[UPDATE 8:25 p.m.] Residents and Businesses Evacuated After Grenade Found on Arcata Street


A grenade was found tonight at the corner of 11th and I Street in Arcata. Other news agencies are reporting that homes and residences have been evacuated.

Reader Carol Andersen sent in this photo. She writes that she spoke to Sgt. Brian Hoffmann at the scene. She said he told her that the bomb squad will soon be detonating the device “where it stands.”

Andersen wrote that the Hoffmann told her that the Arcata Police Department “stumbled upon it.”

According to Andersen, he told her that the grenade appears to be real but it does not have a pin.

At 7:48 p.m. scanner traffic says, “Be advised they are about to detonate.”

We will update as soon as they do.

UPDATE 8:25 p.m.: 

The grenade has been detonated according to Bobby Kroeker our reporter on the spot. It appears to have been a working device. On the grenade, the pin was gone but the “spoon” or handle was still in place.

According to Kroeker, the Bomb-bot had some issues with the fiber optic cable so they couldn’t use the bot. One of the officers got into a bomb suit, placed sandbags around the grenade and then detonated it remotely

He has sent us several photos of the Bomb-bot taken after the incident. The Humboldt County Bomb Squad allowed him to take several staged photos.





Note: In this brave new internet world, we interviewed Sgt. Brian Hoffman through reader Carol Andersen. She was on the scene talking to him and conveyed our questions and his answers as Facebook messages.



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