away order she had didn’t have jurisdiction here etc… it has to be very hard for her to have to continue to deal with her step-father who molested her from age 5-14 and he still has regular access to her daughter. The case was hard to be substantiated and all the punishment he received was a slap on the wrist and some counseling. We send someone to prison for incredible periods of time for marijuana with ext supervision if it’s a federal charge and there’s no supervision of this guy or the other child molester in the same subdivision that killed Kayla Grace Chesser.

  • Thanks kym for keeping us well rock!!stay warm and dry for water on the roads


    Buttercup…….The road to hell is paved with ” my intentions are good”……….” Please dont let me be misunderstood?…..” Isnt that Eric Burdons line?……. On another note….. What a blessing this rain is! ……. I can hear the whining in the wind already……… imallwheeeeetttwwhhhaaaaaaaa! Whenwillitstop…. whhhaaaaaaaa my weeeedsalllmouldty whhhaaaaaaaa

  • This puke of a human was my neighbor. He previously did 12 yrs in prison for repeatedly molesting a young boy. Jack moved to Oregon because there is no Megan’s law here. When his roommate’s 8 yrs old dtr told her mother and I his penis just kept ‘ falling out of his pants’ in front of her we immediately called the police! When he was arrested he was actually watching CHILD PORN on-line! He was facing 46 counts in the 1st and 2nd degree of encouraging child porn. Plus one charge for method and one for private indecency… For exposing himself but not trying to touch the child, or have the child touch him! His bail set at $250,000. He was released to the custody of David Smith of Crescent City. A former prison guard. Who knew him before his first conviction! I don’t know who put up the 25k cash for his release. He made 2 more court appearances before turning down any DA’s offer of 20 years in prison and requested a jury trial. Trial was set for Nov 17,18,19, one week prior to that we were notified by the DA he was missing. We knew he would run far and fast… Or kill himself. Thankfully this saves children from testifying and more children from harm. This piece of shit finally did something right!

    • Friends of Jack Hogle

      First, slandering people can and will get you sued Kathy warren. Your lies will only prove what an ugly human being you are. Since you are in such a sharing mood, how about I return the favor. [edit] Picking on the dead is evil. Besides, I read the police report and it said Jack was sleeping when the police arrived at the house. You and Penny weren’t even there. So, stop spreading lies that can be so easily disproved. [edit] These are the facts of the case. It is on record at the courts. It is a he said/she said case. The only real evidence is that the computer was left at the house, unattended, while he was detained. There were more then his fingerprints on the keyboard. All he wanted was to live in private and work. Now he will never get to do that [edit]

      • Slander the deceased? And yes he finally did something right.

      • Yes, i was there and no, he was not sleeping. I answered the door. Everything Kathy Warren stated is true. I knew Jack for the last 28 years and he was a close friend i thought. I was there. I can say that there is alot of healing needed from all this, for the family and the victims. It has been an awful ordeal for all sides.

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